Best Friends

January 18th, 2018 by Patrick Starks 


I told her to just be herself, that it be a greater gift than her wealth, that doing so would one day even restore her health; she then touched her heart and felt. I said, can’t you see that you are perfect just the way you are, and then her eyes became teary, as they twinkled, twinkled upon a star. She… No you are something special, different, you are your own woman, that in which I boast; and as we all stand here at this coast, I really can’t believe that it is I who gives this toast. Yes, I know, you are getting married to this man, and that its to late for me to be your Aladin, and give you my hand. My best friend, my love, I am sorry if I have ruined your day, but there is too much left that my heart has yet to say. I promise its not the wine that talks, but love for you that beats, you have always had the perfect smile, the brightest teeth. And before this man, comes down to beat me to pulp, it wont make any difference, my love for you is like water, I purify, I gulp.

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