Chase Adventure

#Chase Adventure

There was said to be a day and time where not much life existed. A world that many would say could only be found in space or another planet, but little did they all know the possibility of a world being within a world.

Far hidden within the sands of Egypt would be a piece of a land right above a sandy slope. The land was said to never be reached as it was far too steep to climb. Many had tried all sorts of ways of going about it. Some tried driving only to find themselves toppling over nearly killing themselves. Some tried flying but would later be brought down by the powers of the gods they worshipped. Some even tried digging, which before they could flee from it found themselves buried alive.  It taken nearly a week to dig them back out, which thankfully most were smart enough to carry water instead of booze in the middle of a dessert.

However, years later there would be another that would face the mighty lands challenge. An Adventurer, in fact, the adventurer, Chase Adventure. That was his name surprisingly.

Since he was a little boy Chase had always been fascinated with movies such as Indiana Jones and the Goonies. So, it was no wonder why he would be one to embark on such a mission, although, he had his reasons which will be explained later.

Nevertheless, pouring with sweat, there Chase and his assistant Gunther sat at the bottom of the hill in a busted-up jeep that rested at the bottom of the hill wondering how they would reach this mysterious land every man in the world had tried to reach.  It was hard for Chase or Gunther to think rationally of it, as they had very little water left.  Still, Chase held his water bottle up in the air for another sip, but unfortunately it it was completely empty. Only a drop had fallen out of it and about time it did it would be evaporated right before Chase’s very eyes.

It was aggravating, say the least, but that was the dessert for you. Surprisingly, Gunther seemed to be okay. It was apparent that he’d had his fill of water, which would explain them running out of it in the first place, but Chase had reminded himself of the task at hand. They could not fail. They had to reach it. After all, its what his father would have  wanted.

As the two paced around the hill looking around for an opening, right before them lied the biggest discovery of them all. A discovery so big that it would make the Mona Lisa painting look like a mere instagram photo at best.

“Sire, I think I see something… It, it looks like a Burger King,” said Gunther, with his mouth drooling.

Chase sighed.

“You’re hallucinating Gunther. There is no Burger King here. Hell, I don’t even think there is one in Egypt in general.

  Gunther then grabbed Chase’s face and turned it towards the direction he was staring.

“There is, I sear it. Look!”

Chase then finally looked.

It was as Gunther said, a Burger King, and he could already smell the whopper and fries satisfyingly tickle his nostrils.

“I… I can’t believe it,” said Chase, awed.

“Me neither, but I’m done staring!”

Before Chase could try to comprehend what they were really looking at, Gunther had already marched towards it. Chase, of course, had no other choice to follow. In his mind maybe they would learn how to get up the hill.

Slowly but surely Chase and his assistant Gunther had made to Burger King. It was surprisingly real. It looked like Burger King and smelt like it too, which made both of their mouths water even more. Without hesitation Gunther had pushed through the front door, which Chase again followed, but now wondered who was the assistant for who now, but that was all besides the point because standing in front of them would be a strange looking cashier. Their were no customers, no cooks…. Just him.

Chase then took charge and stepped forward desperate to have his question finally answered how to get up the hill. Strangely enough, the closer he got to the cashier the more nad louder he would chuckle. His laughs were something similar to a clown. However, eventually he would be standing in front of the cashier.

“Hello there…” said Chase, hesitantly as he looked at the name tag on the cashiers polo.

“Anansi, is it? I was ugh… wondering if you could..”

The Cashier then interruptingly raised his hand.

“Help you get over the hill,” finished the Cashier. “And yes, the name is Anansi, but I wouldn’t get too comfortable knowing it if I were you.”

Chase now looked dumbfounded. He looked to Gunther.

Gunther shrugged. “Well, don’t look at me. You’re the one leading this charge not me.”

Chase rolled his eyes, but at least his position of running the show was reinstated.

“So, does that mean you can help us?” asked Chase.

Anansi rolled his eyes as Chase had once done. He took the pencil out of strong dark hair that held it easily and twirled it between his fingertips.

“I will do so only if you do something for me,” said Anansi, with a wide smile.

“Yes, what Is it anything.” Said Chase.

“Like I said, I would say my name so easily, and I surely would not say that I would do anything so willingly, but if it is anything you will do for m, I ask only that you make an order.”

Both Chase and Gunther looked at one another confused. It couldn’t have been that easy, however, the man in front of them didn’t look like the joking but little did they know it was Anansi’s specialty.

“I’ll take a whopper cheese and ketchuo only. No, make that a double whopper, and I’ll take a large fry. Yeah, and I’ll take a large soda mixed with every drink you got,” said Gunther, excitingly.

Chase shook his head. Without a doubt, Gunther was like a kid at a candy store.

Anansi smiled cynically.

“And for you dear friend?”
Chase definitely wanted the same as Gunther, if not a triple whopper at best, but something about Anansi made him feel uneasy. It was as if he knew him. When he was a child Chase’s father told him about a strange man he met in Ghana. The man had promised him that he would help him become the wealthiest man to ever live, but like dealing a bad hand with an evil genie, there would be a diabolical catch to it. Chase’s father had been given the most beautiful woman on gods green earth. Together the two would make Chase, which was the greatest blessing they could ever ask for. However, Chase’s father could never find a job, he could never scrape as much as a penny to protect the family he cherished so much.

  Not long after Chase’s mother would leave his father, setting his father into a depression he had never seen from a man. Day by day, Chases father’s soul was eaten away, and on the last day of giving his last breath, he asked Chase only one thing, and that was to spread his ashes at the highest point of Eypt.  

Nevertheless, Chase looked back at Anansi suspiciously, which Anansi did not take kindly.

“Well, I guess you wont be having anything,” said Anansi, annoyed.

“No, no, no, I am terribly sorry. Please forgive my friends manners. Its been too long since we have been in this retched dessert. He would like to order something.”

Gunther then tugged on Chase’s sweat and dirt filled shirt, staring at him to the point he was ready to slap him back into reality.

Chase then gruntingly said, “I’ll take a water.”

Anansi then leaned over the counter.

“Iced?” he asked.

“Chase nodded unwillingly. “Of course.”

Anansi smiled and then went to the back of the kitchen where only himself would be. From over the counter Chase and Gunther witnessed all sorts of things flying in the air dirty pans, dirty mops from old mop buckets, and occasionally some fries, a few pattys and a handful of ice would go above Anansi’s head as well.

It had then began to dawn on Gunther if Anansi really was a cook or not. After all, he was the only one there and as much as Gunther hated to admit it, there was something awfully strange about a Burger King of all places resting in the middle of Eygypt.

The doors to the kitchen would then swing back open. Within a blink of an eye all of what Chase, more so, Gunther had ordered would be right in front of them.

Steam came off the salted fries as if it came from hell, and if hell produced such great things boy wouldn’t it have been tempting. Without a doubt, Gunther’s meal was mouth-watering. Of course, Chase had gotten his iced water, and to add insult to injury, Anansi had written Chase’s name on it to be sarcastically funny.

“Eat up you two,” chuckled Anansi.  “ Or should I say drink up.”

Chase rolled his yes.

“Haha, okay jokes over. We’ve ordered something now. So, how do we get up that hill,” pointed Chase.

Anansi leaned over the counter and rested his head in the palm of his hand. He looked at both Chase and Gunther, but more so Chase, as if he had a plan for him, one of which did not benefit but Anansi himself.

“Yes, the hill,” said Anansi. “In order to get up it, we will need Camels.”

“Camels?” asked Chase.

“Yes, Camels,” repeated Anansi. “Nut they are at my home West of here.”

“But I don’t understand… Do you not have a camel here that we can use? How else did you manage to get all the way out here?” asked Chase, curiously.

Anasi huffed and puffed as if he were ready to blow the entire Burger King down, but then he’d gather himself again.

“Do you want to get up the hill or not?” he asked.

“Yes, I do,” said Chase.

“Then it is settled. Follow me. My home is just West of here.”

Meanwhile, Gunther had just finished choking down his meal. He held his stomach satisfyingly. It was the greatest thing he had ever.

As soon as they had all stepped outside Burger King, Immediately they would follow Anansi, who took nothing with him. He just started walking West, still with the same Burger King uniform that he had on. Just after a few minutes of walking Chase would look back, and by his surprise the Burger King would be gone as well as the vehicle that he and Gunther had come in.

Sweat was already during down both Chase and Gunther’s face.

“So much for that cup of water… I don’t feel like I had anything since coming back out here. I don’t know how my dad did it, but as soon as this is over I’m going somewhere cool. Somewhere further north like Canada maybe,” Chase mumbled.

“Agreed,” said Gunther, wiping the sweat from his forehead. “Well, if there’s anything that I can say about all of this, at least I burned off the calories I just put on.”

“You could probably burn a bit more” said Anansi under his breath.

“What was that?” asked Gunther.

“Oh, nothing… We aren’t far now,” chuckled Anansi.

Within a few moments a Pyramid would appear, but much smaller than the ones seen around Egypt. This one looked newly built. Somewhat modernized.

“This is your home…” said Chase, surprised.

“Are you not impressed,” asked Anansi.

Gunther looked at Anansi strangely.

‘Its not that we aren’t impressed. We just didn’t expect anything like this,” he said politely.

Anansi had a blank expression.

“Oh, I see. No matter. Come right in, make yourself comfortable,” he said.

Both Chase and Gunther entered the pyramid. It was nothing hey expected. It was like being inside of a castle. Everything was tidy. There were sofas, tables made of gold and a ceiling that had the most beautiful paintings drawn on it.

Anansi then came back empty handed.

“So, where are the camels?” asked Chase.

Anansi sat down on one of the sofas in the room.

“You should relax, my friend. Get comfortable, stretch your toes. We will have plenty of time to get the camels. First, we must rest for what is to come.”

“What do you mean for what is to come?”

Anansi shook his head in disbelief. Although, he wasn’t surprised as both Chase and Gunther were foreigners in which he had seen and tricked more times that he could count.

“Surely you don’t think once you get over that hill it will be sunshine and rainbows,” said Anansi.

Chase then walked over and sat by Anansi on the sofa.

“You’ve been there? What is it like? What did you see?”

“I saw what many men wish to not see?” he said.

“And what is that?” asked Gunther.

Anansi said nothing else. He only closed his eyes and laid his head back.

“Did he just fall asleep?” asked Gunther.

“Yes, yes he did. The snoring says much,” said Chase annoyed.

“What should we do?” asked Gunther.

“We do as the man has said. We rest, however, I would sleep with one eye open. Something about this Anansi is obviously strange. This pyramid, the burger king, his knowing of what is beyond the hill tells me that meeting him was not by mistake.”

Gunther nodded and later would rest his eyes. However, Chase could not find himself to sleep, but rather do what an Adventurer does, and that was to explore. While Anansi still sat on the sofa knocked out, Chase would make his move. Just walking a few feet from what was Anansi’s living room Chase could already see that the place was much larger than what he imagined. The further he walked, it felt as if he was walking into another home as each section of it was uniquely different. One section would look like a museum, the other section would look like Chase’s home back in Seattle, and the other would look like Zoo as it Appeared that Anansi liked to keep erotic animals in his home, some of which that ramed around freely, but thank goodness it was the less dangerous animals like Elephants and Giraffes. And so, Chase hope.

But then Chase would stumble upon a room where Anansi’s camels would be. They were larger than the average camel. Almost the size of an elephant if one was to compare. Chase walked up and rubbed one of them. It felt as though he was petting something prehistoric. Something like a dinosaur. The thought had already came through Chase’s mind but he’d ignored it. He looked back to see if anyone was wake. His vision wasn’t that great when it came to far distances but still in the background he could hear snoring, which indicated that everyone was still sound asleep.

The only question was would it be smart to take one of the camels or would Chase regret hi section.

(To be continued)


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