Rambo Cruel

July 16. 2022 by Patrick Starks

The crowds shook the ground for every person that had come out, and the smell of hot dogs and beer would be on each and every one of their breaths. Men in tuxedos sat front side worried about what they might lose all while women who revealed subtle parts of their bodies had accompanied them, but little did they know that the very men they came with were more interested in what was in front of them.

In a square ring with bright lights burning above two of the most ferocious women in boxing were about to go face to face and the sweat around their faces was enough to show that they had been ready for the match long before it had started. The women in the crowd sat intimidated by their greatness, however, the rest of the men who were not in tuxedo’s only drooled at the sight of their beauty. However, there was so much that had met all of their eyes.

From  the left corner of the ring was Tessa “Gaia’ Jackson. Tessa was like no other woman in boxing.  Her arms were built like tree trunks and her movement was as swift as a fallen leaf. Hence, the name she was given Gaia, which complemented her Nature-like instincts, but that was all besides the point. What Tessa had went so much further than her nature-like abilities. It was as if she was born for that very moment.
Across the ring from her was Aquanetta “Momma Bear” Thompson. Aquanetta was the oldest of the two, having about twelve years on Tessa to be exact, but one would be a fool to think that would make any difference or better Tessa’s chances.
 Unlike Tessa, Aquanetta had everything to fight for. She was the mother of three baby girls which she was left to raise on her own after losing her husband to cancer. She had always tried to get him to stop smoking, but what a man wanted to do, a man wanted to do.  Besides, could have been worse; could have been another woman, which she was thankful for was never the case.
Nevertheless, for the survival of Aquanetta’s daughters and to ensure their future was a great one, she did as many momma bears would do in the wild; she scratched, she clawed and she did everything she could to get to the very moment she had promised them she would one day be and the reward for her success-three hundred million dollars.

Tessa, on the other hand,  never really had anything to begin with. She didn’t know who her mother or father was, let alone, where she was born. All that she did know was that she was raised by nuns at The Orphanage of St. Marys.
Why her? What did she do? Why there of all places? These were all the thoughts that had came across Tessa’s mind like many other orphaned children, but luckily for all df them they would be in great hands.
  As the years went on the nuns had shown Tessa and the other orphaned children how to harness their sadness and frustration. Day by day they would all be shown the art of boxing but not necessarily American boxing, but Chinese boxing. However, once Tessa had become  a teenager she would be trained differently than all the other orphans.
Tessa would be trained by a woman by the name of Sharon Wen Zen Yip. It was only when Tessa trained under Sharon she would become Gaia and not far from Tessa’s corner Sharon would be rooting her on to show the world that although she was abandoned as a child, she still was a blessing to not only watch but to fight the great fight.

The bell then rang.  Both Tessa and Aquanetta made their way to he center of the ring. The referee looked at them both nervously. He had never seen such fire in fighters eyes before. He had only hoped that the fight would be a clean one, but with the way the crowd was roaring it was definitely about to be a long night.
“Alright you two, touch gloves…” said the referee.
Neither Tessa or Aquanetta had said a word. Their eyes were locked onto one another as good as a staring competition would be.
The two had broken away and went to their corners.
Aquanetta looked to her right and could see the stars in her three daughters eyes. It had brought her joy, but all she could think about was that joy being wiped away had she not been successful in match. She was so anxious that she couldn’t even sit down. On the contrary, Tessa could only envy Aquanettas daughters. Sure, they didn’t have a father but at least they had a mother still. In that very moment all that Tessa could think about was if her mother and father were alive , and what they had thought of her now, but regardless of Tessa’s or Aquanettas thoughts the show had to go on.
 The bell had rung again. No announcement was needed for either of them. Again, everyone who was there knew who they were. This wasn’t just a fight for the United States. The fight between Tessa and Aquanetta was without a doubt international.
 The two had inched their way to the center of the ring and already the referee was ready to blow the whistle on the first punch that was thrown. Anxious as she was, Aquanetta had thrown a straight right jab at Tessa with no hesitation at all, but Tessa was just like the tree trunk everyone had said she was. The jab didn’t faze her. In fact, it didn’t even move her, which caught Aquanetta off guard just enough to not see the return that was given.
 Tessa out of nowhere would throw a right hook and Awuaneta would stumble back to her right leg.  Half the stadium cheered Gaias name and the other half booed.

Aquanetta looked back at her three daughters again and already she could see the joy upon their faces fading. Although, it was just the fire that she needed to switch gears. Tessa suddenly found herself standing in awe. She had been preparing for this moment her entire life, but for some reason she couldn’t help but feel a slight bit of insecurity and doubt. The same of which she had when she was a child.
“Snap out of it Tessa!” shouted one of the nuns. “ Don’t let her see you sweat.”
Ironically, it was a little too late for that, but bout time they had gotten to the third round the entire ring mat would be drenched with blood sweat and tears. The bell had then rung for the fourth time. Both women were exhausted, battered and bruised.

In the middle of the round a break a strange man in a brown coat then appeared in the middle section of the stadium. He stood out like sore thumb. He was tall, weearing a fedora, shades, and black gloves. Almost something like what a hitman would wear, but minus the brown coat of course. The only person who had noticed him was Tessa, but what exactly was he there for? Surely he couldn’t have been there to watch. Not dressed like that.
But then the bell would ring and the next time Tessa looked up the man would be gone.

As time had gone on both Tessa and Aquanetta would be on their final leg  and final round. Each one of them had given their hardest punch but neither of them were willing to give up. While Tessa continued to fight Aquanetta, she would noticed the man. In the brown coat again, but this time he would be sitting right behind Aquanettas daughters.
“Hey! Keep your eyes off my babies!” Shouted Aquanetta, throwing a hard left body shot. As it landed Tessa could feel the cracking of her own ribs. She could taste blood in her mouth.
“What are you doing Tessa! Keep your guard up!” Shouted one of the nuns.  Meanwhile, Sharon Wen Zen Yip said not a word. She had a look of concern. Something was wrong. It wasn’t like Tessa to leave herself so open. About time Tessa looked back to the front row Sharon Wen. Zen Yip would be gone.
“Well, well, looks like your teacher left you high and dry, just like everyone else in your life,” said Aquanetta, sarcastically.
Tessas eyes filled with rage.
“You don’t know what you are talking about!” She shouted. “Somethings wrong… Your daughters are in….”
Aquanetta then looked over to her daughters. Her heart had nearly stopped. They were gone.
“What did you do with my babies!”
“I didn’t do anything. There was a man in a brown coat that’s what I was trying to tell you. He was strange looking and he sat right behind them.”
“Did you say a man in a brown coat? Was he tall? Did he have a fedora and black gloves?”
“Yes… who is he?”
“Rambo Cruel…” said Aquanetta with her hands shaking.

Immediately, Aquanetta then pulled her gloves off and the entire crowd would boo. She climbed through the ropes of the ring and into the steads knocking out any man that stood in her way. Tessa as well pulled hers off too. Of course, they were opponents, but right now Tessa knew better than anyone what it felt like to lose something precious, let alone, not having anything at all.  She followed Aquanetta towards the locker rooms, leaving the entire stadium empty of entertainment, lost bets, and pissed off fans..

To be continued…


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