Night Light

August 18, 2017 by Patrick Starks


The days were never this cold, but much warmer.  Night could feel change in the world, in his world, and sooner or later knew that it would come knocking at his doorstep.   In his earlier years, he’d discover his light for the first time, every child had one—but of course, Night was the only one known capable of wielding such, at least with competence. His mother was always concerned for that she felt he was too young for such power—power of the gods. His father on the other hand, was just happy to know he had a boy. He’d already have three little girls after all, and prayed to the heavens that they would one day forgive his sins—sins of the wars he fought, and that they one day bless him with a son—and that day, his prayers would be answered—a new beginning, hope for the village.

“Ah, come here my boy! Let me take a closer look at you,” he said. Night at the time could barely even speak, he was only four months old, but with the light he wielded, no words were ever necessary. Just one look into his eyes was enough to transform one dark hearted, into light hearted. By the time Night had become a teenager he was the strongest of his tribe. His eyes were golden, but hair never too long, or not long enough—at least not for the girls that drooled over their own breast. He had the smile of an angel, more so of cupid—for that his smile was enough to make anyone fall in love with him.

But with a light, there of course is always a dark—in the villages they called it “donker.” The children never had this trait, however, when they became old enough all of that would change—only the ones who were of strong mind neglected such. The world outside their village they felt would one day consume their souls, their peace. But they had Night, and Night’s light would not only protect him, but anyone within his vicinity—the villagers nicknamed him Adom—help from god, god’s blessing.

A couple of minutes after Night was born, he’d have a fourth sister, Ada. Ada was always Nights pride and joy, his best friend, they were twins after all. “Another daughter!” Night’s father yelled. “Today is surely a blessing—twins,” he said.  Ada’s light was not as strong as Nights, but was no secret that she was second best of the village. Ada had many dreams, many goals—to one day open her own antique shop, or better yet, become a dance choreographer for the village performance group—she had no thought of ever conforming with the lifestyle they lived. But out of it all, what she wanted most, was to explore, to see the world, and so she did.

Out of the five children, Night and Ada were always the adventurous ones, and one day that adventure would determine the roles they played magical world they’d still have more to learn about.

“Bye Night… I will miss you. Take care of everyone for me will you,” she said. But Night said nothing for the moment, he just took a picture with his eyes, a remembrance of his baby sister, he thought. “Right, will do. But seriously Ada, you don’t have to do this alone, I can come with you,” Night pleaded.  Ada ignored it, she didn’t want to, she always wanted to travel the road with her big brother—however, she knew the village couldn’t survive the evils that surrounded them daily, at least not without Night. She then gave Night one last hug before her departure, it felt like they’d hug for hours, but they made it worthwhile for that it was the last—Ada would then vanish from Nights sight, into evil he felt would surround her.

Years had gone by faster than the light itself. Night had no clue to where his sister was or how she was doing. But as the time continued lead as example, to be the leader he was chosen to be. Over time he would eventually get a message—a message with dark energy, but the writing wasn’t random—it was something he knew, something familiar, something of his tribe.


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