Pacharc Mythologies Part 1

December 8th, 2019 by Patrick Starks

PART I: Mathen (Mother Nature)

Mathen was one of the first women to be born on the blue and green planet known as Earth. She had long emerald hair and skin as rough as sand paper, that of which sparkled as if she’d had a dozen tiny stars embedded within it. It was no secret at all that Mathen adored everything about the planet that she was on. She’d always done her best to take care of it as much as possible but one day as she walked through her favorite part of the forest she would encounter another.

It was a man. And the man would stand like a giant over her. At the time Mathen really didn’t know what the man was, and by the look in his eyes the man had felt the same towards her. She’d gazed into the man’s eyes and it was almost as if she could see into the future. But that future didn’t look at all that bright, Mathen feared. Although, she’d reassured herself that there was nothing to worry about. The man was completely oblivious to his future and knew nothing about the planet that they were on. Far as she could tell, the man didn’t seem to care at all about anything. It seemed instead he was more captivated by her smell.

“You smell like honey,” said the man. “Sweet.”

Mathen blushed and everything about the man she felt drawn to. But little did she know it would all change when she showed the man the River of Truth.

It wasn’t long before Mathen had found it, about a month prior. And like always the river was gorgeous in every way. It had sparkled no different than her own skin. It was as if the two were made for one another. The river a part of her and her a part of it.

“It’s beautiful! What is it?” the man shouted. “It’s pure beauty!”

Mathen smiled. She could see joy in the man’s eyes. She hadn’t noticed it until now but the man’s eyes were almost the color of her own scent, like honey. She couldn’t help but get lost in them.

“Well, I don’t quite know what it is, but I call it the river of truth,” she replied.

“Why the river of truth?” asked the man.

“You’ll see,” said Mathen, dipping her naked body into river.

The man followed. He jumped in and immediately found himself nervous by the sight of Mathen’s body. Although, Mathen had been seeing the mans the whole time.

“Wait… Have you been like that the whole time?” the man asked, embarrassingly.

The man then looked down at himself and stood awed by what he was seeing.  “So that’s what it looks like,” he said.

Mathen smiled again and this time even brighter than before. She didn’t understand the man’s mannerisms but still she’d found them adorably funny.

“But wait where is yours?”  asked the man.

“Where is what?” asked Mathen.

“This,” the man pointed.

Mathen then busted out in a laugh that echoed the forest.

“What so funny?” asked the man, annoyingly.

“Clearly you should be able to tell by now that me and you aren’t exactly the same. Well… maybe the same species but far as our features go, not even close.”

“So… So then what does that mean?” the man asked.

“I don’t know,” said Mathen. “But sooner or later we’ll figure it out.”

It was then the man realized something. All that he felt he couldn’t do, he now felt that he could. All the possibilities flowed within him no different than the river. He’d thought of building a shelter with the trees that surrounded them. He’d thought of finding a way to cook the raw meat he’d been eating. He could see it all as he stared down into the water, they floated in.

 “You alright,” asked Mathen, concerned. “I didn’t mean to upset you.”

The man didn’t say a word. Instead, he’d swam back to shore,  wrapping around his waist like a skirt, a bundle of branches. Mathen swam back to shore and did the same, but minus the branches. She stood behind the man and pressed her chest against his warm back, leaning her head onto his shoulder, that to her somewhat felt like a bag of stones.

“Tell me, what’s the matter?” she asked.  

“It’s just…”

“Just what,” asked Mathen.

“Tell me, have you ever seen anything in that river, have you ever felt anything? Why did you decide to call it the river of truth?”

Mathen stood thrown off and bombarded with questions that she never expected to answer, well all except for one. But that was besides the point. The man had a different look in his eyes and the look be stilled a fear in her that she’d never felt before. But of course, she’d felt that same aura from him before but had hoped it would never come out.

“I did,” said Mathen, finding the words to speak again. “And that was why I called it the river of truth. Because it literally shows you everything that will happen in the future. Did you see it all?”

“Yes,” admitted the man. “I did.”

“So then you know not what to do?” asked Mathen, for clarification.

But the man didn’t say another word. Before Mathen could even find or figure out what had happened to the man, he’d disappear into the fog of the forest and never return until there was chaos in the world.

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