Eleven Minute Haze: End to Beginnings

June 2, 2017 by Patrick Starks


This woman. This woman of beauty, yet, strength. Who was she? And how did I find myself to be the protector of such godliness’. Why would of woman of this stature ever be interested in a man like me? A man with not a lot of money, nor car even. All that I have is my dreams and my goals—but, is it enough? Was it enough, for her?

Look at her, even nature bows in her presence. She is even more beautiful in person, than in the visions. What am I to say to her? Maybe something cool like “Yo, yo, yo baby, me and you’s going on a date and that’s all there is to it.”  No… No that will probably get me slapped or even worst kicked in the nuts just for being weird.

Maybe I could dance for her. Woman like dancers, right? Maybe give her a little shimmy and a twerk to set the mood. Nah… that would also be weird.

The psychic then revealed herself randomly, as she’s always done.

“How about you just be yourself young man. No harm can a woman do, if you are just being yourself.”

“True, but what if myself is weird.”

“It does not matter if yourself is weird. All that matters is you be who you are naturally, no matter if one approves it or not. This is true freedom, and that is just one of the ways of obtaining it.”

“Um… I think I understand. Wait… She’s waking up now, we will talk later.”

“Okay… but be wise not to ruin your chances young man. Remember be yourself.”

“Okay, okay, I’ll do my best, now get out of here.”

The old woman faded again. The woman awakened, the man introduced himself or at least tried.

“Miss… miss, can you hear me? My name is…”

Before the man could get the chance to reveal his name, a slap echoed the mountain terrain in harmonic sounds. He stood in awe rubbing the hand print that was branded onto his face.

“How dare you lay your hands on me! Do you know who I am!”

“No! But it sure aint from a place where respect is given!”

“Respect? Why would I give you respect, look at you.”

“Okay, calm down lady. I just saved your pretty little ass just a moment ago, is this how you repay a hero.”

The woman snickered.

“Ha! Hero? You can’t be serious?”

“Oh go to hell!”

The woman paused for a moment. She looked up and down, then left and right. She became curious. She had never seen such a man, let alone, one of his demeanor.

Wait… You’re not from here, are you?”

The man looked with confusion as he did not know where to begin. Although, he was still quite stunned from the blow she’d given.

“No… not exactly. I’m from another world, a world of less violent people, however, hard to say that now— I mean… the tech world isn’t much friendly either.”

“Why are you here? Tech man.”

“Well… Going to sound crazy, but I saw you in my dream, saw that you needed my help.”

“Wow, I’ve had many men hit on me before, but that by far was the saddest line I’ve ever heard.”

“No… No, I’m not trying to hit on you. I’m honestly here to save you, or at least am here to try. I’d say I’m not doing all that bad don’t you think?”

The woman said nothing. She turned around, continued to press forward.

“Well… thanks I guess, but I really didn’t ask or call for anyone’s help. Besides, what could you possibly do for me. Your short, skinny, and can barely hold yourself up with a stick. Your skin is dark like the night. Oh… Oh my, where you… where you burned? Poor thing.”

“Okay wow, if that wasn’t the most ignorant shit I’ve heard in my life. Says the woman that smells of a grizzly’s ass!

“How dare yo…. Wait… did you here that?”

“Here what?” The man yelled.

“Well, well, well. Look what we have here? Two for the price of one. My belly will surely be satisfied, although, that scrawny fellow won’t be much of a satisfaction.”

“What… What the hell is that? It looks hideous, was that what you were running from? Miss?”

The woman dashed through the trees that planted behind the young man. “Come on! This way!” She said.

“The hell! She left me!”

The young man took off like the wind, following in the woman’s trail. He managed to catch up with the woman, but the beast too was doing the same.

“Were almost there, just keep running!”

The man kept running as fast as he could, but then tripped over the strings of his shoe.

He looked for the woman’s help, but all he saw was the fade of her long grandeur dress deluge itself into the dark. He reached down to untie the tangled strings, but appeared to be too late.

“Aha! I’ve got you n… Well… That’s disappointing.”

“What’s disappointing?”

The beast began to laugh, he laughed with an evil twitch in his eye.

“Well… I was expecting a full course meal, not the appetizer’s, although, it will have to do for now.”

The beast worked his way over slowly, steady, confident, for that he was finally going to have the chance to eat something. As the beast charged, a glow appeared. It was bright, with gold illumination. It surrounded the young man in shield like ways. The glow exploded from his apple watch like fireworks. The watch now had the time of only fifteen minutes remaining.

The beast collided with the shield, but was blasted back from where he came. He was hurt, surprised that he was hurt.

“Just what the hell is that around you?” The beast yelled.

“I… I don’t know?”

The beast charged again, but this time managed to crack the shield. He smiled as he saw that what the boy had—weaknesses to it. He charged again.

“It’s over now, prepare to be within the grasp of my teeth. I’ll be using these busted trees for tooth picks soon enough.”

The beast collided with shield one last time, but appeared to not move afterwards. It was if he was frozen in time. All that was moved was his eyes, as they parade around with anger and hunger. The young man stepped away slowly, but the beast remained where he was. The woman then appeared from behind the shadows.

“How… How did you do that?”

“I don’t know.”

She contemplated on her decision to bring the man along. “Maybe you will have some use after all. Come on this way.”

“No! Enough! Who are you really?”

The woman stepped closer to the man, close enough where her nose and forehead touched his.

“I’m sorry for before, but please trust me. I will explain in due time.”

The young man stood hypnotized, bedazzled by her beauty. He said nothing, only gazed upon her seductive eye’s.

He followed her into a place that only he’d read about in fantasy novels. With now only eleven minutes remaining, he knew whatever she had to show him needed to be quick—for the sake of her own life.


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