In Wolfs Clothing (Part 2)

“Why did you do it?” asked Johnathan, gritting his teeth.

Bram looked at Johnathan with humor in his expression. He’d found it all so funny because it was a dumb question to ask a man of his stature. Afterall, he was murderer. A bad man. And a nasty wolf with a blood lust. If there was any reason, he’d done it, it be for the sere pleasure and power he’d gotten from it.

“Say something you bastard!” shouted Johnathan.

Fiona looked at Johnathan with amazement. As massive Bram was, Johnathan still had an even stronger aura around him that she couldn’t comprehend. And she’d known that Bram could see it too. Although, Bram wasn’t one for shying away from a challenge, especially one that he started.

“Ha! Adorable,” laughed Bram. “Such a pup, yet, you bear fangs as if you were a pack leader or something. Do you even have a pack?”

Johnathan remained silent.

“That’s right, I forgot. I killed the only pack you had,” chortled Bram.

Before another word was said, Johnathan then charged at Bram with all his might and hatred. And they’d clashed together as if they were two gorilla’s fighting in a test for strength, but unfortunately Bram did not move a muscle. He was like a brick wall but thicker and stronger.

“Is that all you got boy?” laughed Bram.

“Leave him alone!” shouted Fiona, lunging for Bram’s neck with her long claws.

But within an instant Bram had both Johnathan and Fiona by the neck like the undertaker himself, as he’d choke slammed them both onto the concrete floor.

“Umm… so sweet,” said Bram, with his eyes rolling to the back of his skull as he licked Fiona’s wound. “I think after I’m done killing the boy, I’ll make you my wife.”

Cocking it back as best she could Fiona had spit a wet one right into Bram’s eyes. Surprisingly, Bram did not blink. For someone so violent, Bram was surprisingly calm, and as still as mannequin.

“What do you plan to do?” asked Johnathan, as he struggled. “Why kill your own kind!?”

“Ha! Own kind?” said Bram. “Tell me boy, just how much do you know about the royal bloodline of a werewolf?”

“I know enough. I know that we can turn into a full wolf and that you’re jealous of it and tried to eliminate that difference we had. You’re practically insecure as fuck,” smiled Johnathan, spitting in Bram’s face.

Again, Bram didn’t blink an eye. But in that moment Bram’s eyes had changed for the worst. Just when Johnathan and Fiona felt that he couldn’t have gotten any darker in his soul, he’d do so now. With frustration Bram through Johnathan like a rag doll over to other side of the room, as he’d been impaled to rusted pipe sticking out on the wall.

  Johnathan had felt a sharp pain in his side. He could taste blood in his mouth. And for a slight moment he could’ve sworn that he’d seen the grim reaper himself, but at the end it was only Bram. Although, Johnathan had considered if Bram was really such—a reaper in wolfs clothing.

“You have no idea do you boy?” asked Bram, shaking his head. “She didn’t tell you, did she?”

“Tell me what? That you’re an abomination,” smiled Johnathan coughing up blood onto the floor.

“Smart ass…” said Bram, annoyed. “But I guess I’ll tell you before I finish you off. You know, it’s the least I could do for your what I did to your family and all.”

“Go fuck yourself,” shouted Johnathan.

“Bram no!” shouted Fiona.

“Shut up witch! And let me and the pup here have a man to boy talk,” snapped Bram.

Fiona shivered in the background. She wanted to get up and claw out Bram’s heart if she could but realistically, she was dreaming. Bram was indestructible. He was a monster.

Bram Continued

“You see boy, your parents were murderers as well as the others who were of royal blood. They slaughtered all who wasn’t royal for one reason, and one reason only,” said Bram.

“No! You’re lying! My parents were good people!” shouted Johnathan.

“Oh…” said Bram. “If so, then why hide such a secret from you all this time.”

“It was… It was to protect me!” shouted Johnathan, unsure.

“Don’t be so naïve boy. The truth is that your parents got their hands dirty trying to establish their dominance over a race that was slightly different from them. And well…they just couldn’t back up the repercussions that came with it. They couldn’t hide from it, neither could your brother who helped them. But if there was anything they could hide, it was you. There last hope. Although, not much now from what I’m seeing.”

Johnathan hung on the wall like a poster, contemplating the life that he had. His whole body felt numb.

 All the pain had gone away. Yet, the pain that did linger was the very pain in his heart. It had never gone away. In fact, it had been there since the time he’d left his night class, depressed by a world that he felt never accepted him. Tears ran down Johnathan’s face. He was speechless.

“This is it…” whispered Johnathan. “This is it for me…”

“Any final words?” said Bram with a sharp grin.

But then something ignited in Johnathan like a wildfire. Out of nowhere Johnathan burst out in a psychotic ball of laughter. And Fiona could feel her heart suddenly drop into her stomach.

“Johnathan…” she whispered, worried.

Pulling himself off the wall Johnathan had laughed even harder, as instantaneously his wound would close.

“What the…” said Bram, stepping back.

“What’s wrong old man,” said Johnathan, as his body slowly transformed. “I’m just a pup right.”

“Old… Old man! I’ll show you!” shouted Bram, taking a mighty swing and Johnathan’s head.

But before Bram had realized it, Johnathan would be right behind him, guarding Fiona like an overly aggressive pet chihuahua.

“Incredible… So, you’ve managed to obtain your full form I see,” said Bram with a blank expression. “Won’t matter though. You forget, I’ve already seen that form from your family and many more, and still, they didn’t have what it took to take me down.”

Between Fiona and Bram, a full wolf stood. Its eyes were as gold as the sun, and its fur coat would be as beautiful as a lion’s mane, yet, almost striped like a Zebra. Johnathan was now double the size that he originally was, but still, Bram wasn’t fazed one bit by it.

“Well come on then!” shouted Bram. “Show me what you got you little shit!”

Little did Bram know that when Johnathan clashed against him it would be different than before. For once, Bram had held a fear in his eyes that he’d never felt. He could feel the stamina in his muscles depleting more and more as he’d struggled to hold Johnathan back.

  Quickly Johnathan pulled away and paced around Bram like any predator would stalk its prey. And the more he’d done so the faster he’d get.

“He’s so fast…” whispered Bram, to himself. “I can’t see a damn thing…”

“What’s wrong Bram, wolf got your tongue,” smiled Fiona, still hurt.

“You shut your bitch!” shouted Bram, with rage. “That’s not even how the saying goes. Enough of this!”

Bram then let off a massive howl that the whole city of Seattle could hear. In the matter of seconds, it would sound like a stampede from above. There were screams, shooting, sirens and all.

“What did you just do…?” asked Johnathan, shocked.

Bram grinned sharply.

“Oh, I just called for a few friends. But those who don’t have a pack wouldn’t understand,” he laughed.

“Johnathan! Finish him now! Before…” paused Fiona.

It was too late. Before Fiona could finish her sentence four more werewolf’s just as massive as Bram had come down to greet themselves. It was like looking at five demons in the dark. If one had ever lived to see such.

“Allow me to introduce my pack,” said Bram, with cockiness. “This is…”

“I don’t care who the fuck they are! All my life I’ve had to deal with shitty people not accepting me, my families gone because of you, and well… you see I don’t have anything to lose at this point. So, forgive me for not giving any fucks!” shouted Johnathan.

Fiona was still so speechless by Johnathan. He was so young, so new to his form, but as she glared at him with her cherry eyes, she could see that the boy was no boy but a young man. And one with a nasty temper.

“Ooooo I like this one,” said one of the werewolves. “Oh, Bram can play with him please?”

The werewolf was much shorter than the other four and the only female, but one would be a fool to take her lightly. She had scars all over her body and a set of teeth that would make a great white shark swim away.

“No,” said Bram. “I will make proposition to the boy first, and if he doesn’t accept then he’s all yours. But for now, tend to your sister’s wounds. Me and her will be married soon enough.”

“M-married but…”

“No buts! Just do it Reyna,” growled Bram.

Johnathan looked long and hard at Fiona and the other female werewolf. They had the same eyes, same snout, same facial features. They’d almost be twins if the other wasn’t so scarred and deformed.

“Can’t believe this shit, I’ve always been there for him, me,” snarled Reyna.

“Reyna, why do you stand by him, Bram’s a monster,” said Fiona.

“No sister, if you only knew who the real monster was, then you wouldn’t be talking to me,” said Reyna. “Just shut up and let me do this before Bram gets rid of us both.”

“He’d be doing us a favor,” said Fiona, Sarcastically.

While the two sisters caught up, Bram and Johnathan’s conversation continued.

“Now, where were we? Yes, that’s right. So, here’s how this is going to go. You can either join my pack and Fiona marries me or you can die and Fiona well… still marries me,” laughed Bram.

Johnathan smiled.

“Oh, I didn’t think you out of all would find such so funny,” said Bram.

“Well, it’s only funny because I think you and I both know the answer to my choice,” said Johnathan.

It was true. Bram did know Johnathan’s answer all along. However, Johnathan did not see why’d he even asked. Johnathan’s paws claws were slowly receding. And his eyes were getting dimmer by the minutes wasted standing and talking. Fiona had told him everything about werewolves but the one thing that she’d forgot to mention was how long one can stay in their form.

  Unlike those of royal blood, Bram’s kind can stay in their form for as long as they want. And for some, they’ve been wolves for so long that they’ve forgotten their human form, which was most of Bram’s pack. As many times that they’d tried to convince Reyna, she’d refused. She loved her human form because at the end, it was the only time she could no longer be reminded of the scars she’d gotten for her crimes.

“Okay then, it’s settled then. Boys if you will,” said Bram.

“Our pleasure boss,” said the werewolves.

“Hey! I thought he was mine?” asked Reyna, frustrated.

“I’m sorry Reyna but right now I need you and your sister by my side. Can you do that for me?” said Bram, with seducing eyes.

“Of course, Bram, anything for you,” drooled Reyna.

But Fiona wasn’t leaving without a fight. She’d taken all the strength she had left and lunged at Bram’s neck one last time, but before she could reach him Reyna would knock her into next week. There on the floor Fiona was unconscious and carried off into the dark. Meanwhile, Johnathan would be held back by the other three werewolves.

“So, let us introduce ourselves aye. My name is Majora, the one to my right is Link, and the one to my left is Zelda,” said the werewolf.

“You’re kidding me… Like from the video game?” asked Johnathan.

“What video game? What’s he talking about?” asked Link.

“Don’t know, but sounds cool,” said Zelda.

“Jesus…” whispered Johnathan, shaking his head. “This might be easier than I thought.”

Out of nowhere Majora took a sharp swing at Johnathan’s side but luckily, he’d dodged it in time.  But then Zelda would attack and then Link. They’d all kept striking at him until he was too tired to fight back.

“Ugh oh,” said Majora. “Aye boys, I think he’s getting tired.”

“Then let’s finish him off already, I’m starving,” said Link.

“You’re always hungry,” chortled Zelda

“Shut up!” shouted Johnathan. “I’m finishing this in one move.”

“Oh, and just how are you going to…”

Like lighting Johnathan had flung past Zelda and Link, slitting Majora’s throat. Both Zelda and Link trembled as a pull of blood formed by their feet. Although, Bram was the pack leader, in Link and Zelda’s eyes Majora was their leader. And like with any pack the one who kills the leader, shall become the leader. Johnathan had seen it in the movies but took a wild guess to maybe that’s how it would be for them too.

  Slowly both Zelda and Link walked over to Johnathan as he returned to his human form.  They’d both bowed their heads, as their tears dripped to the floor.

“We are in your command,” said the two, weeping like scared puppies.

“No,” said Johnathan. “Both of you stand up. I want you to be your own person. Don’t rely on me or others. For once in your life choose the kind of person you want to be, not what Bram or I want.”

Link and Zelda looked at each other confused, yet, relieved all in one. They’d never felt joy before, but they could feel it now. Like being reborn. A second chance at life. They both then nodded at one another.

“We want to help,” they said.

“Okay… where is Bram taking Fiona then?” asked Johnathan.

“He’s taking her to the space needle,” said Link, quickly.

“Yeah, Bram said something about there being a beacon for all werewolves,” said Zelda.

“What do you mean beacon?” asked Johnathan.

“Well just like you were the last hope for your family,” said Link, carefully. “The space needle is like a beacon of hope for Bram. Said something about it having special powers.”

“Yeah, he also said he needed a bride and that he would need to sacrifice that bride in order to…”

“Shit! We gotta go!” shouted Johnathan.

As Johnathan made his way to the space needle, the other two would follow. Surprisingly, they’d remembered their human form after all. Although, walking to them was like walking for a newborn it seemed. Nevertheless, the closer they’d approached the space needle, all Johnathan could think about was what the hell was so special about the space needle? Then again, not many natives of Seattle knew the answer to that.

To be continued.

July 5th, 2020 by Patrick Starks

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