Everyone struggled through the pandemic. Lost jobs, lost loved ones, lost dreams and hopes, but who would have thought that there would be a hero to come and save the day. Most anyone ever heard about a hero was from comics, but nothing was fictional about the “Dreamcatcher”. Some say he just came out of nowhere like a knight in the night in the streets of Seattle. Of course, the first thing cops wanted to do was arrest him, but many described him as an illusion or some sort of dream as they could not remember ever encountering him physically.

Nevertheless, while the world watched as grown men in governments behaved like children and played with people’s lives, there was a young man named Matox that could not sit and watch it any longer, as many could not. With his father slowly dying in the hospital who could…Due to the pandemic Matox had lost his job at the comic bookstore he worked at for nearly 4 years. Maybe it was best, he thought.  He did need to find a better job but helping his father with medical bills would now become more stressful.

In his wallet Mattox pulled out a picture of his mom and wondered what she would do in this situation. She had been gone for 7 years, but her smile still felt like yesterday Sunday Morning. Around Matox’s neck was the same dream catcher his mom had given him before she passed. Tears dripped down the sides of his face like rivers as he squeezed it tightly. He remembered what she had told him about dreams, and if you catch one, make the best of it that you can for not everyone catches theirs. Although, he still did not know what that dream was or his purpose in life.

But at that moment something strange changed that. The rain poured profusely, and the dreamcatcher around his neck began to glow of green. Before he could take it off Matox had blacked out, but in his dream would be greeted by an old man he only saw when he was a child. The man had long dark hair and feathers within it that looked to have come from an eagle. The old man as well had a dream catcher around his neck, but instead, it was tattooed onto his body. No doubt about it, it was his grandfather.

The old man then spoke.

“Come here young Dreamcatcher,” he said.

Thanks for reading everyone! This a comic series I am working on, hope you will enjoy it 🙂 Also the 2nd picture was a 3d model of the Matox’s head[phones i am currently working on 🙂

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