Pluto and Friends

October 7th, 2018 by Patrick Starks 


Part I

For centuries I have been made a fool out of, being made to be the least important or the irrelevant one of my family. It’s too small they say, it doesn’t have enough gravitational pull, followed by a “that’s what she said,” joke. They all go back and forward with these assumptions year to year, all in the hopes that they’ll one day understand the things that they fear. But they are all fools. No matter what they say about me, I know who and what I am—I am a planet. And if you don’t believe me, I swear, just go ask your green haired captain in the red underwear.

But first, let me explain in more detail.

You see, I used to be the largest of them all, larger than Jupiter. I had life all around my surface—species that today many would consider fiction, but in fact, it is all a reality. I didn’t have much water but many trees still grew around me, and it was the consistency of the rain that showered upon me that made all of this possible. Little did anyone know, there was a mother nature for every planet, even the sun surprisingly.

But on the day when the stars flickered their brightest, no one, not even the stars themselves could’ve predicted what was to come. Something about the galaxy just wasn’t right—no milky ways and no dippers to dip into the sweetness of them. Nothing but silence now. But still, to us all, it was just a normal day in space.

Part of me had had visions before of such chaos, but those were just nightmares, I thought. I assumed it would be a god or the gods, but your guess would be as good as mine, for none of us had ever met he, she or whatever it may be. And not long after, out of nowhere, what changed our lives forever would pierce through the darkness that surrounded. They were enormous, jagged, enough to be considered a planet, but we won’t go into that discussion without clarifying what I am first. Nevertheless, they, the destruction, flowed in groups no different than the stars, yet, nothing about them seemed as peaceful—their aura without a doubt was a violent one, something none of us had ever experienced.

The first to be impacted by the destruction was Sunny, who most call today the Moon. But believe it or not, Sunny didn’t always look the way he does now. Back then, he didn’t have craters, no red and blue flag, no man. In fact, his surface was as smooth as a babies butt—no trees, not a feces, I mean, species, just vacant land. Originally, Sunny was the only one to ever shine a light on our sister Era(Earth), however, after the destruction, Sunny became dim.
I did my best to stop them, but a few still managed to cause harm to my brother, but if anything, I am just happy to know that I still have one, even though he is still broken inside. But sadly, the only thing Sunny was good for now was the night, which really didn’t require as much brightness as the day. To him it was humiliating.

 “Never will I show myself to the day, not ever,” he said.

But now our sister Saza has taken Sunny’s place, and nothing but fire surrounds her inside and out, but not by choice of course. Saza was loveable, somewhat of a ninja as she was known to hide amongst the stars—she loved to play hide in seek, but that was what young ones did. But unlike Sunny, Saza wasn’t smooth nor did she wield life.

 With her surface covered in oil, Saza was somewhat of a floating bomb. When the first piece of destruction touched her I thought she was for sure a goner or that she’d blow a hole into space itself, but within an instance, she became more visible to all. I myself probably would’ve screamed like a little girl, but Saza took it like the little champ she was—she always had such a bright spirit, but now she does literally.

But you get the point, right? You know where I’m headed with this, so let’s finally get to the reason why we are all here shall we.

Part II


From planet to planet I moved as fast as I could. I was like a shooting star. To Jupiter, to Mars, to Venus and all, I would not allow anyone of us to fall. It is true, I had life on my surface, that of which made the sacrifice even harder, but it had to be done, and I was the only one that I knew of that could get the job done—all trees, all life was now just whispers in the wind. And my mother nature, I’d rather not talk about…

 When I first collided with one of the destruction, it was without a doubt the same temperature of what Saza is now, however, I was a cold son of B****.

“Go Pluto, go!” she yelled, as the flames around her ignited more.

I managed to stop it, but pieces of it shattered all around, something I wonder still to this day was the reason for the extinction of the dinosaurs many humans praise today. But more so, I felt sorry for Era, she’d lost everything that day, but through mother nature’s grace, she overcame it.

But for every piece of destruction I collided with, a piece of me was broken off. And about time I’d gotten to the last one everything around me looked much larger than before. Jupiter was now the largest for they had only gotten so much as a scrapehe was a coward, but still he is my brother.


The chaos had eventually stopped, not many were hurt, we’d survived. My name then echoed throughout the whole universe, I was a hero, but a lonely one. I had nothing to show for my success but beloved memories of the past.


And for decades now we have floated in space, my family and I, scarred by the destruction that took everything from us, but no matter, we are still together, we are still planets. We share knowledge with one another, we share resources, however, none would we ever share with the life on Era. So young she is, and yet Era now fades due to them all, however, we will not let that happen. I cannot and will not abandon my sister. After all, some of her pain is partly my fault—I was young and reckless then. But if we can overcome the destruction, then there is nothing we can’t overcome.

So, if you still believe I am not a planet, then maybe you should reconsider. Because I am no longer bitter but will do anything to save my precious sister.

 I am PlutoI am a planet.


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