A Genies Way

May 22, 2017 by Patrick Starks


Akiiki was always known to be a happy spirited genie. Always full of love and devotion to the people that accepted him—it was no surprise that he was not talked about in the Arabic tales—for that he was not a genie of evil, but of good. Akiiki owned one of the most beautiful genie lamps of all. It had diamonds and gold all around it, looking as if someone had bedazzled it—of course, without the cheap materials. The lamp was known to be one of the most powerful lamps of all genies, although, came with a price—more than what one would ask for.

Unlike most genies Akiiki oddly allowed only one wish to be granted. One that asked for his wish would have to be a spirit that was pure and free from all evil that existed—hatred, envy, greed and more. If one did not have this purity, one’s wishes would not appear in the way they sought it to be. Many men and woman delivered their one wish to the Akiiki, however, with the results that were given, it was obvious that they were not of purity. Woman who wished to be prettier, became hideous, for that the lesson was to teach them to accept who they are and eliminate all insecurities or shallowness of themselves. Men who wished to have more money or women, would become poor or heart broken by the many woman that they came across—this taught them to be happy and blessed of where they were in their lives and to be loving to only one woman of their choosing, not all. Ones that wishes became nightmares turned to anger and fury, yearning to destroy Akiiki and his lamp. Others who accepted their lessons and learned from it, became free of their curse and were given what they asked for in confidence that they would now do right by it.

For year’s Akiiki had granted such wishes until one day he met a strange boy, an orphan. The boy was frail, skinny, with clothes dirtied up from all the long traveling he’d done. His hair was dark like coal, with eyes as bright as the sand. The boy had heard many tales of the genie Akiiki and had traveled from far away just to deliver his one wishes.

The child asked for parent’s, a family. Akiiki looked at the boy oddly, for that he had never been asked such a wish—let a lone, knew if he could even do it. However, he figured the child must be pure. “He’s just a child.” Akiiki said.

And so he granted the wish. The wish was strong, robust—so powerful that Akiiki became fatigued afterwards, but what was seen after was indescribable. The boy smiled, immediately ran to the two silhouette’s that stood before them, however, Akiiki knew that there was something off, something wrong.

“Wait! Boy!” Akiiki screamed, but all was too late.

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