Undertakers Part III

April 25th, 2020 by Patrick Starks

Everything was blur in the moment. The air was thick and nothing but the sound of one’s own heartbeat could be heard. Ramsey’s back ached and his hands trembled to the pain. He’d never thought that Robuert would have the grapefruits to pull off such a diabolical act, yet, the son of a bitch did so anyways and wasn’t even the one to pull the trigger, or should I say press the button.

But that wasn’t the part that worried Ramsey. Once all the smoke had cleared, Ramsey had made it back to his feet miraculously. He looked all around and there would be no sign of Anasia or his baby boy. All there was now was rage in his heart, for it was a man he trusted with his life that would be the one to take his family away from him. And for reasons he still did not know.

There was a faint cough in the darkness.

“Anasia!” shouted Ramsey. “Anasia honey where are you?”

With the pain that still lingered all over his body, Ramsey had done his best to reach the sound that was near. The closer he’d gotten to it the more he could see an hourglass shadow lay upon the debris that was scattered. For most men, they would’ve been excited to see such a damsel in distress but for Ramsey, it only put a nauseating taste in his mouth, for he was sick with anger.

“Oh… So, it’s like that?” said the woman. “I get it…. Just thought you were more of a gentleman from what I heard…”

“Not towards a witch that pushed a goddamn button to a bomb with a child around!” shouted Ramsey. “But before I finish you off, just tell me… Why did you do it?”

The woman then had smiled a wicked smile and coughed up blood into her fragile hands, wiping her lips away.

“Isn’t it obvious…” she said.

Ramsey stood by dumbfounded. If it was a game the woman was playing it surely wasn’t the time for it but deep within her emerald eyes Ramsey knew that it was not a game at all. It was sere madness. As the woman had spoken, Ramsey had taken two steps back and nearly fumbled to the ground by what he was hearing.

“How…” he whispered. “When were you born?”

“Ramsey… We are twins. Our father took me, and our mother took you,” said the woman

“I don’t understand!” shouted Ramsey. “Why now? Why show up now?  I don’t even know your name.”

The woman smiled, as she’d dusted herself off.

“The names Penelope. And…” she paused.

“And what?” questioned Ramsey with precaution.

“And… I think I might know where your wife and child have been taken. In the middle of the debris I saw them get dragged away with Robuert by some strange shadow. I’ve never seen anything like it before. It was tall, really tall… And whatever it was it surely wasn’t human.”

Ramsey could see the concern in Penelope’s eyes as well hear it in her voice. But still, it was difficult to sway away from the thought that she was the reason for the situation that was occurring. There was nothing innocent about Penelope at all. She could’ve easily stopped what she was doing and told Robuert to go fuck himself, but she didn’t. Instead, she decided voluntarily on her own to do the fucking, but not literally to clarify it.

“Why tell me this? Why do you care after what you just did? I mean, just in case you forgot, you literally kamikazed us all to death,” said Ramsey.

“Yeah… well, that was just to play along with Robuert,” said Penelope.

“Bullshit!” shouted Ramsey. “You fucking enjoyed it!”

“Okay, okay. You got me. So, maybe I did enjoy it a little. Let’s just call it payback for all the shit I had to grow up with while you skipped off to live a normal life. You have know idea the kind of man dad was.”

“Try me…” snorted Ramsey.

Penelope had frustrating look on her face, and her face would turn nearly red as a tomato. If she had the strength she would’ve dropped down into the splits and punched Ramsey in the balls like Jean Claude Vandamme. One for the reason she was flexible, and two for the reason it would’ve looked way more impressive than the typical kick to the balls.

“Dad was a monster!” shouted Penelope. “He made me do unspeakable things. Things a little girl shouldn’t have to.”

Ramsey then felt his heart go down a pace. He felt sick inside.

“Did he…” Ramsey paused.

“No…” interrupted Penelope. He was no pedophile if that’s what you’re thinking. The bastard was sick, but not that damn sick, shockingly enough.”

“I’m confused… Then what did he have you do that was so damn traumatizing? I mean, if you only knew what me and mom went through.”

“Oh, boo hoo, my daddy wasn’t around. I didn’t have a dada to play catch with me or talk to me about sex. Typical daddy problems. What single parent child hasn’t dealt with those problems.”

“Fuck you! If you weren’t a woman I’d…”

“You’d what!” interrupted Penelope.

“Well I was definitely going to do something…” mumbled Ramsey, but Penelope didn’t hear a word of it.

Penelope then smiled again.

“Yeah just like I thought…”

“Okay, okay. So where do you think they are?” asked Ramsey.

“Don’t know,” said Penelope.

“Ugh… what kind of shit is that. You literally just said moments ago that you knew where my family was,” said Ramsey flustered.

“Nope. But I know someone who does,” said Penelope.

“Who?” asked Ramsey, making his way back over to Penelope.

“He goes by the name of Frog. And before you ask… No, he’s not an actual frog. And yes, he is an undertaker but retired, I think…” giggled Penelope.

“Then what are we waiting for! Let’s go talk to him!” shouted Ramsey, taking off into a full sprint.

But before he could get any further Penelope would stop him in his tracks, with a loud whistle from her cherry lips.
“Easy sailor. We don’t go looking for Frog. Frog comes looking for us,” said Penelope. “Follow me and don’t say one word, unless you want it to be your last. We’ve got to do this right.”

Ramsey followed Penelope for a few blocks until they’d reached a strange tree with the curvature of a silly straw, which was undoubtedly strange for a tree, but still, there it was in front of them. For whatever reason Ramsey had found himself wetting his lips for a taste of curly fries. Penelope was, of course, unmoved by the tree’s obscurity. And curly fires wouldn’t even be the last thing on her mind.

“What is it?” asked Ramsey.

“It’s the Undertakers tree. It grows only in the night,” said Penelope.

Ramsey had walked up to the tree fearfully. Although he’d taken several lives, that of which hung around his waist in ashes, none of them would amount to the souls he felt within the tree. Placing his palm against the tree Ramsey could feel a heartbeat. Most trees were cold by the touch, but the tree was warm and seemed to be filled with life.

 What did it all mean? More so, what did any of it have to do with the Frog.

“Ramsey! What are you doing? Get your ass over here?” whispered Penelope, loudly. “Frog will be here any minute.”

Ramsey then ran over towards Penelope and waited in the bushes still mesmerized by the tree’s magnificence.

Just as scheduled Frog appeared.

He looked monstrous, like a werewolf in the night, except with not a lot of hair at all. His back was hunched over, and his feet had drug against the ground with little effort to come up. It was then Ramsey doubted Frogs skill in killing. If anything, Frog had looked like he’d seen one too many fights. Ramsey chuckled at the thought.

“Don’t underestimate him Ramsey…” whispered Penelope. “You haven’t seen what I’ve seen. Frog is a monster.”

“Then why bring me to him?” asked Ramsey.

Penelope said not another word.

Ramsey had stopped his chuckling, but not because of what Penelope he said. Ramsey had stopped because of what he was seeing Frog do.   

Frog had taken the palm of his hand and pressed it against the tree, just as he’d done moments prior. Only difference was that it was as if he and the tree were one. Gradually, Frogs hunched over back, and the trees curvature would straighten. But none of it had made sense to Ramsey or Penelope, whom of which Ramsey felty knew all about Frog, more so, the tree. But it seemed that class was in session for Penelope as well.

“What the fuck?” whispered Penelope. “I’ve didn’t know that it could do that…”

“Yeah…” said Ramsey, questioning Penelope’s ignorance.

Out of nowhere a man appeared to address Frog.

“Freeze mother fucker!” shouted the man. “Put your hands up where I can see them!”

The man was in an all-black trench coat and his hair had swayed with the wind underneath his golf cap like the leaves of the tree before him. Frog grinned. Even though the man had pitched a courageous shake down, by the trembling of his gun Frog could see that it was already over. And Ramsey as well Penelope could see the same.

Slowly, Frog had made his way over to the man.

“I said freeze mother fucker!” shouted the man again, but this time he’d fired off a shot, nearly hitting Frog in the pinky toe.

But Frog was not startled by it at all. He only persisted to move forward towards the man until they were face to face. Before the man even realized it, Frogs forehead would be kissing the tip of the man’s Glock 22.

“So whatcha waiting on?” said Frog, with a very froggy like voice.

Frogs voice had put chills down Ramsey’s leg. Meanwhile, Penelope was nowhere to be found. It was as if she was never there. There wasn’t a hint of her fragrance left, so much as a hair left behind. However, Ramsey paid it no mind.

  The man’s gun had trembled even more. He stood speechless. It was now or never. Pull the trigger or have the trigger pulled on you. But after a moment had passed the man still had done nothing but sweat even more.

 Frog then placed the gun in his mouth and mumbled:

“There… is that better,” he said.

The man still didn’t fire.

 Frog then clinched his teeth down onto the barrel of the gun. It snapped like a twig.

“What… what are you?” asked the man, nervously.

“Someone you should probably stop chasing,” said Frog.

The man then took off in panic for as long and as fast as he could. Frog did not follow, although, he was quite aware that that wouldn’t be his first encounter for the night. Ramsey had noticed slight shadow in the tree. Was it a squirrel?

  From the top of the tree Penelope had lunged at Frog with blade in hand, like she was Kate Beckinsale from Underworld. Apparently, Frog had noticed her way before it would happen. Penelope had missed him and by the end of it all found herself eating dirt.

“Ahh… Penelope. How long has it been?” asked Frog.

“Fuck off freak!” shouted Penelope. “I’m going to kill you right where you stand!”

“Well that’s not nice at all,” said Frog. “Are you still upset about what I did to your husband because if you are, I told you he shouldn’t have meddled in my affairs.”

Penelope then charged Frog again, but this time with eyes full of tears, that spread out the mascara she’d been wearing. It had looked like she was crying black tears, which wouldn’t have been a shock to Ramsey at all seeing the kind of person that she was. Seeing how, again, she’d tried taking out his wife holding a newborn. But this time Frog did not move. He stood as firm and solid as a brick wall. Penelope swung her blade again, and this time it had stuck right into frog’s shoulder. Frog didn’t flinch one muscle one she’d done it. But that wasn’t what shocked Ramsey as he watched terrified in the bush that he remained in.

Frog’s blood was blue.

 Penelope was as well shocked by it for she’d already put a foot of separation between the two. She always knew he was different but not that different. Frog pulled the blade from out of his shoulder calmly without one grunt and through down to the ground. Before Penelope could run, Frog had already had her held in the air like a newborn from the same shoulder she’d stuck a blade in. It had healed, but how?

“Stop!” shouted Ramsey.

Frog’s eyes rolled to the left.

“And who are you? Another one of her helpers,” said Frog, as he chuckled.

“What do you mean?” asked Ramsey.

“Oh, she didn’t tell you,” chortled Frog. “Oh, this little lady has tricked many men into helping her kill me, but as you can tell they aren’t around. Well, maybe spiritually.”

“Ahh!!! I hate you!! You son of a bitch!” shouted Penelope, squirming within Frog’s grip.

“Please! I don’t know what all this shit is about, but I need to find my family. She said you could help me find my family. There was some strange shadow that had taken them, at least that’s what she said she saw.”

Frog dropped Penelope on the ground.

“Did you say shadow?” asked Frog.

“Yes,” swallowed Ramsey. “Why do you ask?”

But Frog didn’t reply at all. Instead he’d begin walking away from them both. Penelope had never seen Frog so drawn away. It was as if he was a vampire trying to avoid sunlight. Whatever it was about the shadow, Frog for the first time ever seemed to be unsure of his abilities to take it head on. Ramsey ran after Frog and grabbed him by the arm.

“Get your fucking hands off of me!” shouted Frog, swatting Ramsey to the ground.

“Please! I don’t know if I can take it on my own,” said Ramsey.

On the ground next to Ramsey were the ashes of the one’s he’d slaughtered.

“You… An Undertaker…” paused Frog, curiously.

Ramsey nodded unsurely to Frogs question.

“Hmm… Maybe I can…”

“Don’t trust him Ramsey! He’s going to kill!” interrupted Penelope.

“Shut up witch! If anyone should be dying tonight it should surely be you! But for now, I need to help this man find his family,” smiled Frog.  

Frog had smiled like a Pomeranian but was quite awkward for the chipped and buttered teeth he had. It was then Ramsey realized just how smelly Frog was. He smelt like ass. It was without a doubt toxic in a sense but still manageable to breath around, but for how long, Ramsey wondered.

“The tree…” pointed Ramsey. “What is it?”

Frog smiled again.

“You know you really do ask too many questions,” said Frog. “I’ll tell you but first let us find this shadow…”

Frog still sounded and looked unsure about what he was agreeing to. Maybe he had a plan. Or maybe Penelope was right about Frog attempting to kill him. But no matter the case, what had to be done, had to be done. Ramsey was signing a deal with the devil and had a woman who was supposedly his diabolical sister tagging along who wanted to kill the devil he was signing with, also, who’d originally try to kill him. Ramsey couldn’t trust either one of them. But if there was one thing to say about it all, what came next would end the chapter in Ramsey life or begin anew.

To be continued

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