Half an Hour Haze

May 31, 2017 by Patrick Starks

43589229 - elf woman in a magical forest

The room was cold, dark, smelly. The woman stayed hidden for that she knew she was being watched. Tear drops of H20 dripped into the cold snow as they instantaneously became frozen by the touch. Her dress was slightly ripped as were the pants she’d worn under them. Her lips were dry, yet, were remarkably still sensational to the average man. Her breath was heavy, subtle, hot—as nothing, but mist surrounded her face.

She looked for openings, but none of which she could find. Heavy footsteps announced their presence as they slowly tip toed around the corner that she hidden. What became revealed was a creature non-like any witnessed in the real-life, although, who was to say that this was not the real-life either.

The creature smelled of raw fish, with the slightest touch of a spoiled eggs odor. Its size was massive, heavy, as each foot step it took sunk into the snow like quick sand.  He smelled the air for the sweet aroma that the woman had always held within her soft fragile skin. She noticed, and immediately grabbed the nearest material next to her that she felt would interfere in his hunt.

The material was wet, sticky, mahogany brown—like bark on a tree. Yet, this was nothing remotely close to bark. For the sake of her survival she did what she had to. The woman rubbed what appeared to be manure all over her face, and her body. She became nauseous of the smell, and more so the texture, however, she persisted.

After she was done, she waited. The beast stood lost, confused for that he did not know how the smell disappeared or where his catch had gone. The beast did as any would do—destroy everything that was around it, that was in its way.

The woman panicked. “Shit, shit, shit! This thing doesn’t know when to give up! Okay, wait for it, wait for it, now!”

The woman dashed as fast as she could behind the gigantic beast. He of course followed with brute force, knocking down all trees that stood in its way. Loud lioness roars pierced through the back of the woman as she ran. Chills went down her spine, goosebumps began to form all around her neck to her chest. She came to a cliff that looked as if it were eight stories up. The beast arrived. His teeth were jagged, sharp. All that remain between them were the remains of prey—one would honestly shit themselves if they witnessed such a sight in real-life, although, who was to say this was not real—not real-life. The beast then spoke.

“It’s over girl. You’ve got know where to run now. Umm… I can taste you already. You know the dark lord told me not to harm you, but honestly all he wants is that silly little object pierced upon your ear. But never-mind that, it will have to wait. What can I say, I’m just an old greedy beast, and for that, I must feast. Do you prefer slow or quick, I prefer slow—you know some people like to savor the moment, if you catch my drift.”

The woman trembled with fear. As she slowly caressed the ear lobe that the object resided in. She took a slow step back as her legs wobbled. The beast became irritated, as his eyes pulsated out of his skull.

“Now just what do you think you’re doing? Don’t even think about it. If I don’t get ya up here, I will surely get ya down there, although, I usually like my prey fresh, alive—not dead or spoiled.”

The woman grinned, chuckled. The beast did not realize that the woman had a trick up her sleeve or that she was not the average woman—but a courageous one.

“One, I am not going to die. Two, you tell the dark lord he will never have this stone. And Three…”

“What? … What is three? … Spill it out already? I grow hungrier!”

“Three… is well… Try a salad!”

The woman fell back with laughter into an eight-story drop. The Beast bellowed in furry as he stared over the cliff. His eyes were blood shot red, his claws dug into the ground with violent intent creating craters within it.

The man of visions stood at the bottom of the cliff, he watched a body plummet into the water. He looked down to his apple watch noticing he had only one bead of battery left.

“Dammit! I’m almost out of batteries and I only have half an hour remaining. Where the hell is this woman?”

“Stupid man, did you not see what just fell from the skies. Stop your whining and go check it out already. Your running out of time because you spend too much of it crying.”

“Fine! I’m going… Stupid old man, more like stupid old bag.  Like to take that crystal ball and shove it up her…”

“I’m sorry! Did you have something to share.”

‘Um.. No, no, not at all.”

The man submerged himself into the cold-mucky water. He noticed a woman. She had the same piece of clothing he’d envisioned, although, she now lacked the sweet aroma she’d once had. He knew that this was the woman that he sought, however, he was unaware what to do next. How was he to introduce himself to her? He thought.

This was where the magic happened, this is where the fight begins.

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