The Flys of Ogzancaugh

April 28th, 2019 by P.Starks

Ogzancaugh wasn’t a school where many were worthy to go. It was as they put it, only for the gifted. But little did they know that those gifts could be obtained all by just the sere will of focus and determination or for some, revenge. Although, at Ogzancaugh, you only had two choices to really obtain such—the light or the dark. But still to this day not a soul can tell the difference between the two. However, it was obvious that their beliefs at the end would only steer them into what they already knew, more so, what they were familiar with. Ignorance… maybe, biasness, yes…perhaps. But beliefs were beliefs and one would be a fool to challenge those beliefs. But then there was a young boy and girl who were foolishness to do so—The Flys.

Not long-ago Lyndon Fly and his sister, Lydia Fly, were kids ridiculed for all their failures in life. From their parents abusing them for the troubles they’d brought to nearly burning down an entire school at the ages of four and five, all to show that it was possible to create a real-life miniature volcano. And they did, explosively.

Lydia was almost about the height of her brother. She had long dark hair, with grey highlights in them, that of which gave all students at their school, Pixie Fall, reason to believe that she might’ve been a reincarnated witch. But none dared to say it to her face. She’d already heard it enough at home.

“Your no child of mine!” yelled her mom. “You’re some kind of witch or something. An abomination! Just go to your room!”

Lyndon, on the other hand, would get his abuse from his father, but sadly not verbally. Like his sister he had dark hair but not long or with grey highlights. It was just dark and greasy looking, that of which he’d been nicknamed the Crow. On the late nights that he studied he’d come back home to his father, drunk, with nothing in the fridge nourish his frail figure. He was starving. So, instead he’d scramble through the trash cans of their neighborhood just like any crow would.

With their parents being divorced, Lyndon and Lydia hadn’t saw much of each other after that. But on the night when the moon was full both would get a knock on the door. They were always told not to open the door to strangers, however, in the predicament that they were in, a stranger sounded a lot safer than the beast that watched over them.

Lydia opened the door.

“Ah! Hello, hello my name is Mr. Black,” said a groggy voice.

Lydia looked around. Nothing was their but just the light of the moon and the sound of cars passing by.

“Uh umm… Down here,” said the voice. “Keep telling the master I need a stool or something.”

Lydia jumped back. It was a solid black cat. It had a tie around its neck, and coke-bottle glasses around its head.

“Your…. Your,” hesitated Lydia.

“Yes, I am a cat. Get that all the time. And no… you’re not Sabrina the teenage witch. I can’t tell you how many times I get that joke from little girls like you enough. I’d prefer boys but the last boy… Well we won’t talk about him.”

“Lydia! Who is it?” yelled her mom, from up the stairs.

“Nothing mom,” replied Lydia. “Just the wrong pizza delivery.”

The cat then spoke again.

“Again, my name is Mr. Black and I am here to give you this. Take it, and don’t be late. The last boy that was… No, I mustn’t.”

From its little satchel the cat pulled out an old pocket watch. It was solid gold, with engravings on it that Lydia didn’t understand.

“Pack your things before midnight. Because when it hits minute the watch will bring you to Ogzancaugh.”

“What? Why? I mean, why are you here? What is Ogzancaugh? Why me?” asked Lydia, nervous as can be.

“Tis tis, tut tut, shut, shut. Too many questions little girl. Just know that you’re a special child and your destined for a greater purpose. Do you really want to stay here with that woman up there? Yeah, you don’t have to tell me. I’ve read your whole profile. Now. I must go.”

Before Lydia could say anything else the cat had vanished off. She closed the door back. She looked at the watch. It was forty minutes till midnight. Lydia had thought about all the things people had said to her, that her own mother had said. Her mind was made up. She then ran up the stairs, locked her door and packed everything she needed for the night ahead. She waited.

A few minutes in and the sound of footsteps would approach her door. The door knob twisted from right to left, aggressively.

“Lydia! Why is this door locked? Open this door right now young lady! You better not be cooking up some of that witchcraft shit of yours! You’re not burning this house down like you and your brother did that school, so, open this door right now!”

“Not a chance…” whispered Lydia.

The door knob continued to twist aggressively, and this time followed by a thumping sound which Lydia knew was her mom’s body weight being thrown against it. Ten more seconds till midnight. Lydia held on to her belongings, tightly holding onto the watch, closing her eyes and counting.

“Three, two, one.”

Violins brought peace of mind to her ears. It was all soothing. There were multiple smells, so she couldn’t really tell what it was. But if she could’ve put her finger on any of kind of scent, it would be that the smell of science was in the air—the smell of chemicals and god knows what else. She opened her eyes.  Hundreds, maybe thousands of students walked around and through the halls, wearing solid white coats, each with their own unique emblem attached.

“You’re here! I can’t believe you’re here!” yelled a boy from behind.

Lydia spun around, excitingly. “Lyndon!”

The two ran up to one another holding each other as tight as they remembered they’d last given each other a hug.

“Lyndon, what’s going on? What is this place?” asked Lydia, searching the whole room amazed by its magnificence.

“I don’t know. I was just brought her three hours ago.”

“Right, of course! I keep forgetting you and dad have eastern time. By the way how did you get past dad?”

“You know the old man. Drunk as can be. Always. I could have had five elephants in the room, and he would’ve just thought he was watching the discovery channel or something.”

“Ha ha ha! Yeah I guess your right on that one.”

“How’d you get passed mom?”

“Well… I didn’t. I mean, I barely did. And I’m sure by now the entire door to my room is kicked down by now.”

Lyndon shook his head. “I’m sorry… Well, at least the good news is that were together again. The Frys are back baby!”

“Hell’s yeah!”

The sound of a bell echoed throughout the halls and everyone within it made their way down a snake way path which ended with gigantic double doors. Lyndon and Lydia followed.

“Hey why are we here? The cat told me that I’d have pizza for weeks!” yelled a boy.

“You? What about me!” yelled a girl. “The cat told me that I would be able to travel the world. Without parental guidance.”

Lydia then turned to her brother. She’d wondered what the cat had told him.

“Hey Lyndon?”

“Yeah what’s up sis?”

“What did the cat tell you? Like before you agreed to come.”

Lyndon smiled. “Well… can’t say I agreed necessarily. But he told me that I was meant to protect someone. He kept babbling on about me being something special and that I was going to have to make an important sacrifice. I mean, sounds pretty adventurous don’t ya think? What did the cat tell you?”


The doors then opened, interrupting Lydia from what she was about to say. And moonlight expelled from it, like opened curtains on a sunny day. Everyone hesitated to go in. They all looked at one another. No one ever believed in the boogeyman, but for once in their lives they felt that he might’ve existed.

“Alright now!” yelled a girl. “Someone go in already. Don’t be scaredy-cats.”

“Yeah, right. Says the one ten rows down. Just shut it,” yelled a boy.

Lydia and Lyndon looked at one another. They made their way through the crowd and not a second more were at the opening of the door. They grabbed each other’s hands and nodded. They walked forward. And all who watched had only one eye opened, slightly, for they didn’t know what to expect. The worst presumably.

As the two entered, light circled around their feet. And from that light they could see that there was not a floor at all.

“Amazing,” said Lyndon. “And they said that Jesus was the only one to walk on water.”

“Were not on water you goof,” said Lydia.

“Yeah but close enough,” laughed Lyndon.

There was a throne in front of them now. It was enormous. Big enough to hold ten kids, if not more. All the lights then came on. The room was bigger than what they thought, and millions of books surrounded the outer parts of it.

“Welcome to Ogzancaugh!” yelled a voice. “You two have passed the first test. We call it the leap of faith.”

“Who are you?” yelled Lyndon. “What do you want?”

“Watch your tone boy! Do you know who…” paused Mr. Black the cat, appearing from a dark corner

The room rumbled like an earthquake.

“No, it’s okay Mr. Black. The boy has courage. I like that,” said the mysterious voice. “My name is Ogre Glynn. And I’ve been watching you two for a while now. The Flys is it? Whom of which by the ages of four and five discovered how to create work that only the gods could do. Yes… remarkable.”

Lydia stood behind Lyndon. For the first time in her life she was scared. She got the chills and even more when the man had appeared from where he hid. Out from the shadow stepped one large-bare-foot. Immediately it gave off a horrendous odor. Lyndon wanted to puke but held it in for he wanted to make a good first impression.

The rest of the man’s body was green and slimy as it was revealed. Teeth as crooked as great whites, and just as sharp from the looks of it. But in his eyes—innocents. The other kids had now made their way in the room. But, of course, still keeping their distance as they stayed about ten feet from where Lyndon and Lydia stood.

“The… the… It’s the boogeyman,” said a young girl, shivering by the sight.

Lyndon grabbed onto his sisters arm tightly and pulled her along.

“It’s okay sis, I got you,” he said.

Lydia nodded, hesitantly.


Thanks for reading! 😊

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