The Child Within

Come and rediscover your child again, and once again regain your imagination and creativity. You might’ve lost it as an adult but its never too late to get it back.


Every story begins with a vision. Have fun with your stories. Draw them out. You will be amazed by just how creative you really are.

Why Write?

I think the better question is why not? Writing for some can be quite therapeutic and can liberate you from challenges in your life. So why not write? Why not be happy? Why not become a writer today?

Every bit of our emotions are needed; anger, hatred, love, happiness and more in order to write creatively. But we must learn to hone these emotions so that they are utilized the correct way and not inflicting upon ourselves or others.

-Patrick Starks

What is Pacharc?

Pacharc was created to inspire those who want to begin writing. write. And to inspire the ones who feel they’ve lost their passion or creativity, gain them back.

Patrick Starks

If someone were to ask me why I write? I would say that its to get all the crazy thoughts out of my head. I’m what most would classify as a thinker. There’s not a time in the day that doesn’t go by where i’m not thinking of something creative. Although, I’ve grown a lot as an adult, I guess my curiosity, more so, my child within never left. But don;t get me wrong, I totally know how to relax when I need to.