Diamonds Are Forever

Some say that when you are a kid, you absolutely know what you want to be, but little did those people know that no one knew what they wanted to be exactly. In fact, if they were to look at themselves today, what they are doing now would not even be what they originally had thought of. Although, to be fair most job positions today did not exist until today. So, who could have guessed it?

However, this would not be the same for Liana Snow. From child to now, Liana had always dreamed of being one of the worlds best ballet dancers, which she was. But unfortunately, it did not last long for age had eventually caught up with her, but still Liana did not lose hope.

She tried out for many auditions, but none would take her at the age 62. No matter how good she was they had still turned her around, but then she found another tryout where she would be somewhat accepted. It was the last one in Seattle that would give her a chance.

“Is she the instructor?” said a little girl.

“No, but she was once one of the world’s greatest ballerinas,” said another young girl.

One of the young girls in the room then made their way between the other two and would be disgusted by it all. The girl was tall for her age. She had shiny black hair and eyes to die for. She did not smile much which was sad because it really would have complimented her eyes. It was the only reason in her past ballet competitions that the judges never gave her a ten, but nines across the scoreboards, which was all she really needed to win every competition she entered.

“You’ve got to be joking! I swear some old geezers really don’t know how to let us young people have our moment, and she surely is not going to take mine,” said the girl.

Right before the young girl gave Liana a piece of her mind, one of the judges had walked into the room.

It was a woman. She looked to be about the same age of Liana, but far taller than expected. Ballerina’s just were not known for being tall, not like models, but the woman stood at least 6 foot tall and bare footed too. In her hand was a vente Starbucks coffee, with her name crossed out four times because the Barista could not get her name right. Her name was Róisín Deville, but the barista had kept calling her raisin, which most would have probably done, and sadly they would regret it.

Stressed for time Róisín, gathered everyone together to begin the auditions.

“Alright everyone! We do not have much time! Please line up and put your backs against the wall until I call for your name. When I call it, please state why you are here. Also, you may call me Ms. Róisín,” she said, and not one person had dared to repeat it.

Liana went over and stood by with the others and waited for her name to be called yet felt a bit nervous. It appeared that the young girl staring at her from before had never taken her eyes off her. Yes, Liana was older and more superior, but something about the young girl had reminded her of herself in her prime. Without a doubt the young girl had a fire in her eyes.

“Okay let us begin shall we! Can I get a Cindy Velvitto,” said Róisín.

One of the girls had stepped forward. She was like a barbie doll. She had golden hair and big blue eyes and of course, a dress that symbolized that she saw herself as a princess, but little did she know she would not be the only one that felt like this in the room.

“Hi, my name is Cindy. I am eleven and a half years old. I like ballet because momma said all princess had to learn ballet so that one day, they can meet a handsome prince,” said Cindy.

 Now, Róisín everyone knew was the Cruella Deville of ballet, and there would be no surprise to anyone that they would be her dalmatian’s, but for the first time ever Róisín’s grinch-like ways had been suppressed by adorability. Yet, a few of the others in the room found it to be funny, for Cindy was no different than the kids that still believed in Santa at her age. She just had not grown up yet, but at least Liana could agree with Róisín that the little girl was precious. Liana even felt a little guilty going against something so adorable, but Ballet was all that she knew, and she would do all the way until she was 6 feet under.

“Alright! Settle down, that is enough chuckling back there! Ms. Velvitto, thank you for being the first to introduce yourself. You can sit over there, while I call the others,” said Róisín.

“You can just call me Cindy,” smiled Cindy, as she skipped to the other side of the room.

While her heart melted, Róisín would have a slight twinkle in her eyes, but it would later fade as the auditions needed to begin, for she had other things to do. Like, life stuff, I guess.

“Okay! Let us continue! May I get a Sunny March!” shouted Róisín.

By everyone’s surprise Sunny was not what they had all expected. Sunny was a boy, yet not handsome but beautiful, which just was not what boys or men were typically classified as. You either got handsome, cute, hot or sexy, but Sunny was just beautiful. It was obvious that he was a boy by his slouched over stance and buzz cut but his eyes were like nothing anyone had seen before. They were like a Greyish-neon color. His skin was golden brown with not a hair or scar to show. As the saying goes, he was as s smooth as a baby’s butt.

“You are Sunny March? Interesting… So, what is it that made you a boy partake in ballet?” asked Róisín, and she wouldn’t be the only one that was eager to hear Sonny’s answer.

“My mother did ballet. She was one of the best. Ny father wanted me to play Soccer, also known as football, but something about the way my mother danced made me want to be just like her. It was like watching an angel dance, which I am sure she is now… Mom taught me all she knew before she died. So, to honor I dance so that the memory of her never fades. My father hated it at first but once he saw me dance all he could say is that I am my mother’s son and that he was proud of me.”

The whole room stood speechless and sad by Sonny’s story. It was beautiful and such a noble thing for a boy his age to do, for most men would not have given it much thought.

In the back of the room a man that looked just like Sunny, but the handsome version sobbed. Sunny waived at the man and the man waived back with tears of joy. His father also had made a promise, in his wife honor to always be by their son’s side.

“Wow… I am must say that this room is leaving me speechless. Sunny you need not to say anymore. Please, take a seat by Ms. Velivitto,” said Róisín.

“You can just call me Cindy,” shouted Cindy from the corner. It was apparent that she did not like being called by her last name.

While Sunny went to sit by Cindy, Róisín would finally call for Liana.

“Is there a Liana Fillet!” shouted Róisín.

Liana then stepped forward nervously. She had already shown the world what she was made of but now she would have to show the world that she was not some washed up ballet dancer. She had to show the world that she still had it.

“I thought that name sounded familiar,” said Róisín. “Are you here to help me judge? Surely, you are not here to compete amongst these children.

Liana was embarrassed to say. If she had it any other way, she would have avoided the situation. However, the moment was a desperate one.

“I am here to compete with these children. I have been rejected by so many because of my age but I refuse to quit because ballet is my life and all I know. These children are wonderful, and I see so much potential in them all, but I am not ready to give up my torch just yet,” said Liana, proudly.

Róisín had a blank expression on her face. She was… annoyed. She felt Liana was being selfish and greedy. She had to be stopped.

“Okay then, if you think you can still run the show then show me what you got,” Róisín.

“I’m sorry,” said Liana confused.

“You heard me. I said show me what you got, as in you and I are about to have a dance off,” said Róisín.

While the children stood amazed by the aura between Liana and Róisín, Liana would step forward with no hesitation and show Róisín all she had.

To be continued.

Thank you for reading 🙂

 Let me know what you think I would be happy to hear from all of you one what is a passion you will never let go 🙂   

Hope you all enjoy! Happy readings my friends! 

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