Light Within Darkness

April 23, 2017 by Patrick Starks


I wasn’t always this way. There was a time when I was a good person, filled with no darkness, but only light. I had many friends and even a woman at the time that I thought was the love of my life; however, they all let me down, they all portrayed me. What was I supposed to do? How was I supposed to feel? I did what I what I had too, vanishing was the only way as did they.  The sad part is, with all the pain I’ve suffered; I can’t even write, draw or dance anymore. So much has happened to me and now I suffer more for the loss of the things I loved to do. How could I have let myself get in this situation? How could I become so lost? Now all I have is the darkness that surrounds me, but at least this way I won’t be hurt anymore. Being dark cant be bad right? I don’t know…  But why me? Why does someone of such good get hurt by so many people? Maybe I’m just weaker than I believe myself to be strong, maybe I was never strong.

“So, sad, look at that young man drown himself in darkness. I remember when I was in his position, where I hated everyone around me. But I found later that I was taking away from who I really was and that I was destined for greater things. The young man is not one yet, but hopefully he will find the light soon enough. Should I go down there to talk to him? Maybe I can help.”

“No Light, leave him be. You would be surprised to the limits of pain that these humans can endure. After all you were one of them at one point; thus, I gave you the opportunity of redemption to fight the darkness and you succeeded.”

“Right, but he is not me.”

Is someone there? Come out and show yourself.  I don’t have time for this, out of all the things I’ve been dealing with this year the last thing I need is to go crazy. Wait what’s this doing here, I haven’t seen this old thing in ages. Look how happy I was, such good times I had back then and now it’s all gone. Is it possible for me to get these days back and even better?

“Ah… You see Light, the young man asks questions, this is a good start. You will be surprised on how much you two have in common”

“Yeah, yeah.”

Yes, I can get them back, I don’t have to suffer any longer and I shouldn’t suffer any longer. Happiness, the light, has always been within me. How could I have missed this, it was never an external feeling but eternal. I’m going to start living my life for me today, I’m going to pursue in the things that make me happy, that make my life fulfilled.  I’m going to go dancing right now!”

“Wow is he seriously about to just go off and dance. He’s not ready, he still needs time.”

“Yes, it would appear so Light, as did you the time when you found the light within your darkness. However, he is just as ready as you were. He is not afraid of being hurt because he does not see pain anymore, only happiness and possibilities.”

Wow this place is amazing, the DJ is playing some great hits and…. Wait, no way, this is my song! Miss, excuse me miss! I know this is completely random and I know we have never met, but my favorite song is playing right now and I would love it if you’d be my dance partner on this.

“Sure, why not, everyone else seems to bail on me now a day.”

Oh, I’m sorry to hear that miss, I have been dealing with the same recently, but let’s forget about the people that have done us wrong. Let the night be about us, too our happiness, good health and fulfillment.”

“Yes agreed! And the name is Talia, not miss.”

Okay Talia, pleasure to meet you, my name is Talon.”

“Talon? Like the claws of a lion?”

“Yes Talia, like the claws of a lion. Shall we tear up the dance floor now?”

“Yes, lets!”

“Incredible isn’t it. Do you see now Light? The word darkness has always been miss used, it does not always mean one has become evil, but means one has become lost within self. When humans are lost they become stronger, at least for the ones that see the light. Look at him, so strong and stronger than he would imagine. Out of all he has been through he still stands. It was never he that was weak, but the ones around him, for that they walk through life paranoid avoiding all things they believe that would cause them pain without verification of that being true. This boy, this young man is you Light and you are him. He is the light within you and you are the light within him.”

“I get it now… But what about the darkness, what is the darkness?”

“The darkness? The darkness my child is just a mere test, a test that is to prepare and strengthen you for the journey you have ahead of you, your destiny.”

“But I don’t know what my destiny is?”

“Indeed, you do not. But it isn’t the matter to if you know what it is, but for when the time comes, will you be able to handle or even make the sacrifices necessary to take it head on. But be strong my child and have faith in the light within.”

“Right, I am the light and I fear no darkness, but darkness shall fear me.”



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