My Turn

August 4, 2017 by Patrick Starks 


The victim was unconscious, their skin was cold as ice and body still as rock. There was no trace of the victim’s attacker, only bite marks of unfamiliarity presented itself. I knew it wasn’t a vampire, for that the bites had more than two punctures aligned with one another. I knew that it was no werewolf, for that the punctures were not large enough—plus, the victims head would no longer be a part of their body if it had been. Before I could even get a grasp of what could have done this, an odd sound appeared from the shadows. I began to get the chills, I was uncertain of what was behind.

With a flash, the owner of the sound would reveal themselves, only to clamp its jaws onto my shoulder. The pain was unbearable, instantly I fainted. Ten hours later I would find myself in my bed butt-naked, but no bite mark was present. I knew that this had to be reality, I could still feel the pain in the very shoulder that was.

I then headed back to the same scene where all encounters took place. I drove for fifteen minutes only to see a woman straggle across the street, it was strange, she looked like the victim I’d see the day before. I hit my breaks to stop, to verify that this was in fact the same woman. Hesitation was bestowed upon me, but I stepped out of my car anyways. My heart rate sped up and my body began to take new form. The woman that I saw across the street then says to me, “It’s okay, it will get easier once you’ve fully turned.” I turned around immediately and before I could reply, the woman was gone, and the transformation of my body had settled—it hurt like hell and I hoped I’d never experience again, but I knew at the rate of what was happening, that was inevitable.

Sooner or later I blacked out and the next morning woke up completely naked again. I thought to myself, why the hell would anyone wake up butt-naked, unless they got lucky that day, if you catch my drift. But when I woke up I noticed something different about myself—I was taller and more athletic. But I’d be lying to tell you “more athletic”, I wasn’t at all really, but could still get the job done, and before you say, “that’s what she said”, your mistaken—she or no woman had said such of me ever, sadly. But hey, don’t feel bad for me, takes a real man to admit that one.

After a few moments of admiring my new body in the mirror, I figured what the hell, lets go to the bar, try the new form on a few women. But more so, I was hoping I’d see that woman again, that we could talk, that I could get more knowledge of what I now was and what it was or whom that created me this way.

I would finally get to the bar after singing in my car “What is love! Baby don’t hurt me! Don’t hurt me no more!”, right, sorry let me continue, but you know it’s a good song. There at the bar I bumped into detective Alice, I was surprised—didn’t think she had it in her for boogying down. However, she was limping towards me, what followed her was a trail of blood. “John…run,” she said as she fainted to the floor. What a nasty floor to fall on, I thought to myself, but needed to wake up, needed to realize that shit had officially hit the fan—and it may I add, was everywhere. As Alice fell in front of me, deep in the far corner there she was—the mysterious woman, the exact woman I wanted to see. She had the smirk of a goblin and glimmer in her eyes that I would call “Medusa”, freezing most men.

Out of anger and frustration I began to take form again. “Yes, yes, this is who you are, this is your final form, come to your maker,” she said.  I charged her afterwards, I was quick, and carried a force with me I felt no mortal could obtain—let alone, control. I’d eventually get to the woman after knocking over a few pool tables. And if you’re wondering where the hell was the rest of the party. Well… they’d already been slaughtered, but I hoped at least a few made it out.

I then slammed her to the only wall that wasn’t destroyed, although would be soon enough. I bit her on the same shoulder I was once bitten, but all I heard was laughter at the pain I inflicted on her. My abilities also made me very hulk-like, which made her laughter even more displeasing, it pissed me off.

I unleashed a final blow that was full of ruthless aggression, only to lose the very abilities I had gained. Before the woman faded she whispered in my ear, it tickled a little, but I remained serious for the moment. “You are human again… but she is not, you are her…” I didn’t understand the last word she was to say, I assumed it was what you’re probably thinking now, but how I thought. I turned back around and detective Alice was gone. I realized that this would be one hell of a year, that this issue wouldn’t be over.

I soon realized that others would be turned, that it be my turn to cure it, or die as my maker—only time will tell.



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