Osiris and the planet Black Hole

July 30, 2017 by Patrick Starks

46076352 - spaceship crashed on blue field,illustration painting

The wind was subtle, but aggressive, rainstorms and mudslides were all that was formed within the crests of the planet known as Cachiche. Osiris one of the few men of the planet, didn’t know what to expect on that day, he’d thought his life was in the hands of the gods, but questioned why it had to be so—he was never a believer in religion, but it made since, he was from a planet where the people held the title of god, where the people could be the creators, where people held power. In a world left with so many questions to be answered, he felt there would soon be a time he would no longer feel the touch of his wife or the love of his children.

As time went on other planets began to question what their purpose was, what life was, why there was good and evil. These questions soon created wars that tarnished galaxy relationships, causing chaos throughout worlds. Osiris however was just the right person for the fix—he’d save the galaxies multiple times from complications like this before, but this was different, this was a battle of worlds. He didn’t want to, but knew he had to—leaving his wife and children to the destruction that awaited.

Before he left he found a place where they could hide, a place where he knew they would be safe—more so, where he could find them when he returned—an underground cabin. On his way out he gave his wife a wet peck on the lips, the taste of her was sweet, he was afraid for the first time in his life, he didn’t want to pull away.  He then turned to his three little ones leaving them a souvenir to remember him by. For his twin daughters he left them two roses in glass cases, one being pink and the other red—it reminded the girls of their favorite movie “Beauty and the Beast”.

“To my princesses, here is a flower for you and you. These flowers will always bloom, no matter if I am outside or in the room, Daddy will always be here, I will see you soon,” Osiris said. His wife teared up, she’d always love his poetic words, but worried when he left she would never here it again. The twins also teared up, but not as much, they felt there was never a time when daddy didn’t returned.

Last he turned to his son, who he adored so much. “And to my little prince, you will one day be the greatest witch of the planet, you will succeed me some day, but be patient, you’re time will come. Do you remember what the tortoise told the hare?” Osiris asked. The boy was sad, he didn’t feel like answering anything, he just wanted his father to stay, but he nodded his head anyways. “And what did he say?” Osiris asked. The boy became teary eyed and mumbled. “Slow… slow and steady win… wins the… the race.” The boy could barely get his words out for how emotional he was. Osiris smiled, giving his son one last hug before he left. Unlike his little girls, the boy was left with nothing but the knowledge of his father. Although, Osiris felt that was all his son needed, and was the greatest gift anyone could give. Osiris told his son when the time was right, when he was ready, he would know and that he’d be there with himn no mater physically or spiritually.

After the departure of his family Osiris went to the only place that he knew that could discover the unsolved mystery behind the galaxies—he went to the only person that could tell him how it could be done, but later found out that too much questioning can get one more than what they asked for.

Osiris traveled through zones in space that not even the gods dared to travel. And after travel of millions of miles of space, he found the planet known as Cascada. He hesitated to travel to it, anything that went there became lost, un-trackable—the people of Cachiche called it planet of the black hole.  He knew he couldn’t just turn back around, it was his mission to solve the galaxy puzzle, and if there was anywhere to solve the mystery it was on that very planet he was about to embark.

Beside Osiris stood his friend Wanei. He was of course frightened and hadn’t a clue to how he was convinced to go there in the first place.  “Hey Wanei, isn’t it glorious, it’s as if we are in the heavens.” Said Osiris. “Heavens… this feels a lot like hell to me.” Said Wanei. Once the two had found a few materials they could salvage for the journey that lied ahead, they headed straight towards darkness. The two traveled far and reached the top of a mountain that was tall enough to make their hands bleed. At the top they saw nothing, everything was dead, and for that, they hoped they wouldn’t be. Osiris became aggravated, he was sure once they reached the top everything would change, that he would find peace—however, the planet wasn’t called the black hole for no reason.

Osiris was told by a supposed friend that all he needed to discover would be found on the planet, at the top of the mountain. For the sake of his family, he was desperate to believe anything—he’d find out later that was a mistake.

“What’s wrong Osiris?” asked Wanei. Osiris replied with not the slightest bit of hesitation, “Everything, we have been portrayed Wanei.” Osiris said. Wanei then pulled a letter from his left pocket, it was slightly fade, but even a child could still read it. Wanei pointed to the stamp on it. “What do you mean portrayed, this letter is proof that all we need to know should be up here, right?” Wanei said. Osiris shook his head and then fell to his knees. Wanei hoped Osiris didn’t go to whom he thought, but he did.  “So, just wondering, who gave you the letter, you never really told me how you got a hold of such,” Wanei said. But Osiris said nothing, he was too occupied soaking in his misery. “It was that wretched witch wasn’t it,” Wanei said. Osiris afterwards took a deep breath, giving Wanei the sense that his assumption was correct.

The witch that Wanei spoke of was known as Amara. In the land they lived, witches were known to be more honorable, worshiped entities, but not Amara—she was the rotten apple out of the ripe. Amara was always in love with Osiris and had a love for him greater than he could ever know, but there was one problem—Anna, Osiris’s wife. He’d thought Amara to be hideous, and at times would become nauseous of the thought—the taste of her lips and tongue, which was the opposite to the sweetness of his wife’s. Amara as any women would be, was heartbroken, although, she wasn’t exactly a woman neither—at least not a human one. Because of his rude gesture, Amara figured she would take action by teaching him a lesson, if she couldn’t have him, no one could.

Angered by deceit, Osiris yelled out for Amara in lioness roars. She remained silent, she was always close to him, waiting for a moment of vulnerability, which now seemed to be a time better than any. “What did you do? Where are we?” Osiris yelled. But all he that was heard was laughter. Osiris and Wanei looked around in fear yet anger, as they searched for all that was being heard from within the bushes, the trees.  They looked up and there she was— her skin was pale as the moon, and hair rugged like the goats that stood over the cliffs of the mountain. By the smell they could confirm it was her,. To some she was quite smelly, but it was obvious that anything of evil would reek of such.

“There you are, handsome as ever. Tell me my love, did you miss me?” Wanei nearly puked of the thought of anyone missing any part of her, but Osiris said nothing, just observed in disgust. “Wretched witch, only in your dreams, no one cares about you, you are the devils daughter, that’s at least what the village says. I should have known better to trust you,” Osiris said. Amara had a cynical smile on her face, she was flattered, he was of course wrong, but she was amused by the fear she held on others. “Awe come on my little red apple, surely you had to miss me just a little,” she said. “No! What I miss is my home, what I miss is my wife, what I miss are my children.” Osiris yelled. There was a sense of aggravation planted on Amaras face, but she hid it well. “Children you say… no, no, no. There will be no more children for you two,” Amara said. “Really? Last time I checked I have three already, and a pair of balls and cock to go with the production of more,” Osiris said grasping his private parts as the famous Michael Jackson would do.

Oddly Amara became turned on by Osiris’s boldness, more so by the grabbing of his crotch. She then unveiled herself, Wanei nearly puked by the sight—Osiris just stood still, not a muscle moved. “My god! Put your clothes back on woman, I think I’m going blind.” Wanei said, but she ignored him, she was like a lion to a gazelle, and Osiris was her gazelle.

She then coiled herself around Osiris’s muscular figure, she thought it to be. It was if she was a python wrapping itself around its prey. She had a tight grip to the point his skin began to change color. She began kissing his neck and ears slobbering him down with vicious affection. He tried to pull her off, but it would seem she was a little stronger than suspected. Wanei would’ve helped, but knew he was out of his league in such a scuffle, more so did not want to be slabbed down either.  “Osiris look, look behind you,” Wanei said. Osiris looked and what he saw was no longer Amara. She now had long silk hair of a goddess that smelled like fresh strawberries plucked from the ground. Her skin was soft like cotton and body warm like the gaze of the sun. It was of course exactly what Osiris asked for, but he’d stood his ground still­­—he knew this wasn’t and that it couldn’t be his wife.

“What’s the odd look for honey, don’t you miss your queen bee?” Amara said. “No, not like this, you aren’t my wife. Anna would never act like this.” Osiris said. Amara gave away cynical smile once more, she’d had one more trick up her sleeve. So she took Osiris to a pond where all his thoughts and memories would change, where he would soon have revealed the answers of the black hole.



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