Zero Haze: Daughter of Mother Nature

June 4, 2017 by Patrick Starks


“Where here. Welcome to Ras El Tin palace.” The woman said.

“Ras El Tin? You mean like the one in Egypt. “The man replied.

“Yes, like the one in Egypt. We are in Egypt matter a fact. How did you know? Have you been here before? Let me guess in your dreams.”

“Funny… but no. I have never been here before, but I have seen it on the discovery channel before.”

The woman pondered, as she stood dazed and confused. “What is a discovery channel? Is that some sort of path or trail?”

The man laughed at the woman for that this time he knew it was not her ignorance, but the reality that she truly didn’t understand what he was talking about.

“Well… it’s kind of like that, well… not really. It’s more of a pathway a T.V—that’s what a channel is, or at least I think so.”

“What is this T.V? Or Channel?”

Sigh. “Never-mind.”

“Oh… Okay. Well, this is the place. This is what I wanted to… What’s wrong?”

“My watch, I only have five minutes left.”

The woman grabbed his wrist as she took a closer look. She was still amazed, curious, for that she had not seen such in which she believed to be sorcery.

“You have five minutes left until what?” The woman asked.

The man replied confused, wondered why the woman was not afraid of what was coming, or better yet, if she even knew what was coming.

“Um… Well… I have five minutes to save you. However, I guess I’ve already done that with the beast that was chasing you.”

The woman gave an awkward smile. For her ego sake, it was hard for to believe such a man saved her—her unorthodox night and shining armor.

“The beast seemed like he wanted something more, needed something. Even though it desired our flesh, something was different—it was if he was on an assignment, after something more. Why was he chasing you?” The man asked.

The woman paused for a moment. She struggled, not knowing how to explain to the man what was happening or if she’d even have the strength to say. However, for his own sake, she knew it had to be done.  She pulled her hair back as it glistened from the moon lit sky.  Her earlobe revealed the stone that would change everything the man had known about life, what he’d thought life to be.

“This is what he was after. This one little stone. I wish it was never given to me. So many lives lost, so many of the innocent slayed over this one stone—all for the simple pleasure of power.”

“What… What does it do? The man asked.

“It is not really the matter to what it does, but what it will do if put into the wrong hands. This stone, is not just any stone.  It was forged from the deepest part of the universe. Some call it the central nervous system of life—it is what holds all galaxies and life as we know it together. Without the stone—we do not exist, and I have carried such a burden just by the tip of my ear since I was a child.”

The man stared in awe as he paced behind the woman.

“This stone was given to me by mother, also known as Mother nature.”

“Wait… wait, wait, wait. Are you telling me your mother was the mother nature? Like, mother nature actually exists?”

“Of course she does you idiot. Who else would watch after it if not her?”

The man replied vaguely. “God…”

“God… And who is your god?”

The man spoke vaguely again. “Um… the man in the sky. He’s the one who created mother nature.”

“Wow… Is that what they told you. People from your planet your universe aren’t very bright, are they?”

The man giggled, he thought it was funny for that he felt she wasn’t far from the truth.

“You aren’t far from the truth on that one. But where is your mother now? Can I meet her? It would be such an honor to meet a god in person.”

“Yes… Yes, it would.” The woman stared down at the stone, tears dropped from her eye lids the size of one carat diamonds.

“I’m… I’m sorry. I didn’t…”

“No, it’s fine. She had accomplished so much for my people, for life, for me. How could I ever be the woman she was? How could I ever be as strong as her?”

“You should never expect to be as great as someone else. All you should ever expect is to be the greatest of yourself. I’m sure this is what your mother thought of you, and the very reason to why she gave you the responsibility of the stone. She knew you were strong enough to protect it—it was you who just needed to see for yourself.”

The woman wiped her tears as she acknowledged the man’s kind word. “Yes… Yes, I guess you’re right, thank you for that. What was your name again? I’m sorry for rudely interrupting you before, and of course, for the slap.”

“No, it’s fine I understand. My name is Knox. What is yours?”

“Pleasure to meet you Knox, I’ll be sure to not knock you out next time.”

“Boo!” Knox replied, laughing at what he felt to be a corny joke.

“Oh whatever! I guess I should tell you my name now. It is Gamila.”

The man bowed sarcastically. “Nice to meet you Gamila. How may I serve you? Would you prefer to be grape fed or do you like your apples?”

The woman smiled and laughed, not handling the man’s humor very well.

So… I assume there is a higher power after you.  And I’m guessing we should keep moving forward.”

“Yes… The dark lord. The very man that killed my mother.”

The man said nothing.

“It’s okay, she died to protect me, to protect us all from that monster. For the sake of the stone and life, she’d always say.”

The man then looked down at his watched realizing that he had only ten seconds remaining. He looked at the woman and panicked.

“I need to get you out of here now! It’s not safe, in two seconds something bad will…”

Everything then black. All that the man seen before, disappeared. The sweet aroma of the woman lost within his imagination. The warm soft touch of her gentle hands no longer felt. After a moment of time that felt like decades, the man awakened.

“Welcome back young man.” The old woman spoke.

“What… Wait! Send me back! What the hell happened?”

“You ran out of time. The woman is now on her own. I told you, you only had one hour.”

The man grabbed the old woman by her beaded necklace.

“No! Take me back! I need to save her! Please! Please let me help her! If I don’t life as we know it is finished. You can kiss this shop, all that you’ve ever known, goodbye! It will all be gone, we will all be gone!”

The old woman smiled, her eyes glowed as now the man began to levitate.

“You really love this woman, don’t you?”

“Yes, yes I do. With all my heart, I would die for her.”

“If I send you back you might not return. You might stay stuck in that dream forever.”

“I don’t care, any life is better than this one.”

“Okay.” The woman smiled, but this time in horrifying ways, conniving ways—almost as if she had a trick up her sleeve.

The man faded back into the black. He open his eyes  after a moment to the sweet aroma of the daughter of mother nature.



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