Blades of the Eternal

April 27, 2017 by Patrick Starks

25512273 - 3d computer graphics of a fantasy scene with a lady with cloak

25512273 – 3d computer graphics of a fantasy scene with a lady with cloak

My blade, how did you get so dull? I need you to be sharp—however, I forgot the materials I need for you to be so. Was it happiness? Or was it just flame and oils? I’m obviously doing something wrong, for that you do not speak to me anymore, you won’t even answer to your name anymore.

Oathkeepr can you hear me? Please speak to me, do you even remember who I am? Don’t you remember the last battle we had?  How our opponent was so full of fear and doubt within oneself.  Don’t you remember when we clashed with his blade? Do you remember the fear his blade had? I certainly do— the fear it had was not that of a man, but a frightened boar.

You should be ready for this next fight, just as we were with the sword that feared you so. Why are you so afraid my blade, why are you afraid Oathkeeper?

You know we’ve always been victorious in our battles—yet, you still fear the thought of losing.  Although, maybe it’s your fear that’s kept us alive for so many years—maybe, just maybe, I should learn to listen to you more. Will you ever speak to me again? Will you appear in front of me once again?

“Enough! I hear you girl!” said the Oathkeeper.

“Girl? But I am a woman,” the she said.

“Enough I said! I cannot and will not fight for you anymore. You have lost your way.” The Oathkeeper said. The woman however was confused, she’d though the chemistry they had was always aligned, but she soon realized that maybe she was wrong.

“What? And what way have I lost?” she said.

“You have lost yourself.” The Oath-keeper said.

“Myself? But I’ve done everything right, I have won all of my battles.” She said. “I have never kneeled to a man’s feet, but have made many kneel before mine.”

“Indeed, indeed you have, but look what anger you had in those fights—such evil in your eyes I saw. This is not the way, this is not the way I taught you.” The Oath-keeper said.

“I don’t understand, how shall I use you then? I mean… what other way is there?” She asked. “You never said anything to me in those battles. How the hell was I supposed to know?”

“That is something you’ll have to teach yourself. I have no time to teach children.” The Oath-keeper said.

The woman trained for years, furious of the neglect her blade had given her. She trained  patiently for her next battle, but still couldn’t call upon her eternal blade. Over time the  woman now walked with a limp, with grey hair that hung past her hips. The sword being as stubborn as it was—still had not responded to the woman and too became old as it rusted.

“My blade I have trained for years now and still no answer to my call. Why do you still rebel against me?” the woman said. “Why do you hate me.”

“I don’t hate you girl, you just aren’t ready. You were never tough enough to handle me. Why your father trusted me with you, I still wonder to this day—such a fool he was at times.” Said the Oath-keeper.  “Look at you, disgusting! You reek of sake and manure. From the smell of you, your opponent might just forfeit in revulsion.”

“Enough! Just shut Up! It’s been years now and you still give me so much disrespect. Fine! I get it, I will do this alone, I will fight my opponent without you—I will fight my own battles from now on.” The woman said.

“You’ve gone mad… Do you seriously believe you can fight another samurai without blade in hand? That’s like eating udon without the chopsticks.”

“Yes mad… However, I’ve never felt so alive! Look, there he is now. Watch in learn from me now—I will show to all, even you, I am still queen.”

“No! We should turn back around and train more—I told you, you’re not ready.”

“I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. Besides, anymore training I’ll barely be able to stand up.” The woman said. “Here goes nothing…”

The woman then charged her opponent at full force—however, her opponent looked confused, he saw nothing but a raised fist and the absence of blade within it.

“Has she gone mad… Why is she without blade? Does she not know this is a fight to the death?” the man pondered.

“I have no idea, but today is the day we are victorious. Today is the day we dethrone the so-called Queen of Samurai!” his blade said.

Without hesitation, the fight began. Blood was immediately drawn as the woman with fist charged.

“You should stop why you’re at it silly girl, your days of running the world of samurai are through.” The man said.

“No, this will not be the last, I will be victorious.” The woman said.

“Hmm… You’re serious, aren’t you? You’re really going to try to kill me with just bare fist?” the man said.

“I will!” the woman said charging the man once more.

“Bold, but stupid.” The man said as he prepared himself.

As the two clashed everything at that moment seemed to have frozen in time, all she could taste was her own blood—she at least though it was her blood.

“Is this… Is this the end?” The woman spoke.Her opponent—however, was now down to his knees, telling her to finish him off. It would come to find out that it wasn’t her blood at all she tasted, but her opponents.

Her blade then finally spoke to her without question. “You have finally learned girl. It was never you that needed I, but I that needed you.” The Oath-keeper said.

“I… I don’t understand. Why after all these years you now appear.” The woman asked. “Why now?”

“Because, you now have been humbled. You always called to me to aid you in your battles but you needed to learn how to survive—to win yourself, for that I will not always be around or be with you.” The Oath-keeper said.  “You have shown me courage just as you did when we first met. You are ready now, my queen of samurai. ”

“Yes… I understand now… However, it would appear I took too long to learn my lesson…” the woman said.

“I know my queen… I know… But let us give one more last blow before we meet the afterlife, for old times’ sake.”

“Agreed.” The woman said. As they faded, as they took their last blow, it was not the blade that would become eternal that day, but Asuka, Queen of the Samurai.


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