The Tiger Wolf

May 14, 2017 by Patrick Starks

31557961 - pattern in a shape of a wolf on the white background.

Tigera and Wolfe were known to be an unusual pair. With one being a tiger and the other a wolf, most of the animal kingdom considered their relationship to be a sin or abomination. No one had ever dared to be with another outside of their animal race. Some even had the ignorance to believe that the two would have nothing in common—let alone understand one another’s heritage. However, Tigera and Wolfe did not see it that way. The two became so fed up with the ignorant and rude rants that the other animals made, they went in search for a place that they knew or felt they could be at peace—a place they could start a family.

Tigera’s mother became so worried for her daughter’s well-being that she told her something she did not want to hear “You know nothing of the wolf child— they are scavengers, savages, and worst of all you chose the lone wolf. He has always been to himself, he has abandon all that had love for him, some say that he even killed them—what makes you think that you are any different? He will abandon you as well child. You will be back… you will be back.” Tigera became furious, eyes filled with the fire of frustration like a bonfire in the night. She knew for a fact that all the accusations her mother made were false and that Wolfe was much more than what was rumored. Wolfe was kind, gentle, caring, and always protective of her safety. He once had a family, a pack, but was killed off by an unknown species, that one dares to speak about. Tigera at the time was the only one to console Wolfe, bring love and acceptance back into his heart. It took her years to do so, for he did not want to lose another that he loved. The two became best friends and later, lovers—it was if the two were destined to be together.

Years later after Tigera and Wolfe settled in their new home, they created little cub whom they named Tigolfe. The animal kingdom was appalled by their decision to bring such a creature into existence. They considered this so-called hybrid to be an outrage, obscenity, a disgrace to the Animal gods who watched over them. Others such as the locals—the humans, believed the cub to be incredibly remarkable, the most beautiful species one had ever laid his eyes upon. The cub’s fir was grey like the moon, with stripes of the tiger that flowed throughout the entirety of it. He had his mother’s golden eyes, intimidating jaws and teeth, his father’s long broad nose, ears and cheekbones. Some called him the mega wolf, predicting that he would grow much larger than the average wolf. The locals, the people however, called him the Tiger Wolf.

Years after Tigera and Wolfe passed, Tigolfe had much a difficult life to handle. Not only did he have to fight off the harassment of the animal kingdom, but also had to fight off the locals who now wanted his head for trophy. Tigolfe battled for years with this difficult lifestyle and then found fulfillment, his life’s purpose. Tigolfe decided to act and become the new leader of the animal kingdom. He promised himself every day that he would not forget how he was treated and how they treated his parents. He promised that he would destroy all and any rules that shot down the integrity of one’s character due to what their appearance was—to open up possibilities and a life free from judgment for the ones like him, the hybrids.

One day Tigolfe went out to train in some of the most dangerous parts of the safari. All creatures that lived within the deepest parts of its origins were known to be vicious, man eaters and took no liking to ones who were weak. As the young tiger wolf hiked upon his trail he was called forwarth by a chilling voice from the darkness. All he could see was eyes of radiant gold and a shadow that appeared in the size of an elephant.

“You are a long way from home child, why are you here?” said the mysterious voice.

“Who… who said that? Come out right now and show yourself… I… I will not be intimidated.”

“I will reveal myself to you soon enough, although, I cannot say that will be a good thing either. You look interestingly different… Are you the one they call the Tiger Wolf?”

“Yes… Yes, what of it?”

“Well that answers my question to why you are out here. I’m guessing the animal kingdom did not accept you.”

“No… No they didn’t, but they will. I just have to train, I have to beat their leader in fight.”

“Bold… but do not be stupid child, Enpeira will tear you apart—this I hope you know will be a fight to the death. He will have much pleasure in killing you since that is what he has wanted to do since the day you were born.”

“You know nothing about me… I can handle myself just fine, you’ll see. Besides, better to fight him and die in glory, than hide in the shadows like a coward the rest of my life.”

The voice from the shadows then faded. Tigolfe could no longer see the gold eyes he witnessed before, all that was heard was a voice of frustration.

“Such a stubborn, disrespectful little boy! I too was like you, young full of courage, but that all changed when I was rejected by the Kingdom. You see child I am like you. We are no different.”

The mysterious voice then stepped from the shadows. His feet were massive, body as wide as an SUV, teeth larger than the historical sabretooth and fur darker than coal.

“It… It can be. My dad always told me stories about the legend, but it was true, all this time it was true. You are the legendary Beapan.”

What stood in front of Tigolfe was a hybrid like himself, only this one was half panther and half grizzly bear.

“Yes, that is I, and I knew your father and mother very well. I warned them of the consequences of their action, although you can’t stop the powers of love—something you will learn when the day comes.”

“Wait…What do you mean consequences? My parents had a great life, they died together as they had always dreamed. They told me they want to go through the gates of prosperity together.”

Sigh. “You don’t know do you”?

“Know what?”

“You parents… they did not pass away… they were murdered.”

“Know… Know your lying, that’s not what happened!”

“I’m sorry child… I wish I weren’t the one to tell you this, but they were, and they were killed by the very man you seek to fight.”

Tigolfe became frozen, still, with loss for words. He couldn’t understand why this was never told to him, why no one in the animal kingdom said anything. He felt portrayed, furious and sought new guidance from Beapan, however now all Tigolfe was seing was red.

“I… I can’t believe they lied to me! They all lied to me! I’m going to destroy everything that they have built, every one of them will die! They will all die today!”

“No! Calm yourself child. We will defeat them at their own game. Be patient and I will show you the way. Recognize that everyone is not guilty in this matter, only Enpeira should be your greatest concern.”

“What could you possibly do to help? We don’t have time for playing around, who knows how many others they have done this too.”

“Trust me child… we know.”

Animals of all mix genes then appeared from the shadows. Tigolfe had never seen so many hybrids in one place. They all had the eyes of anger, but through that anger was also pain. They had all been abandoned, betrayed and sought revenge, they sought a leader, and the one known as the Tiger Wolf was just the one they felt could fill that void.

“We have waited a long time for you Tiger Wolf, we are ready whenever you are. Will you take us as your army, your kingdom, your family?”

Tigolfe smiled with restricted tears. “Yes! Let’s us do this for the one’s that we loved, for the ones that were once here with us! Let us end this.”

A roar of agreement was all that was then heard from the forest. “Yeah!!!”

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