The Unfortunate Events of Moonlight City

Deep in the brinks of downtown Seattle, clubs and bars were built nearly around every street corner. And when the skies were dark and grey, drunken men and women would parade down the streets as if they had just turned 21 years of age for the first time, but, little did any of them know that the true parade of Seattle would be right underneath their stilettos and Stacy Adam shoes.

Not many people were aware of Seattle’s Underground city, even the fact that it was a train station at one point, but even though it was underground, some had still found some use for it. In fact, a use for a new purpose it seemed. A purpose that would benefit the ones who lived in hiding for what was a few centuries now. Most of the  locals called it “The Moonlight City,” for the only way to really see it was at night when the moon razed.  

  Moonlight City was the one place where all who were native to the land of Seattle s came to claim what was rightfully theirs.  Although, not many within the native group knew what that was anymore, as it had been plotted for so long, and without any progress made.

Then again,  if anyone did know it, it  would be the Chief and his daughter Kasha for they had more reason to want such in the first place, but before that can be explained let us first start off in the heart of Seattle.

Part 1:

High up at the top of a skyscraper a man named Winston Clark sat, staring at the ocean thankful for everything that he’d accomplished. Behind his chair was a picture of two beautiful little girls and a wife he still did not understand how he got. His wife was radiant, fit, humorous yet serious when need to be. It was just the opposite of what he ever felt himself to be. In fact, Winston over time had grown to be more reckless it seemed. Winston was something like a blob of grape jelly, wrapped up in a nicely tailored suit, which had taken the tailor hours to fit around him. The tailor had always dreaded the day that Winston had come in, but the man had money, and well… in the city of Seattle it was money that had always done the talking.

Without a doubt Winston was humbled and happy that he had such a family and so much more than the average nine to five citizen, but it was unfortunate that he was not the father or husband anyone would have thought  him to be.

Gently the door to his office opened.

“Mr. Clark… You have a meeting today at 1pm,” said a woman. “Should I rally everyone into the conference room?”

The woman  wore coke bottle glasses and smelt as fresh as an hour long  bubble bathed, followed along by the perfume of a goddess; maybe Athena herself. But whatever it was, it surely had a way of always bringing the boys back to the yard, if you catch my drift.

“Bah…. Cancel the meeting. Why don’t you step inside for a bit and celebrate with me Kasha,” said Winston, with face of arousal.

Kasha stood shocked by what she was experiencing. More so, of what she felt. She surely wasn’t the first woman in the office that Winston had made a pass at, but she’d assured herself that she would be the last if she anything to do with it.

“No. I think I’m fine. I’ll just come back at a later time for when your ready,” she said, but it was too late.

 Behind her the doors to the office had locked themselves, which made her regret the moment of ever stepping inside in the first place.

Winston then stood strong and tall with his chest out like a rooster. He was certain that this time he would get what he felt was owed to him from Kasha, which in reality was nothing.

 Kasha on shivered like an innocent little girl in the cold as Winston had made his way over to her like an horror villain would do—quietly, yet aggressive and determined. Before Kasha could do anything like scream or run to another section of the office. Winston’s arm would be placed over her shoulder as he panted slowly like a dog in heat. But… the son of a bitch wasn’t expecting what would happen next.

Within a blink of an eye Winston would be on his ass, staring at a police badge that was as gold as the Rolex around his wrist.

“Well hell if you were into foreplay all you had to do was ask,” said Winston, sarcastically.  

“Shut it you sick fuck! You’re coming with me. Just freeze and don’t move a goddamn muscle!” shouted Kashsa.

Winston hesitated to move. He thought of all the scenarios of how he could get out of the situation, but all of them ended where he would be back on his back again, followed up with a gunshot wound to the shoulder or worse. For such a typically sweet soul, as it stood, Kasha had a fire in her eyes that Winston had never seen, and it sure as hell wasn’t the “let’s make smores,” fire. Winston was both concerned yet aroused at the same time, for he’d never dealt with a woman with such strength and power until that day.

“What’s this all about?” he asked, but he knew well and plenty of what it was all about. He just wanted to hear it from her lips.

Kasha rolled her eyes and picked Winston off the ground, by the color of his buttoned up shirt

“Damn, your strong…” said Winston, surprised.

“You know damn well what all of this is about Winston. I’m taking you somewhere all sick fucks like you deserve to go!”

  It was only then Winston started to beg and plead for his life.

“You can’t take me to jail! I’m untouchable you bitch! You can’t do this to me. No… You won’t do this because I am a powerful man. I know people, lots of people who will have your life destroyed just by a one whisper from me,” he said.

“Who said that you’ll even be able to whisper after where I take ya,” said Kasha, smiling joyfully.

Winston swallowed down what was left of his  pride and then vomited back up all of his fears. In that moment, Kasha would take her Glock 17, knocking it right across Winston’s face, and all he would see after that was a blurred vision that would eventually become darkness.  And when he’d wake up there would still be darkness only to be candle lit by the eyes of frustrated souls.

Part 2:

It was one of the rainiest nights any one had ever seen in Seattle. The wind was outrageously strong, as it had blown umbrellas away from every person that held one. The streets would be so dark that none could ever tell if the ground was really a ground or if it was just a puddle of water waiting to soak their feet, more so, their socks for an uncomfortable walk to the next bust stop.

 Nevertheless, Winston would find himself in a hell he never really felt existed. All he could hear were the roars of men and woman. Angry men and women to be frank. It made him think of the vampire movie he’d always feared when he was kid. He couldn’t remember the name of the movie but somewhat remembered the director. It was something like Quentin Terento or Quentin Tertino. Something like that.

But gradually Winston’s vision would come back, revealing to him a crowd he’d never thought he would see. Everyone standing around him were filled with nothing but rage, yet Kasha stood in the middle of them all unphased by it.

“Well, well, well.  So this is the man little hawk has been talking about,” said a man with a groggy voice.

“Yup that’s the son of a bitch!” said Kasha, still filled with a dash of pissed/over it.

The man smiled. He was massive. Tall. If he were green, he could’ve easily gone as the hulk for any Halloween or cosplay event. His eyes were calm, but still held an intensity that no man had ever faced. It had surely dawned on Winston that he was no longer the Alpha in the room, then again, that had already been confirmed way before he’d been brought there, although, he refused to believe still that he’d been out powered by a woman.

“W-Where am I?” he stuttered. .

The man smiled again, this time shaking his head.

“Well, I think that’s the last thing you should be worried about. What you should be worried about is when do you start?”

Winston now had a confused look on his face. Although, he was for certain he had a pretty good idea of where the man was coming from.

“I’m sorry… What do you mean? Time for what? Start what?” asked Winston

A bell then echoed the room.

“Woops looks like we have run out of time for discussion my friend. Time for the games to begin!” shouted the man.

“What game! What game are we playing?” yelled Winston, nervously. And It was in this moment a yellow stream begin run down his leg on to the brick road he would be headed. Possibly why so many had called it the “Yellow Brick road.”

The man smiled again, but this time, would be followed by a chuckle. Eventually everyone in the room would be bursting out with laughter.

“The first game we will play is hide and go seek,” said the man, as he and everyone around him turned their backs to Winston.

“Have fun,” chuckled Kasha.

Winston stood trembling with fear. All that Winston could think of now is what they would do when they found him, but it sure as hell was something that he did not want to take the chance on. With not a thought more Winston ran like hell into the darkest parts of the underground that he still knew nothing about.. The further he’d ran the colder it seemed to get, and the more he could see a pathway highlighted by moonlight, which would wield a voice at the end of it.  

“Ahh so I see they got another one,” said a soft voice.

“Who… Who the hell said that? Who spoke? Dammit show yourself!” shouted Winston.

“Ahh and I can see this one has some spunk to him as well,” chortled the voice, softly.

“That’s it! I coming to you!”

Out of nowhere there would be a hard knock on the floor, which would cause a gush of wind strong enough to throw Winston back on his ass.

“Silence… They will hear you. You don’t want to be found do you?” said the voice.

Winston said nothing.

“Yes… that’s just what I thought. Now, follow my instructions and you will be able to get to where I am. Do not take another step without out my guidance or you will die like the rest. Now,  you need to walk forward, then slide to the left, then slide to right. After that you will do a  crisscross with your feet  and then clap your hands until I tell you to cha-cha forward.  

Winston was humored.

“You’ve got to be kidding me, right? Isn’t that supposed to be a dance or something?”

There would then be another knock on the floor, and Winston would again fall back on his ass, this time landing in a pile of something he’d hoped that wasn’t shit.

“Do you not want to be found?” asked the voice again.

“Okay, okay, I’ll do it, but this is still fucking ridiculous.”

While Winston did what the voice asked him to do, he would be nothing but frustrated with the laughter he’d heard in the background. Once he reached the end of the light, he would meet the person who’d held the annoying voice.

“Welcome Winston… Welcome to the Moonlight City.”  

Part 3: Kasha and the Gang

While Winston hid from everything he feared, Kasha would begin the seeking with her friends, but it seemed that there was a little something unusual about her on that night that her father found alarming,

 She almost seemed a little to excited about the hunt. It was as if she’d gone blood thirsty for it all, which was not what any of it was about, and surely her father who was Chief of the entire underground community would be the one to let her know this.

Kasha’s father stood about six foot two hunched over but was technically about six foot four in his prime days. His eyes were solid grey, and his skin was as bronze as a 3rd place metal in the Olympics. His chin was much more brawn that Superman or Batman could ever have, which gave most the impression that he was somewhat of a superhero. Kasha idealized her father more than anything, but once her mother was taken from them, her hatred for how the world had treated them had grown stronger by the days.

“Maybe you should sit this one out Kasha…” said the Chief.

“What? Why?” asked Kasha, confused.

Kasha’s father sighed.

“Must we do this again?” he asked.

“Well maybe if you’d start believing in me a little more, then maybe we wouldn’t always need to have these conversations. Mom would have…”

“Do not mention her name under that tone young lady!” shouted the Chief.

He’d never shown such weakness to anyone before him, but as the days turned into weeks, and the weeks turned into months and years, the Chief could no longer hold his sadness in anymore for a tear would shed down the side of his face like a melting frozen bottle of water.

“Dad… I’m sorry but you know you can’t just keep me here while you guys go out and have all the fun.”

“Kasha… You really have learned nothing have you… So filled with rage. There is never pleasure in killing another human being no matter how much you hate them. We do this because that is what must be done in order to claim back what was taken from us. It is what the heavens tell us.”

“I’ve heard nothing from the heavens, neither have I heard what they’ve done with mom, but one thing I do know is before its all said and done I will find the person responsible for her disappearance,” said Kasha now storming off in a rut. “I will have my revenge…”

The Chief shook his head with disbelief. Such a strong daughter but so mislead by the hatred that boied inside. From watching how his father died, the chief knew that hatred was only a poison that would not only eventually kill off your opponent, but as well kill you. At the end no one or nothing is victorious. The only thing that is left is just the destruction, only for the young to find a way to rebuild something that is no more.

Shortened for time the chiefwould round up the ones who would follow in his vanguard, but for some reason on that night, the Chief didn’t feel like killing at all. At the end he just wanted there to be peace again. And regardless of if the evil out in the world wanted or not. Sad to say he now felt that Kasha would want such evil but involuntary it would seem.

To be continued.

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