Return of the Tigerwolf: Hybrids Glory

June 7, 2017 by Patrick Starks

13551955 - beautiful eyes of a wild wolf

It was now the darkest night of winter—some called it Misery. Rain poured rapidly as it pierced through the fur of the animal kingdom. All who were weak ran into cover, ran into terror, but what stayed in its destruction were creatures of courage. Eighty-seven eyes of anger glowed in the atmosphere. What stood in front of them one would fear to describe. His fur was long, grey as the night, with rows of teeth that seemed never ending. It had stripes of the tiger, nose of the wolf. One could already see that this was the tiger wolf, however, he was different—stronger, wiser, angrier, older, more determined.

He looked back as he nodded for his hybrid army to fall back. He looked around, but could not find what he came for. He then roared as his mother Tigera would’ve, calling out the opponent that he sought.

As the rain became calmer, eyes of demonic gesture revealed itself. The eyes were surrounded by scars of battle and war. Paws too depicted this, as they sunk into the mud with violent intention. The tiger wolf stepped back, now thinking he might have bit off more than he could chew. The paws, however, continued to come forward as they feared no creature. Teeth glisten from the moonlight sky, sharp and broad like the head of a spear. The body was solid, muscular, built out of nothing, but sheer power. The fur was gold, but the thicker parts around its neck were much dimmer. The tale had brute strength as it knocked around whatever was behind it. The mysterious creature grinned as he spoke words that the tiger wolf would never forget.

“Well, well, well. The little pup that could, you finally decided to show up. Oh, have I waited so long for the day we’d meet again. Tigolfe, don’t be shy now, how has it been?”

The tiger wolf’s paws were steady, they stood twisted into the ground—anticipating any move that the creature would make.

“Enpeira…” The tiger wolf said.

“Ha! Just like you’re coward father. You look surprised to see me.”

Intensity began to rise as the two became closer within reach of one another. “Ooh… Look at those eyes, look at those teeth, look at that fur. You bring great memory of the days of when I was most vicious, although, I can’t say that I’m less vicious either.” Enpeira said.

“I’m going to kill you!” Tigolfe yelled. However, all was seen were smiles as he stared across the muddy field.

Enpeira charged the Tigolfe as he grew tired of his confidence. He threw a left, then a right paw, as he clamped his jaws around the Tigolfe’s shoulder. He roared in pain, trying to fight of the destructive jaws of Enpeira, but was thrown against a tree like a rag doll before a counter.

“You see! The boy is weak! A weak abomination! Doesn’t surprise me though, your parents didn’t put up much of a fight either. You will die! And you will die just as they did, sad, weak and pathetic.”

Enpeira charged again, but only this time the Tigolfe dodged. Enpeira slammed into the same tree that Tigolfe had fallen, shaking down all leaves that remained of it. Tigolfe gritted his teeth as he now saw an opening. He leaped onto Enpeira’s back, clinching his tiger like claws through his fur and into his skin. Enpeira spun around, jumped, trying to shake him off, but no progress was he to make. Tigolfe dug deeper as he slashed down the back of Enpeira. “This is for my mother!” He said.

The slash was so deep, now Enpeira would have another scar to remind him of his battles, as he did for the ones around his eyes. He roared in echoing pain, falling to the ground in front of the so-called abominations he casted away from the kingdom. He looked around dreadfully as he could see that he was losing his fight. He called to the others of the animal kingdom, but what he got in return he did not expect.

“What are you all doing!? Kill him!” No words were heard of the animal kingdom. They all stayed away far, inside—finally standing for what they knew to be right all along.

“It’s over Enpeira! No more of your wicked games, your discrimination. Today is the day we all become one, we all become family, we all become a kingdom again.”

“Kingdom again… Kingdom again! This is my Kingdom! I built it! And It ends when I say it does! So get the hell out of my kingdom!!!”

Enpeira charged with a limp as he was not swayed by the pain. Tigolfe, however, stood still, calm, as he envisioned the memory of his parents. He thought of how happy they were together, and how that was taken away by the very creature that charged him at that moment.

Charging in, Enpeira missed his target. Tigofe stepped to the side avoiding contact, immediately wrapping his jaws around Enpeira’s neck. He clinched hard pushing Enpeira’s face into the cold mud. Enpeira’s whole head became submerged within it, making it difficult for him to breathe.

Tigolfe held Enpeira’s head under the mud for minutes before finally letting go. “And that was for my father.” He said.

Enpeira, did not respond, he was already dead, with eyes of fear rolled back into his sockets. The animal kingdom stood in awe as they couldn’t believe what just happened. The one they called the tiger wolf did what no other animal could do, or even dream of doing.

“It is over! Everyone don’t be afraid! You are free, we are free! You don’t have to hide anymore, you can come out now. You have the choice now to be who you want to be and be with whoever you want, no matter the animal race. I believe we can all learn from one another and become united as the animal gods had always intended us to do.”

All the other animals slowly crawled their way out from the place they were hidden. They at first feared Tigolfe, not knowing what to expect—some feared he would become like Enpeira, destructive and evil, however, the other hybrids showed them that they were harmless and that there was nothing to fear.

Tigolfe had saved the animal kingdom for the first time, however, knew that there would be more problems ahead, more ruination—the people—the humans.




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