Dancers Alter Ego: Round 2

May 10, 2017 by Patrick Starks

60177670 - amazing photo of graceful woman dancing with dust in studio

“What’s happening? I thought we had him. His skills seem like they’ve tripled since the last round we had.”

“It appears the boy, like you girl, has become one with the alter ego.”

“Yeah, but I thought he already achieved that last round.”

“No, not at all girl. That round you saw before was not being one with the alter ego—that was simply just pure confidence, in which you still lack. The boy now has the power of confidence and his alter ego at side—you will surely lose if you do not wake up.”

“Oh my god! Look at those moves, he’s like a completely different person!” The DJ yelled.

“Ahhh! He’s killing me out there! What the hell!? I thought we were going to be doing this together.”

“I cannot help ones that lack confidence in themselves. You must learn as your opponent—to fight your own battles. If you choose not to, you will surely lose this round.”

“Bullshit! Just help me, besides this is a two for one special. If I lose, you lose as well—you said it yourself that we are the same. How would you feel if you lost?”

“Failure is nothing to fret about girl, failure is the opportunity to learn and grow into the people we are destined to be. Failure only pushes us much closer to the truth that we have avoided for so long.”

“Whatever! I don’t have time for these riddles, I’m going in!”

“O’ here we go! Looks like the second round is heating u— Oh, that’s not good…Embarrassing!”

The DJ laughed as the crowd followed in his laughter.

“Shit, shit, shit! I fell! Your seriously not going to help me.”

“I told you—you are not confident enough. You must hold on to the things that give you strength, inspire you—so that you may charge through the trials of life with purpose.”

“With or without you, I won’t lose, I can’t lose, I must win. All my life girl dancers have always gotten such a bad image—they all think we just shake our asses and can never be as good as them. I’m tired of it. I’m going to beat this guy even if it—.”

“Alright looks like that’s the end of round two! The snack bar is now open, feel free to grab what you need, but don’t go off to far as we will be beginning the final round in thirty minutes.”

The girl stood there in awe just as the boy had once did. She was frozen, embarrassed, as all that was heard was the joy and laughter of her opponent.

“You lost this round. I am sorry, but I told youؙ—you are not ready yet.”

“Shut up I know! Just shut up! I need to think!”

“What is there to think about? I just told you what you needed to do to beat him. You keep telling yourself that you are ready, that you have confidence in what you are doing, but deep down still lies insecurity. What you told me before is really all that you need to beat him in the final round.”

“What are you talking about? Enough riddles!”

“Calm down girl… no riddles here. I’m talking about what you said about the boys—how they do not believe the girls to ever achieve their level of skill in dance. This is your calling, this is your chance to prove them wrong. Look at all the other girls in the crowd—they are counting on you, you are their leader. Show them the true potential of the female spirit, show them how to be one. Show them that they also can be one.”

I fire then burned in the girls’ eyes as she stood in the middle of the dance floor. The crowd headed to the snack bar as did her opponent. Her hands clinched into fist as if she were ready to fight. Her hair began to float as if there was no gravity in the room. Her eyes glowed of fluorescent orange. She then pointed to her opponent and yelled his name. He turned towards the direction of the yell and immediately had the impression on his face that he was looking at ghost or monster. The boy then spoke to his alter ego, “What… what’s going on? She… her… her power is so incredible. I ‘ve never seen any dancer do that, let alone a human.”

His alter ego then responded. “We are going to have our hands full for this next round, prepare yourself boy. You will need to drag out all that is mighty within you.”

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