Silent Gifts Part II

# Silent Gifts -PART II

Silent Hall… It wasn’t like any  town hall that I had been to. It was just what the twins had told me it was; a hall that was silent. But although it was silent, there was something beautiful about its presence, as colors burst from wall tot wall, from ceiling to floor; autumn, emerald, salmon and more, even what remained on the floor, which was almost like staring at a kids ball pit. The air was purifying in unimaginable ways and smelled of oak and honey, carried by a slight mist to cool down the warmth in the room. It was as if we were outside, but for obvious reasons this was not the case.
“Marissa, what is this place? It’s beautiful,” I said, with my eyes sparkled like a child.
But Marissa could barely smile. For as nice as a place it was, it seemed that she wasn’t really happy to be back. Then again, she never really seemed all that excited to begin with.
“This is the place where we originated…” Marissa struggled to say.  “Tristen you are zillions of stars away from home.”
My heart then fell to my stomach. What did she mean a zillion?
A few feet from us a window gradually appeared, uncoiled by the many vines that covered it. Marissa walked over to it.
“Come over here Tristen,” she said softly.
I looked at the old man and he only shrugged as always.  So much for looking for some elderly advice I.
“Look,” pointed Marissa at the window.
It was as just like she had said. Zillions of stars filled the skies. And the freaky part to it was that there wasn’t a single planet in sight. It was complete emptiness.
“W-where is the earth? Where is the moon? Where are all the other planets?” I stuttered.
The old man shook his head and awkwardly cracked his knuckles, as if he were preparing for a fight.
“You still don’t get it do you… Son, we are in a different dimension. But don’t worry, time in this dimension doesn’t move. Everything that is going on back at home is the same way we left it and will be the same when we return. You can say that we are breaking the laws of Father Time, but what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him or hurt us for that matter.”
Both the twins then grabbed my hands, pulling me away from Marissa and further down the hall.
“We don’t have the time to stand around and explain everything that’s going on. We need to get this over with now before we won’t have a home to comeback too,” said Alison.
‘Better get going kid. Time is of the…”
“Essence,” added Maria.
“Yeah, what she said,” grunted the old man. He didn’t like being corrected. Especially those who were still wet behind the ears.
“Wait!” shouted Marissa, nearly tripping on her way over to me.  “Here, take this…”
It was a poptart wrapper. It looked like the same one that was stuck to my feet when we were in class. But why did she still have it? Let alone, how did she get it? I could have swore I had thrown it in the trash.
“Wasn’t that the wrapper that was stuck to my feet in class?” I asked.
“Yeah, and I want it back. So, just make sure you comeback,”  chuckled Marissa, punching me in the arm like she always did, which I won’t deny kind of hurt sometimes.
Nevertheless, part of me had wanted to laugh with Marissa, but all the talk about me possibly not coming back was really starting to wear on me.  And to add to it, I still couldn’t let the thought of what might have happened to my family fade, but who could? Again, I never really had any friends. So, they were all that I had.
“So, are you going to bring it back or not?” Marissa repeated, this time punching me in the arm even harder.
“Okay, okay. I will. Geez, just stop punching me she-hulk.”
And now the twins Alison and Maria were laughing, which I hadn’t seen them do ever since we had all been aquatinted. They were unusual children, and their laughs were even more so. It was the kind of awkward laugh one makes when no one laughs at their joke.

I followed the twins to where they were taking me. We had gone out so far in Silent Hall  that I could no longer see Marissa or the old man or even the window we once stood by.
“Here,” said the twins, stopping in their tracks. “Good luck Tristen. We will come back to this same location in about forty-eight hours.”
“Forty-eight hours? That’s two day’s are you nuts… What the heck am I supposed to do for forty eight hours? I don’t even have any food or water.”
And then there was was silence again. The twins had gone back down to the end of the hall where they waited two days to come get me. That’s if I was even still there when they came back.  
But I couldn’t just stand there and wait. So, I decided to walk back.The further I walked the more sound of Trees brushed against one another I would hear. It seemed as though I was walking out of the hall into a completely different area. But where?
 The sad part was that if something were to happen to me right then and there all that I had was a poptart wrapper to defend myself with. What was Marissa expecting me to do, smother someone or something with it. I don’t even think a green Beret would be able to pull off such a move. Although, I definitely wouldn’t want to be the test subject to practice that theory.
“So you are the one that will save them all, hmm?” said a strange voice in the distance. It was as deep and groggy as a daily smoker.
“W-who’s there?” I asked, nervously.
The air had gotten colder all of sudden. Whomever it was that spoke they were getting closer by the seconds.
“No, my son… The question should not be who is there, but rather, the question should be is do you think you can save a whole entire world by yourself? Do you think you are more than human or do you think the limits of which you are is as far as you can go?” Said the voice.
“What are you talking about? You’re speaking in riddles! I don’t even know why I’m here. I’m just trying to get back to my family.”
It was then I felt more than the cold, but as if someone was breathing down the back of my neck, which I assume probably was the voice I was talking to the entire time.
“And that’s just it isn’t it? How much are you willing to dig deep into yourself to find your family? How much are you willing to do, Tristen?”

My heart then started to pound. I could feel nothing but intense energy course through my veins. I felt… on fire. I felt hopeless, but angered to the point where I felt I had nothing to lose. If I could be a bomb, well… that was definitely the moment for me to be one as I felt my body was going to literally explode with rage. But that was the least of my concern. How did the they know my name?
For what few words that were said, whoever it was that was speaking to me,I was growing tired of them by the seconds.

“Ah… and there it is,” spoke the voice again. “This is why you’re here. In the world that you are from this power is suppressed for many, but here there is no suppression. No limits to our gifts. No distractions. Just you and whatever you were born to be. If you don’t believe me then take a look for yourself. ”

I looked at my hands blinded by the light lied within them. Around all of my fingers were rings of blue fire. Although, none of them felt hot or cold. They felt warm and slightly heavy. Each ring I would say probably weighed as much as a smart phone would weigh.  
“What’s happening to me?” i asked. “What am I supposed to do with these?”
It was then the owner to the voice expelled from hiding. They beared a long salt and pepper beard, with eyes that looked as if they were replaced by light bulbs. They were almost blinding, but not so much as what was on my hands. Their skin was without a doubt like noting I had ever seen. It wasn’t black, white, not even olive, but almost like a dozen colors distinctively in one. Like a rainbow but much betterly  meshed.
“This is your true nature Tristen. This is your true power,” they said. “I never thought you would see it with all the doubts and insecurities you have been dealing with… as most do. But every now and then someone like you gives me a little hope that I did not fail you all.”
“Who are you? How do you know my name?” I asked.
“I am the one many pray to every night. I come in many forms. Some say I am a man, some say I am a woman. Some say that I am many gods and some say that I am the only god. So I would ask you, who do you think I am?”
The cold that surrounded me then faded back for a moment, as if I was now being observed.
“Are you telling me that you are god? The god.”
The man then revealed themselves again, but this time wielding a child like smile, that of which made me smile.
“The Almighty. Yes, this is who I am. You don’t need to explain yourself Tristen. The others reacted the same way when they first saw me. Well, then again, the twins weren’t all that surprised. They still believe in Santa clause of all people. So, of course, they would believe in someone like myself. As for the old man. Well, he unfortunately had a heart attack right on the spot, but I brought him back to life as it was not his time. And as for your girllfriend Marissa, well, she’s always been like a daughter to me. She’s been through a lot so stay close to her and do not break her heart. Or else, you will see me again.”
“Marissa isn’t my girlfriend…”
“Yeah that’s what all boys say until the day they realize that the one they held so close to their heart isn’t there anymore. On the contrary, this would be vice versa. But trust me when I say, uyou do \notwant that regret following you around in life. Plus, you two are the same. You are in alignment with one another, for you two have the same path to walk. Although… there will be tough decision to be made when you get to the end.”
“What decision? Why is it me? I haven’t been able to do anything for myself or anyone for years… Why did you choose me?”
The rings on my fingers then grew heavier and even tighter around my fingers.
Everything from the time that I saw Marissa take to the skies felt so surreal. Like something straight of a Marvel movie. And here it was that I was talking with the Almighty himself about a future that had already been laid out for me. But regardless of what the almighty had said, my family was still the priority at hand.
 I needed to know where my family was and if they were okay, and surely being in the almighty’s prescience he had to know something.  

“If you are the almighty himself, then please… tell me where my family is… Are they okay?”
The Almighty hesitated to say what I wanted to hear.
“Why can’t you tell me! I thought you cared about us! I thought you cared about human beings.”
The Almighty then turned his back with his chin pointed down into his chest, speechless for his absence in the world. Especially, for all the wars he’d witnessed throughout his many years of existence.
“You know… It isn’t easy being me…” he said. “Everyone wants things from me, but although I am a god, I am only one. That’s why I sometimes find it funny about the story behind Santa Claus. Getting gifts to every family, to every child on the planet in one day… it’s madness, but the twins somewhat convinced me how such a thing could be possible. The fact is Tristen, the thing humans have lacked to see is that they expect too much from not just me but each other. You are not gods. So, you do not have a lot of time to live waisting it away on the what ifs. Maybe for the fortunate ones that live to be one-hundred have such opportunities, but even they too have to end their story with a final chapter at some point.Yes, I am your Almighty one, but I have laws I must follow, for one without laws in place can become a wicked one. In fact having laws is probably the smartest thing humanity had decided to do for themselves. Although, I can’t see how that even works for you all now, as it seems these laws have now been taken over by those with corrupt minds.

Before in the past you all were like animals. The things you all did to each other… It was monstrous. There were some nights I stared at many galaxies wondering was I too this way. After all, you all were pieces of me. Mostly my heart. So, there had to be somewhere there where wickedness remained, but still to this day I cannot find it. I do care Tristen. I care about you all more than you could ever know, but I am not always responsible for everyones problems. Sometimes people need to learn how to resolve their own, for if they don’t they will always remain weak and never strong. You can’t all be children forever. On the contrary, you can’t lose the child inside of you either, as it is what will keep you most sane. At the end we all need to find balance. That is the whole point to this life, but oh, what a difficult task it is.”

A memory of my past then flashed before my very eyes. I remembered my grandfather talking to me about when they stormed the beaches of Normandy. The things he saw and the things people did. They were as the Almighty had put it, monstrous.
 But I knew that whatever went on then was nothing in comparison to  what was happening currently back home. It sure wasn’t the average war.

To be continued

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