The Unfortunate Events of Moonlight City – Chapter 2

Part 5: The Clarks

While at home, surrounded by cops outside, Mrs. Clark waited for someone to come to her with good news about her husband’s whereabouts. She sat in her husband’s Favorite rocking chair, wondering, fearing, if her daughters would still have a father by the end of it all.

 Desperate for answers, she’d already gone through Mr. Clark office space upstairs across the hall from their bedroom. The most that she found was a bunch of crumbled up paper of writings that Mt. Clark through away. He’d always wanted to be a writer but just never had the courage it seemed to put it online for the world to see. For a man that had gotten everything he wanted and always his way, it wasn’t really a surprise to Mrs. Clark that her husband was afraid of rejection. Especially, seeing how when they first met, she was the one to make the move, but that’s a story she doesn’t even tell some of her closest friends, as she knows how even more insecure that would make Mr. Clark become.

Being the good mother that she was Mrs. Clark went to the room down the hall where her little girls slept. She opened the door quietly not wanting to wake them, for it was already hell enough trying to get them to sleep. And thankfully, they were still in fact sound asleep. She walked over to their bedsides and have them both two kisses. One from herself and Mr. Clark. A tiny shimmering tear shed down the side of her face. Mrs. Clark had already lost her father and mother in an unfortunate car crash just 3 years ago, but now she would also have to worry about no longer having her husband by her side. Mrs. Clark without a doubt had for the most of her part had always been an introvert, but not even an introvert would want such a life of no longer having the ones they love around. On the contrary, that just is the life of a human, yes.

There was then a knock on the door. Mrs. Clark again silently closed the door to her little girl’s room, but then rushed down the stairs as if her life was finally closing its final chapter of the bad and beginning a new book told by the good, with nothing but happy thoughts.

“I knew it! I knew you would come home!” shouted Mrs. Clark.

She then ran to the door with a big smile, only for that smile to be erased by a man that smelt like coffee and cigarettes. And well, Mrs. Clark was not fond of coffee, and she had the smell of nicotine.

“Good evening, Mrs. Clark… We unfortunately still have not found the whereabouts of your husband. Although, we did find some clues. Well, technically witness of what might have happened. Mrs. Clark, have you ever known your husband to associated with any foul play?” asked the cop.

He was about as tall as Mrs. Clark, which was around five foot five. He wore shades that only Yom Cruise on Top Gun would wear. He had a handlebar mustache, that he himself believed made him look tougher than he was, but this was all due to the insecurities of his height as most of his co=workers were well above six foot.

Mrs. Clark looked at the cop strangely, for she doubted he was a cop at all.

“No… I’ve never heard of such. My husband isn’t that kind of man. He’s a good man, a good father, and husband. And I really don’t appreciate you talking about him in this way. “

The cop sighed. He took the manilla folder that was in his hand and tucked it to the side, as he figured only showing Mrs. Clark what he had would only traumatize her more.

“I’m sorry mam… I want to speak anymore of this. I’m sure that your husband is the man you say is. Thank you for your time, we will continue the search for your husband and keep you updated on any changes,” said the cop biting his tongue.

While Mrs. Clark went back inside her home that looked like a gingerbread house, the cop would walk back to his car and call his coworker for updates.

“So, what did you find,” said the cop on the phone.

“Shit nothing… That woman is so oblivious to the monster her husband is.”

“Jesus… This is a waste of our fucking time. I mean, our job isn’t to help save fucking perverts and rapist. I say good reddens to what happens to the bastard,” said the cop on the phone, pissed as much as a toilet would be.

“Yeah, bastard probably has it coming. You know what fuck it. Let’s take care of this tomorrow, why don’t we head down to old Vincent’s Crusty Crab and have a few beers?”

“I still can’t believe out of all the names Vincent named that damn bar after a restaurant on a kids show?” chuckled the cop on the phone.

“Yeah, he said something about it being his sons favorite show. Fuck who knows, who cares, now are you with grabbing a brewskie or not?”

“Yeah, I’m game. See you and the boys there in about 15.”

“See you then my friend, O’Bryan out.”

Part 6: Kasha’s rage

While the chief had gone off to hunt the man Kasha had brought in, she would be literally flipping over tables and knocking down mirrors. She’d never gotten over the disappearance of her mother and she knew well that whoever it was, was still out there somewhere hiding like a snake in the tall grass.

 Kasha’s mother unlike her father really wasn’t much of the outdoors type. She was techier. In some people’s eyes nerdy. Kasha’s mother loved the city more than anyone, but little did she know what really made a city a city. Kasha’s father had tried to warn her mother time after time to not get too involved with the ones that build cities, but she couldn’t help herself. The city life was like an addiction, and once addicted to it, it’s very hard to come back to the normal life, which in fact was the life most people should strive to live, but this was Kasha’s fathers’ words not mine.

 Like most, Kasha’s mother wanted what was best for her family. She wanted the glamour, the fancy cars, the pretty dresses, the five-story houses with giant pools and manmade waterfalls pouring inside of them. What we call today, the materialistic things.

Being the best in her company, Kasha’s mother had gotten promoted to being VP. And VP of the very company Kasha currently worked for undercover. All of it meant that she would be spending a lot more time with the CEO of the company. Tagerd Scroll was his name. Labeled the sexiest man of the year at that time and most wealthy. Tagerd had it all. In fact, just what Kasha’s mother wanted, except she did not want him but what he had to be clear. Although it seemed after a few weeks of the promotion she just disappeared. Kasha suspected that maybe the CEO had something to do with her mother’s disappearance, but being the powerful man that he was, Kasha could never get as much as a few words with Tagerd. He’d never said anything to her. The only thing that he ever did was send Kasha and her father a letter and flowers giving his condolences, but it still just wasn’t enough. It didn’t even make sense because who said that she was dead, Kasha pondered. It was apparent to Kasha that maybe Tagerd or Mr. Scroll he preferred to be called was hiding something. No different than how Mr. Clark had hidden his secrets she feared. Afterall, Mr. Clark was Mr. Scrolls apprentice.

 Kasha opened her wallet and looked at the picture she had of her mother. She was radiant. Her eyes were just like Kaha’s, as caramel as the caramel in a snickers bar. Her hair even in a still pictured looked as if it was flowing like Princess Jasmines on a carpet ride. Her skin was like coffee, but after a dash of milk or half and half had been thrown into it. But her mother smelt nothing like a snickers bar or coffee from what she remembered. Her mother bared not a smell at all, which most would agree is more pleasing than having a smell at all. If you smell bad people cringe and don’t want to be around you, pf course. And when you smell good, they will complain that your perfume is too strong, or they are allergic. So, at the end the victor most likely will always go to the one with no smell, and Kasha’s mother would win that award more times than the great Quincy Jones has collected Grammy’s. Just the thought alone had made Kasha miss her mother even more.

“Mom…. Where are you? I know you’re not dead… I can still feel you, but where?” asked Kasha, with her hands trembling to continue holding the picture in her hand.

There was a knock on the door.

“Kasha… may I come in,” asked the Chief.

Kasha said nothing, but the Chief knew that she was saying yes, come in before I do something I’ll regret. It was his daughter of course, but the Chief regretted thinking that raising a girl would be so much easier than a boy. In fact, from what he’d seen out of his brother’s son and daughter, there really wasn’t a difference at all. Well, maybe how he’d approach both, but far as the work that it took to put into to both, identical.

“You all right little hawk?” said the Chief.

“I don’t know,” said Kasha, with her lips vibrating with fear and sadness.

Kasha’s tears dripped down to the floor, eventually making a small puddle underneath her.

“You know little hawk… I don’t know how I feel either. Sometimes that’s just part of being human. Sometimes we want what’s best but sometimes that ends up turning out what’s not best for us at all.”

Kasha turned around with her eyes nearly red from all the tears she’d cried.

“So, are you saying that all of this was for nothing?” asked Kasha.

“No, not at all little hawk. I believe we are on the right path, but we must be careful not to make such things so personal. All of this is not just about your mother, you know. It’s about all of us, our people and how much we thrived through these lands before it was taken by cities.”

“But… But mom loved the cities. She said that they helped us grow and evolve as humans” said Kasha, unsure.

The Chief sighed.

“Hmm… Yes and no. Yes, they have helped us evolve, but grow, not so much. We’ve managed to go the opposite route. Tainting our bodies with artificially man-made foods, brainwashing ourselves with nonsense on social medias like Tiktok. And they wonder still to this day we as a country cannot get on the same page. We have evolved our homes and our technology but have striped ourselves of our intelligence and awareness too bullshit and reality. We have become children who are in denial of the facts, in which we only seek to build a life that we want not knowing that it was already built from the time we were born. If we had the control to do as we please, we would be gods, and that is the delusion most human beings have fooled themselves in believing. Your mother did not see that the money and cars were all illusions. You are no God or superior being with such, for it can be easily taken from you, even your life sadly. That is why we are underground Kasha under the moonlight. It is so that we can be safe from all the chaos, observe it, and wait for when it is our time to guide the world into the right direction. Although, this old man has lost faith that that day will ever come for people are so stubborn of the truth they’d rather continue lying to themselves all the way to their grave, all until it is too late to see that life could have been so much simpler, so much more bliss. I see your anger little hawk, but don’t let the bad decisions of others tear down your knack for common sense,” said the Chief.

Kasha then fell into her father’s arms, embracing a lesson she never a knew. A lesson she promised herself she would not forget, but for the meantime, with her mother being gone she refused to let go of all of her rage for she knew it was the one thing that would help her get her mother back. She knew the ones that she would face would not be nice, and well, although her father disapproved such methods, she would not play nice either.

Part 7: Winston/Mr. Clark and the Unknown Man

“Dammit man! What the hell is going on? You haven’t told me a damn thing since I’ve got here” said

 Winston, frustrated.

The unknown man smiled. And his teeth would be as black as coffee.

“What is going on here sonny is that we are being hunted,” said the man, bluntly.

“What do you mean hunted? For what?” asked Winston.

The unknown man then smiled and shook his head,

“Son you can play that game with other people but not me,” said the man.

“I’m not playing a game man!” shouted Winston.

“Son, I’m not going to tell you again… You shout one more time and blow my goddamn cover, I’ll kill yah myself and leave you to the sewer rats to be finished off.”

Winston said nothing and thought about his next tone more carefully.

“Now come on son… You mean to tell me that you have no idea why you are here?” asked the man curiously.

“Nope,” responded Winston, quickly.


“What the hell, you just shouted.”

“Ah fuck off, that was a soft shout,” said the man.

‘So, you’re telling me you weren’t involved in any foul play at work?”

“Foul play… No, never. Jesus, I’m a married man.”

“Ha, if every man could use that for an excuse the doghouse or the couch would never exist.”

“It’s no excuse man. Seriously, I wouldn’t do that to my wife and daughters…”

The unknown man then looked at Winston deeply. He still wasn’t buying Winston’s lies. It had all made him feel awkward and guilty as if the lord himself was looking at him.

“Okay, okay, okay. Shit man. So, I hit on a few women at work. I don’t see the problem in that at all. Besides, my wife has just been so damn held back with emotion. She focuses on the damn girls than me. I mean if it wasn’t for my sperm, she wouldn’t even have them. Takes two to fucking tango you know. Like a little appreciation or awareness that I am around would be nice.”

The unknown man shook his head. Winston wasn’t being exactly truthful about those women he encountered.  And so, the man had stared deep into Winston’s soul once more.

Winston Sighed.

“I didn’t want to do it but Mr. Scroll. He’s a powerful man. He would have done God knows what to my wife and even worst sent my daughters to fucking Bangkok or something. I just couldn’t allow for that to happen to them. I mean, my wife and I were losing connection, but I still had love for her. She is the mother of my daughters and good mother at that. So, in exchange for the protection of my family I brought him women. Beautiful ones. One was the beautiful Native woman. She’d even gotten promoted to VP, but shit man. I feel terrible, I Haven’t seen her since. Wait… is that why…”

“Seems like you’ve been duped son. That man used you as pond and now everyone is going to think that you are the pervert that did it all. I mean, you already harassing the women at work. You were the perfect cover, Dumbass,” laughed the old man.

“Fuck you!” shouted Winston softly.

The unknown man laughed again.

“Well, I’d say the same to you but son you’ve already fucked yourself enough,” he said.

In the background there would be a bright light pulsating. It was the same from before.

“Ahh shit, enough of the small talk, we need to get moving. We will figure out how to get you out of this shitty situation somehow, but for the meantime follow me,” said the unknown man, opening a tiny hidden door. Little did Winston know that that door would lead to even more monstrous leads.

To be continued.

Thanks for reading everyone 🙂

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