Patient 0Z

May 3rd, 2020 by Patrick Starks

I never realized how hypocritical life can be. The weak play the heroes and the heroes play as the weak, yet, every day as many of us wake up we end up playing into the trend over and over again.

 I never understood that. But now I somewhat feel I’ve gotten a grasp on it all.

 To bring some comfort to the discussion my name is Professor Cloud, and I have been studying the psychology of the human mind for as long as I can remember my own childhood

 You see, I was taught that in life everything comes with a price, that it was one’s destiny to partake in a particular job even when it was something that they didn’t want to do. Now some will do the typical of what I’ve seen from a few of my patients and lead another to believe that what they are doing is the right thing. But I pondered on this because how could one be doing the right thing if it causes suffering to their own life and well-being. Its literally the story of the sacrificial lamb.

I found that instead of one taking responsibilities for their own actions or mistakes, they’d expect that the other stop and drop their own life for the sake of their own. Again, for the sake of their mistakes not the others.

  Sure, some would call this help, but we must define what help really is. Is being a scape goat for someone every time they make a mistake helping or is it not being the scape goat at all that will be the help, for no one can grow or learn until the lesson that has been set upon them has been taken. Its inevitable. No matter the case, rather you escape it or not, there is no running away from the devil within or out. Rather its in this life or the after, we all have but no choice but to fight our demons.

Patient 0Z: Sonya Blaskovic

Sonya was one of my first patients. Her hair was dark brown originally but now has gradually turned into a reddish color over the past few weeks. She weighs around 120 pounds and stands taller than the average woman. Sonya, in fact, used to be one of my students, the best to be frank. She was always so passionate about my work, more so, the works behind the human mind itself, but when her husband died to a random illness, she’d lost all hope on continuing the life she had before. I miss that joyous smile of hers.

  Although I was a scientist and didn’t believe in the morals of churches, Sonya without a doubt had a heavenliness about her that was indescribable. She’d always had such a great smile, but there was nothing, but the expression of sadness left upon her bubblegum lips.

I’d tried to get Sonya to reconsider being the specimen for my experiment, but all she wanted to do was forget the pain that was inside of her. And so, I gave her what she wanted; a new life, to be free from misery.

  I’m sure most wonder why one of my students of all people.  And to be honest, I still to this day don’t know how I could’ve gone on with it, but somehow I did. It’s hard to explain it. You could say Sonya had something special about her that I couldn’t deny would be beneficial to the test. However, I wasn’t sure what that benefit was.  Then again, there couldn’t have been a benefit at all towards the motivation of my madness. Maybe the real truth was that I loved her and that I couldn’t stand to see her hurt. We’d had a few scandals or two, but never did she love me like she loved her husband.

  It was mostly hypocritical now that I think about it. I mean, woman loves her husband but isn’t to afraid to spread her legs to another… Right… Maybe I’m going too far on that but would I be wrong for saying it? At the end, maybe what Sonya was really feeling was guilt and regret, and well… that’s enough to stop anyone in their tracks for a lifetime.

It’s already been a month and I can see that Sonya’s mind is incredibly responsive to voice tone and facial expression. Its like she can read my mind now. Its undoubtedly remarkable, but I’d be a fool to say that I wasn’t afraid. Nevertheless, today is the day we take off our gloves and put her skills to the test.

 I’ve managed to get everything in order, I just need to do one final test. You know… so she doesn’t kill anyone, me, or something else, or me, I already said that right. Right… I should get on with it then.

“Sonya. Hey Sonya, can you hear me? It’s David. Give me a nod if you can hear me?” I asked.

Sonya nodded.

“Okay. Good, good. Now, how many fingers am I holding up?”

I was hoping that she’d raised 3 but she did five instead. How did she know I had 2 fingers from behind? I had to ask.

“Sonya, how do you know I have 5 fingers up?”

Sonya then pointed to a small mirror from the corner of the room. It was far. Had to be at least 30 feet out, which meant that not only was she highly aware of her surroundings, her eyesight was out of this world. Not human, to give it a better definition. There was more test I could’ve done but at this rate I felt she’d passed them with flying colors. Once Sonya was dressed. I stated to her the mission at hand and had her repeat it.

“Mission at hand. Break into Area 51. Mission highly dangerous. Must retrieve any evidence or secrets that are being held by our government that the people should know. Avoid being seen but if seen do what must be done, however, this must not be by death,” repeated Sonya.

It was perfect, but I wasn’t sure if I liked the grin Sonya had given at the end. It was a little disturbing. Like she thought it was all a joke or something. But we didn’t have much time. It was now or never, and our best shot at getting what we needed.

  Oh, the possibilities. It made me drool like a English Mastiff. But any scientist would’ve if they knew what obtaining this type of information could mean. It could change the world as we know it, more so, how we live our lives and view one another. If we only understood how unique but similar, we all are then maybe, just maybe the world would be a better place. And what world could be such, if all we are told day in and day out are lies or the things our sp-called leaders think we want to hear. Its all assumption and all an ignorant mans fantasy island that needs to be dealt with. And my sweet Sonya will be the key to this.

Not long after Sonya had made it inside. I stood by speechless as I watched. I’d never though that we would be able to get as close as we did. All the stories ive heard of men disappearing. Some of the best trained soldiers in the world, that of which were never to be seen again. I feared I’d never see Sonya again, but she was again, something else. Still can’t believe my experiment worked. And if your asking what the hell that was, well… I’d have to tell Sonya to do what I’d distinctly told her not to do if you catch my drift.

“Hey! What the fuck are you doing in here? Who let you in?” shouted a man from out of the blue.

Sonya stood by with her silk red dress as she waited for what I believed was my cue. We’d slipped up. I should’ve scoped out the area more. The mission had been compromised.

“Lady I don’t know what kind of party you think this is, but I’m not in the mood for any fooling around. I’m going to count to 5 and if you don’t answer my question then your pretty sweet ass is going to be on the pavement there. 1, 2…” the man counted.

“I’m sorry to startle you sir. You see, I was told that someone was getting married soon. I believe that his name was Baker, Tony Baker,” said Sonya as she batted her luscious eyes.

The man had lowered his weapon. And I had lowered my breathing. When the hell did she learn to speak again? You know… by herself, without me telling her what to say.

“Shit! Yeah, I forgot all about Tony’s thing. Yeah, I can lead you to where the party is being set up. It’s just right up these steps and to the left room over there. But, of course, ladies first. Wouldn’t want you to fall without someone catching you,” said the man with a perky smirk.

Sonya went up the stairs and as she did, the man watched with every swing of her ass and hips, licking his lips like a rattlesnake. Before they’d reach the top the man had put his hands in his pants and pulled up what I knew was his penis behind his belt. It was the typical hide away for a man’s erection so I couldn’t blame him. But still, he was a fucking pervert at best. And whatever he was up to, it didn’t look good for Sonya.

  Sonya and the man went inside the room so I’d lost visual of them momentarily but could still hear everything pretty clearly. You could say that the room wasn’t quite the room Sonya was told.

“So, I know its Tony’s bachelorette gift, but you don’t mind if me and you have a little fun do you?” said the man as he wetted his lips again. “I promise I don’t bite… hard.”  

“Sure, what would you like to do?” asked Sonya, quickly.

All I heard after that was the sound of the man unzipping his pants. But then out of nowhere, I’d heard the glass breaking and chairs being moved. What the hell did I put Sonya in?

But then it got quite again after few grunts and gasp for air. I’d feared it was the man hitting his climax… The door then swung open and out came Sonya unharmed. She’d looked no different then from the time she’d gone in the room.

“Sonya! Are you okay? Did he hurt you?” I asked, concerned.

Sonya shook her head and smiled. But on her way back down the stairs another soldier appeared. Before the man could even pull up his gun Sonya had disarmed him almost at the snap of a finger and then snapped his neck with little effort. It all happened so damn fast.  

“Sonya! What did… What did you just do?”

“What was necessary professor,” said Sonya, with a grinch like smile.

I’d zoomed in on the man’s badge that she’d just killed and nearly shit myself by the last name Baker. I thought Sonya had just been tricked into having sex. After all she did just guess the name of the bachelorette…  But there the man was cold as ice on the pavement with no life to tell his future wife that he loved her.

By the time the day was over, Sonya had destroyed the wholel entire Area 51 facility. I haven’t heard from for nearly 2 years now. But I have a lead, I just need to ensure that they want harm her. If so, then it might just be me who might become the killer.

To be continue

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