To the people

August 6th, 2018 by Patrick Starks

To the people

“These words I write are like propaganda, who’d ever thought that this would be my gift, call me Santa. And look at them now, I leave my adversaries sizzled like Fanta, then make em shake, then make em pop, and watch their heads just scramble. Eggs, no, need not you dread, I feel I will heal them all and put their envy to bed. And this my friends would be my only notion, I make potions and then spread the good back out to the people like lotion. Can you see it? Has it soaked in? You see, I have an addiction to words but I know this is no curse, no burden, for what has been written and heard in, my past and my future story. Nevertheless, love all, love yourself, and don’t you worry, in this life we were meant to be patient and never in a hurry. It is said that life is short, yet don’t be so quick to burry.”

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