Schools for All

Manny was always told that his mind was too scattered as a kid. The teachers told his parents that he would always be behind the other kids if there was nothing done about it, but little did those teachers know that Manny would rise in unimaginable ways. Manny years later would then come back to the school he had grown up to speak with those same teachers that felt he wouldn’t make it in life. Sadly, two of them had passed but there was still one who remained. Mrs. Bumble was her name. She still sat in her same old wooden chair, as her coke bottle glasses fogged in awe of what Manny had become. Mrs. Bumble with tears of joy in her eyes then asked Manny how he had become so successful. Manny then replied:

“Because of you and the others I would have never tried so hard to be something. Yes, it hurt what you told me but sometimes the truth hurts, and well, I just wanted to say thank you for igniting the fire in me that I always had.”

Mrs. Bumble then cried a waterfall of tears and Many did as well for they had both been through so much in their years. The two hugged as if it were the last day on earth, and if it were, it would surely be a special one. A few years later after Mrs. Bumble sadly passed away and every month Manny would come by her grave to say thanks, and that he missed her.

 Manny eventually had bought his school of Dixie Elementary and changed the name to Bumble Elementary in Mrs. Bumble’s memory, and on that day Manny swore that every kid would get their chance to shine and never again was another child left behind.

Thank you for reading, hope we can all ignite the flame in one another, but maybe not in a discouraging way that Mrs. Bumble and the other teachers did lol

Cheers everyone 🙂

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