Silent Gifts Part III

#Silent Gifts – Part III

The God of gods was someone I still couldn’t fathom. Although, I couldn’t see his physical form his presence alone was something indescribable. But what the god of gods mentioned to me about the skies was something I had not really taken into consideration, as most of us humans in the world at the time were in shock by all that was going on. Our world was being completely destroyed, we had all been separated from loved ones, having not an ounce of control of it, but maybe with the powers me, Marissa, the old man and the twins held could change that.
The holes in the sky… What were they? It was obvious now that the god of gods didn’t create them himself. He made it clear of that. So, if not him, then who?
“Her name is Spyra,  just in case you are wondering, but don’t go around saying that name out too loud. No one besides myself is really supposed to know it,” said the God of gods.
“Yes, that is her name and she is the one who created the very laws of nature that your kind continues to break, which is the very reason for the holes in the sky, and the very reason you all are being punished.”
“Wait… Just hold on a second. what laws did she create? I could only imagine the amount of laws humanity has broken already. We haven’t been the most caring when it comes to this planet, but still, it’s no reason to destroy us all. We can change.”

The god of gods had smug look on his face.
“Change? Tristen, you and I both know that people will not change. I have watched you all for centuries now and you all continue to destroy one another and this planet. And the sad part is that none of you know that I built this place for you all to enjoy. It was the one reason me and the other gods destroyed the dinosaurs. It was all so that you all could live in peace and free from chaos. Yet, it would seem that you are the chaos to this piece I’ve created.”

The god of gods sighed, and his sigh would be like being in the middle of a hurricane. Well, maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit, but that’s what it felt like.
 It was obvious to say that humanity had, in fact, broken more than plenty of the laws that Spyra had created, and more than what apparently Spyra or the God of gods, or any gods for that matter could bear.
“Yes, the laws…  Of course you would want to know this. One of the laws was for us gods to never internee in human affairs other than our own, for doing so would throw off the plans in which destiny had laid out for them.”
“And let me guess, this so called destiny is a god too?”
“Now you’re learning,” he said sarcastically,  as a smile appeared in the fog.

In fact, little did any of you humans know that there is a god for everything. You see, Tristen… Everyone and I mean everyone, including us gods have their own path to walk, more so, their own responsibilities to up hold. And so, we agreed to never  intervene in mankinds ways unless absolutely necessary. You all as the human race must learn your way and not be so reliant on me, Spyra, or any other god. On the contrary,  we should not be reliant on you all as well, for it is sometimes humanities cries that keeps us Gods going strong. But as I’ve told many of them, a god should be able to motivate oneself. A god should be stronger than it’s creations or the ones it protects. And so, as days went by I could see that Spyra had lost her patients with humankind, and she is the very reason for the holes in the sky.”

Everything that the god of gods had said sounded fair all up until the point of what Spyra had done. Sure, I’d already heard him say once before, but I had not given it much thought that she was the very reason I had not seen my family for weeks.
Again the rings around ion fire around each every one of my fingers would appear. I was livid, but what could a guy like me to do a god, a guy that had very little knowledge of his own power.
The God of gods then rested both his palms on my shoulder. I felt like a little child in kindergarten having he or she’s first serious conversation with an adult other than my parents. Was the god of gods going to kick me while I was down and tell me that I should give it all  up and just wait for the inevitable to happen… Or would he tell me something that what lighten my life up.
“You worry too much  my son,” he said. “And these are not the times to worry but to bring forward action.  Do not be too quick into making the wrong decisions boy…  Spyra will destroy you. If you pursue her without a plan. Calm yourself and think clearly.  She cannot be stopped alone. It will take you, your friends, and all the gifts you bear. But before this can be done, you will need to do one thing.”
“You will need to speak to Karma…” he said.
“Karma? But I thought that was just a thing. You know like, when someone does something bad to another person then the same gets done to them. An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth.”
“I think I got the idea,” chuckled the god of gods.
“Things do not just happen to people when they do something bad Tristen. There is an actual person that watches this and delivers the punishment to those who do not learn from their mistakes or at least from the things they do not see to be mistakes. And yes, her name is Karma. In fact, she is the only one of us that can intervene in human kinds path, for she is the very balance that keeps their world moving. Although…”
The god of gods paused and then  looked down to the floor beneath us. He could see nothing but worlds surrounding him, that of which I couldn’t even see until now. He gasped.
“What’s wrong? Why did you pause?”I asked.
“It’s just… Since Karma was in charge of what humanity has done. It’s possible that Spyra might have to take her frustrations out on her too. It might be too late, but still, we must try. It’s the only chance that we have left. It is unfortunate, but due to the short amount of time that we have, you will need to learn more about your gift on the go. I put faith out to the universe that you will be enough for what lies ahead. Go, reunite with your friends and may you all succeed in your journey.”
That was it. That was really it. The god of gods. The almighty himself had now left the fate of the world in my hands. But what if I wasn’t enough? How could one man do for zillions of people?  Then again, maybe with Marissa, the old man, and the twins, just maybe, we could pull it off, but I’d be lying to say that I still didn’t have my doubts.
“And if we don’t?” I asked.

It was then for the first time ever, even the god of gods himself had doubts for the future to come.
“If you don’t… Then, we are all doomed,” he said, sternly. “And no one will exist except for Spyra and the world she has always wanted to have. No more chaos. No more wars or hatred. Just bliss, silence, and peace, with nothing but the plants and animals to be her family.”
Before I could say or ask anything else from the god of gods, he would no longer be in my prescience. It was as if he was it were an illusion the whole time but the energy I still felt around me told me that that wasn’t the case. Not one bit of it.
The twins would then appear from a cloud of smoke that looked like it had come from a giant pipe. You could say that their entrance was that dramatic, and it wouldn’t be the only time I’d see it from them. But who wouldn’t want that for their everyday entrance.
“Wow, you made it… I mean, done already?” asked Maria.
“No offense, but what my sister is trying to say is that none of us have passed the almighty’s test so fast. The earliest was Marissa, which was the record breaking two days that we figured you wouldn’t beat, but here you stand.”
Marissa then ran towards me relieved.
“You’re back, you’re really back… I thought… never mind,” she paused, holding on as tight as she could to me. I thought she would never go, and I wouldn’t want her to.
“So the boy’s got just what we need after all,” said the old man, pacing from wall to wall. “This might be more interesting than I thought.”
Everyone gazed at me with amazement, but all Marissa held in her eyes was concern.
“Are you okay? What did he god of gods tell you?” She asked.
Part of me wanted to tell them that he said I was the best he’d ever seen and that I needed to go find my family, but… I just wasn’t the best liar and there was just no way I could lie to Marissa.
The old man rubbed his chin and took a seat by nearby boulder that looked fit for a king.
“Karma huh… Never thought we would have to turn to her for help. Although she is the only one who knows her sister best,” he said.
“I agree. I don’t like this idea at all. Karma isn’t exactly the kind of person you can trust. She can either come bearing gifts or bearing problems.  But if it is what the god of gods feels will help us, I won’t disagree to it,” said Marissa.

The twins however were silent. In fact, they were the most quiet they had ever been. They sat back to back on the floor with their eyes closed twidling their thumbs.
“What’s wrong with them?” I asked.
“Oh, that. You’ll get used to it,” said Marissa. “They always do that when their nervous or unsure about something. Although, when they come out of it they always have some good news. Just wait, they will be done in a few seconds, but come over here I want to talk to you in private.”
The old man smiled as if he were witnessing love for the first time.  But little did he or I know that that wasn’t what  Marissa was pulling me to the side for.
“Tristen…” she said looking to the ground. Whatever it was that she was holding in, it must have been a pretty big deal. She couldn’t even look me in the face.

 I put my arms on her shoulder gently and moved my head towards where her met the ground.
“Hey, you alright? You know you can tell me anything. I mean, I’m in no rush to get back to my family but I’m still here for you. These are hard times and we’re all going to need each other.”
Marissa’s head then fell into the center of my chest, and I could feel my t shirt get damper by the minutes.
“Your sweet you know that? But seriously. The road we’re  about to go down isn’t like going to school.  Facing Karma won’t be the most pleasant experience and getting her help will surely cost us something.”
The old man then stood up faster than what a child would do.
“So it’s settled. We are really going to see Karma aye?”
Me and Marissa both nodded.  
The twins had already opened another portal.
“This way,” they said.
“After you,” smiled the old man.
We  would all then be introduced by something I didn’t expect or what anyone would for that matter. The air felt heavy this time. It almost felt like a sauna. But the off thing about it was that it wasn’t consistent. For every few feet that we walked, it seemed even the temperature of the would change.
“What is this place?” I asked.
“It is the land between dimensions, the only place in which Karma lives,” said the twins.
“I guess that makes sense. That’s because she needs to like oversee everything right?”
“Correct And she is the only one that lives here.”
“I still don’t get it… If karma oversees everything what makes Sypyra or Mother Nature so big and mighty. How are they even sisters in the first place.”
“Well, their not technically sisters,” said the old man. “They are rather stepsisters than anything. It’s a long story, one in which I’m afraid we don’t have much time for.”
Marissa went ahead.
“Yes, we should get moving. This place always gives me the creeps,” said Marissa.
I was confused. For someone who was against the whole entire plan, Marissa sure did seem anxious all of sudden.
The old man leaned in and whispered in my ear.
“You should watch over that one, she’s been through a lot you know. I can see why she’s found a liking to you.”
“And why is that?” I asked
“Well, you could say she wasn’t always like that. She wasn’t always so, you know, loving and caring, but I won’t go into too much detail about it now. I’ll let her explain it to you when the time comes.”

Sure Marissa, was a mysterious girl, but after what the old man had told me, just how mysterious was she?
  Nevertheless, me and the old man continued to follow Marissa and the wins deeper into Karma’s home. The deeper we went into it gradually a shimmering light would make its precedence known. It was flickering as if a song were being played through it. But what song?
“There it is,” said the twins. “There is Karma’s home.”
By the shimmering light was like a floating star. No, it was a star and next to it was a giant entrance to a cave.
Thousands of diamond-like eyes rested within it. From it the air was like standing at the top of mountain. It was deathly cold.
“Welp, ladies first,” said the old man.
Marissa shook her head with annoyance as would the twins. I then stepped forward.
“I’ll go. The sooner we can resolve this, the sooner I can find my family.”
It was then the old man hadn’t smiled at all. His face was completely blank. As blank as a page for a writer that’s run out of ideas.
“This kids something else,” said the old man. “But his family…”
“Don’t,” said Marissa, stepping in front of the old man.
Immediately, he’d dropped what he was about to say.
“What-what is that?” I asked.

Once we walked in the cave in front of us would be a house. But why build a house within a cave?
The house was like any other house; triangle point at the top. White picket fence, followed by windows somewhat big enough to see what was inside. But that was impossible seeing how dark the inside of it was. 

To be continued

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