A Warriors Way 27-0

May 24, 2017 by Patrick Starks

WARRIOR PICMany people doubted me, silently hated me- wanting me to fail at every one of my goals in life. But when I looked back and saw that little boy I once was, I see today that it was his strength, his attitude to never care about what others thought— is what pushed me through all the pain, the lies, portrayals.

The one thing I am mostly blessed for in my life is my family bloodline. We were never just people, but always warriors, warriors that never give up, never quit, but stand tall and fight through the tough times and happy. My mother and father had always showed me that it was okay to cry, but to always cry fighting, never falling. Crying during my failures and math, and my mom saying get back to the table and try again, you are smarter than all the children in that room, do not let the teacher or the others children’s ignorance distract you from your true potential. From my father seeing me bullied from school and taking me out to the tennis court or to a punching bag saying if you quit now, you will never be what you want, achieve what you want, be what you want, you can do it. And from my brother always showing me that he was at least someone that would always have my back, my true best friend.

I am fortunate to have been bred this way, bred to be a man and more so a warrior, to be prepared to face the difficult, yet simplistic life we live in. I have made it to every one of my goals in life because I know what I am here for, why I am here. For those who know me, know that everything I said I was going to do, was done, even if I had no clue on how I was going to do it, I did it.

So if you are wondering how I do what I do, then maybe you should take time to look within your soul and find the glow within—we all have it. Do not be afraid of what you’re are destined to be, take ownership of your kingdom, your throne and quit blaming others for your failures. We can all toot that same horn, but for the ones that see possibilities down the road, we choose not to—we do not complain but only keep moving forward.

My soul, my fire, my glow will be forever infinite while I am on this planet and in the next life. These scars are what made me, for everyone I have encountered in my life— made me, this warrior within. My name is Patrick Starks, I am a Starks and proud of it. If you are expecting me to fail, you should probably quit your day job because the only one that can defeat me is myself, I am my greatest opponent and have been beating that very opponent for 27 years now. I am one, and continue to exceed myself every year, as will be the same for you all. So stay strong and remember why you are who you are!


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