The Cleanse

Adrian Ladonis was your typical garbage truck man. Or how most would announce him, your favorite neighborhood garbage man. Adrian was never late and always efficient. As soon as people’s trash was filled, he would be right there, but on a stormy day in Seattle it had all changed for the worst. Adrian’s boss had told him a thousand times that the day was done but still Adrian continued working as he needed the money more than anything. His family was struggling financially and had just lost their home months ago, where they would now be living out of a hotel that seemed as though they were spending way more than what they did with their home.
His wife had been laid off at a job she had worked for 13 years and their daughter well… had been going to the hospital more than what they thought she would. Every day Adrian woke up wondering if he would check on his daughter and she would not be breathing. It was haunting but was the one thing that motivated him to keep going.

Finishing his last job Adrian was on his way to bring the truck back and he was so tired that he could barely keep his eyes open. Yet, a slap in the face or two was enough to get him there and back to the hotel he had hoped. But then just 5 minutes away from the base, Adrian would encounter a drunk driver on a bridge that had seen better days. Both Adrian and the drunk driver swerved away from one another both driving themselves off the bridge. Sadly, on that night Adrian had drowned, along with all the trash he had collected, but while he was hundreds of feet under water, he saw a slight glimpse of a woman that was so beautiful he thought that maybe it was heaven he was headed towards. The woman’s hair was solid green and her skin looked as if it was made of wood.
Before he faded, Adrian only heard a whisper of the woman. It sounded something like:

“It is all up for you to make the world a better place Adrian. I deem you my new Knight.”

Adrian had then faded off but would later wake up on a Alki Beach naked, and a completely different man
Thank you for reading and hope you all enjoy this series I am working on and more to come 🙂

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