Dark was not like any other angel. In fact, most thought him to be a demon of some sorts, yet Dark did not have an evil bone in his body. His smile was just as bright as the sun filled clouds and his eyes would be as grey as the moon. On his back two black wings flapped casting down a shadow that blotted out the sun, which for the most part was why he had come off so dark in appearance, for barely the slightest bit of light touched his body.
No one knew where Dark had come from. Some angels had even asked the higher power who they still had not seen face to face who Dark was, but all that they would get in return was just as the humans did—subtle whispers in the wind. Little did any of them know that Dark had wondered the same. Was he really the monster everyone said he was? Or was he something special?
Eager to find the truth, Dark would then jump down to planet earth for answers, ironically to find that the darkness that he was told to be was somewhat spread throughout  humanity. Rather his feet had touched the soil or the clouds he felt judgement, but just when he thought that there would be no hope for anyone, an angel like himself would appear who would enlighten him on the truth about not just the planet he stood. but the biggest war anyone has ever known to face–HH ARC. 

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