On a warm summer Sunday there would be a woman who would give birth to her first-born son, who she would name Ramsey, and the boy would be just as handsome as his father. Taking the name of his father, the boy was already as strong as an ox and not even a week old yet, but this came as no surprise to his mother.

  Not all but most of the fathers in the town of Rochester, New York were known to abandon their children. Even today, with most being so young. And unfortunately, Ramsey’s father would be one of those young men.

Over time Ramsey would grow up, embarking on the journey of being a parent himself. He felt nervous and his mother hated it. To clarify, she hated the fact that he was a father because that only meant that he wasn’t quite her little boy anymore. But I assume most mothers today would disagree with that.

 Ramsey wanted to be nothing like his father, and had reassured himself more times than what he could count that he was ready to show his son all the many things that his father had not shown him, let alone was around for.

  Unlike his father, Ramsey wasn’t at all the type of man that would abandon his pregnant wife Anasia. He loved her way too much for that. However, it would appear that Ramsey had forgotten about it somewhere down the road. No matter how much Anasia prayed. No matter how much she cried, Ramsey was gone, dissaperaing into the night like the fog. There was no letter, only his absence.

Ramsey had never mentioned it to Anasia, but escaping the life he had before to go start a family of his own was something scary for a young man. Even for such a well put together one as himself. To never taste adventure. To never be alone to one’s thoughts was like death itself. In reality Ramsey still did not have a clue the type of man he was or the kind he wanted to be. He was shit scared, but he’d convinced himself that that wasn’t the reason he decided to abandon his pregnant wife and take on the job that he’d conjured up.  

You see, Ramsey hadn’t heard from his mother for few weeks, which was unusual seeing how she was something of a mother hen when it came to Ramsey. Although, what mother wasn’t. Worried that the problem was much deeper than it appeared, Ramsey had kept a distance from Anasia, leaving her in the dark with no clue to what was happening between them. Of course, insecurities began to rise as Anasia started to believe it was her fault. Maybe she should have cooked more for him. Maybe she should have kissed him more. Maybe they should’ve had more sex, but they were having a child. So, it be obvious to say that that wasn’t the case at all. The sex that being.

While Anasia held her baby boy in her arms, a tear shed down both sides of her face. One for joy and the other for her sadness of what might’ve happened to her husband. Every thought that had popped up in her head was negative, however, she’d done a pretty damn good job swaying away from it. In her mother’s words bringing a negative mindset around a child especially a newborn only lead them to believe that this life was more nasty than beauty. And Anasia didn’t want that at all for her child.  

Instead, Anasia decided to do a little research, an investigation so to speak. On a molded door with its knocker just barely hanging on it, Anasia approached it, while her baby boy sat strapped to her like a reverse backpack. The boy had already spit up on her a few times, but this was something she was used to by now. Although, on occasion felt a slight chill of disgust as what was throwed up slid in between her breast.

 Nevertheless, desperate times had called for desperate measures. Anasia had never liked going to Rob’s or Robuert he liked to be called because Robuert was without a doubt a sleeze ball and one of the most sexist men Anasia had ever met. But if there was anyone that knew of Ramsey’s whereabouts it would surely be him. Ramsey and Robuert were like brothers. But now Anasia found herself questioning the very thought she was always to afraid to bring up. Robuert and Ramsey lived polar opposite lifestyles. Like night and day they were. One being warm and the other cold in a sense.

Anasia then grabbed onto the door knocker shaped like a pair of balls. No, it was a pair of balls. And for obvious reasons Anasia felt a discomfort with the whole situation, but before she could turn around and regroup on a different path to take, Robuert would open the door.

“Anasia!” shouted Robuert. “Is that you? I mean your breast…I mean, your chest…”

Anasia rolled her eyes. “Yeah… well, it’s nice to see you to Robuert.”

Robuert nodded, with a faint smirk on his face.  

 “What are you doing all the way out here in my neck of the woods?” asked Robuert. “Where’s Ramsey?”

Anasia cleared her throat, while she cradled baby Ramsey back to sleep.

“I haven’t seen him for weeks,” said Anasia. “I thought that he might’ve been with you. He was supposed to be with me the day I was giving birth, but he wasn’t anywhere around. Like, that’s not my Ramsey at all. He would’ve been there. I’m so worried… I’ve talked to the police about it and they say their on it but I’m beginning to believe that they’ve already given up.”

Robuert had a look of concern. A drop of sweat dripped from his chin, but Anasia had assumed that was from the workout or whatever he might’ve just finished doing. And she’d prayed to the heavens that it wasn’t what she thought it was, for Robuert was the kind of man that was known to throw parties for himself, which was a bunch of woman and him being the only male to attend it. If there was any person to compare Robuert to it be Hugh Hefner, but minus the charm.

“Robuert what’s going on?” asked Anasia.

Robuert said not a word and at the same time slowly before Anasia noticed it, tried closing the door. But Anasia’s foot had caught it just in the nick of time. And so, it seemed that she noticed what he was doing way before he’d thought of it.

“Tell me now Robuert! Or the balls on this door aren’t going to be the only ones hanging!”

Robuert peaked over Anasia’s shoulder, nervously. It was as if he was worried, like someone was watching them.

“Quickly, get inside….” he whispered.

Anasia stepped in. And immediately all she could see was a room field with paintings that should’ve been museums. Then again, the room had felt like a museum. So, it was fitting. At the doorway there was a long burgundy carpet that stretched out all the way to the end of the hall. Anasia had followed Robuert all the way down it until they’d reached the end where to the left would be his office.

“Please sit,” said Robuert with a blank face. “The child… What did you decide to name him?”

“I am named him after his father,” said Anasia.

“Ah, a Ramsey the third,” said Robuert,

“What do you mean?” asked Anasia. “It’s Ramsey the second.”

“No, Ramsey, your husband, had taken his father’s name and now this little ball of joy has taken his fathers name. Therefore, making him Ramsey the third,” Robuert corrected.

Anasia was in shock. Ramsey had never lied to her, but it seemed that he had. And if so, did he have more lies?

“What’s wrong?” asked Robuert.

Anasia swallowed. “Ramsey… He told me that his fathers name was Ben.”

“Ben? Why would he… I mean, right. Of course, he did.”

“Wait what’s that supposed to mean,” asked Anasia, concerned.

“You see, Ramsey and his father Ramsey number 1, I like to call him, never really got along. In fact, Ramsey’s father had left him when he was just born. But surprisingly the bastard came back on his sixteenth birthday, gracing him, more so, ruining his big day. I could only imagine how his mother felt.”

“So, now he does the same with his own child,” added Anasia. “Ironic and hypocritical…”

“Well no, I think it’s a little more complicated than that,” said Robuert. “Although, I understand how you could feel that way.”

Anasia looked down in the big brown eyes of her little boy. His gums were sparkly, as did they sparkle with joy. How could a man leave behind his family? But for every time Anasia asked the question nothing came up.

“Something tells me you know more Robuert, and I don’t like it,” she said.

Robuert stood up and then walked over to his office window. The moonlight had bounced off of his brooks brother tailored suit. From it he pulled out a giant Cuban cigar and lit it faster than Anasia could realize he had it. She was pissed. Who smoked around a newborn? But she’d already found herself answering that question with ease. Robuert exhaled.

“Ramsey was involved with a league. A dangerous league, whom of which don’t take no’s for answers. I’d hoped he’d gotten out of it but he was desperate you see,” said Robuert.

“What do you mean,” asked Anasia. “You mean like a baseball teamk or something.”

Robeurt smiled. “I wish, but no, nothing even remotely close to that. I mean a league of undertakers.”

“What’s that supposed to be, like some sort of league of assassins?” asked Anasia again.

“Again, I wish but no. In fact, their far worst. The undertakers kill their contracted targets and then set their bodies on fire so that no loved one can retrieve them.”

Anasia felt a slight anxiety brewing in her chest. And every time she’d taken a breath her lips would vibrate as though she’d been crying for hours. She covered little Ramsey’s ears and brought him closer to her chest. But the boy cried harder then he ever had for he could feel the fear in his mothers heart. But no matter the case Robuert continued.

“Once they burn their targets they take a scoop of their ashes and put them into these tiny containers  that hang from the side of their hips as proof of their number of kills.”

“Wait… Just stop… How did Ramsey get involved with all of this?” asked Anasia.

“You mean he didn’t tell you?” asked Robeurt shocked. “Ramsey’s mother was taken by the league but thankfully they didn’t kill her. He’d made an agreement with them to let his mother go if he’d find a specific person, whom of which I cannot discuss but its seems Ramsey could not do it. So, they killed her. He hasn’t stopped going after them sense. Luckily for you, he changed his name completely so that they wouldn’t come find you or your son.”

“I don’t understand… Robuert, how do you know all of this?”

“Because Anasia I was the one who created the League. But I was overthrown…”

“By who?” asked Anasia.

“I cant say. If I told you, I’d literally have to kill you, for I couldn’t risk letting the word get out.”

“What? That you are the creator of a murderess group?”

“No Anasia, because I am supposed to be dead.”

Anasia then stood up from her chair and walked towards the door of the office. All it took was just a twist of the knob and she’d be out and away from all the chaos. But part of her couldn’t bring herself around to doing it. She felt scared and lost. As much as she hated to admit Robeurt was the only person she knew could help. But the questions were, would he? And if so, could he be trusted. Anasia then turned back around and sat.

“I figured you would have a change of heart,” said Robeurt with smile like the grinch.

Robuert then went back over to his desk and made a call. And not second more, there would be a knock on his office door.

To be continued

Author: Patrick Starks

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