“Forever Opened Eyes”

August 3rd, 2018 by Patrick Starks YUP

“I forever see beyond these skies, reaching out to the galaxies in which we prophesize, all in the hopes that there be a god or an angel to compromise for our sinful thoughts and I, just can’t take it anymore, for there’s still more to this life that is to be adorned. And even though we’ve become torn, formed and scorned by the past and the present in our hearts, still, we must hold our reasons to the why, why we start. Our start on living our lives to the fullest, as we jump in front of one another, dodging away all of these conformatist bullets. And yes, call me weird, I might not speak your lingo, and I always get this tingle to why you always ask, why am I still single? However, need not worry, I am blessed to just be alive and have the life I have, you should probably go worry about your own, here’s a tip, become the tree and not the sap.

And as I remain in this lab like a diabolical genius, watch me ride these blessings away, like Alladin, to mars to Venus—we are all so much more, I just wish you could see this.”

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