Crazy World

January 24th, 2017 by Patrick Starks


Hop out of the bed, and into the shower, where did the time go, it’s already been an hour. Now waiting at the bus stop to head towards a job I don’t like, daydreaming that I could be headed towards a coffee shop instead, plotting my next story to write. No, my dreams are not yet faded, but I have seen for others this fate; forgetting all they ever loved of this life, having hearts filled with hate. People scurry around the office as if someone’s life is better than their own, but my life is important, I refuse to believe in such, this victory I have sewn. I told them, then fire me, because I refused to be their slave, and then they put down I was insubordinate, would not behave. But riding back home has never felt as good as this, the girl I crushed on at work even gave me a kiss. A kiss goodbye, no, this was a kiss of more to come, a greeting, I could taste through the wisp of her sensual breathing. The skies then opened up, as they blessed me with great weather, should I continue rhyming, could I be any more clever. And as I sip on this triple shot mocha and pour my heart out on paper, I can’t wait for the next chapter of my life, what may happen for me later.


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