Swimming with Sharks

Vella swam with the sharks to show that she would not be afraid of the world anymore, and not a shark had touched her. Instead, she showed the sharks the very things that they needed to change about themselves, and so, the sharks never attacked another human again. The only problem was that when Poseidon had showed up to get the sharks help in a war they were having, the sharks would tell Poseidon that their violent ways were over for they did not want to see the same happen with their own children, but still, Poseidon  went into the battle without the shark. Poseidon then later came back with the shocking news that everyone had settled their differences. All that he heard from above were cries and laughter. It was then Poseidon had turned to VIlla and asked her how she changed so many minds. Vella with the bright smile that she had then said: 

“When people feel pain, when they see tears, when they feel love and laughter, that child-like part of them comes out again making them innocent. Therefore, eliminating the hatred in their hearts. I just made myself vulnerable that’s all. ” 

The question is, how many of you are willing to expose your heart so that another may feel again? Most importantly do you believe that is what the world is missing? Could the world use something else? 

Hope you all enjoyed this short! 🙂

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