About Author

Patrick Starks

Patrick was born in Texas, but raised most of his life in Tacoma, Washington. Patrick was always an artsy kid growing up. In fact, it was the very place he would graduate from. In 2016 he graduated from The Art Institute of Seattle, where he specialized in visual effects. His degree was a B.A. in Media Arts and Animation. After graduation Patrick worked a few jobs in his field where he had the fantastic opportunity of working in VR (Virtual Reality), where he saw stories truly come to life. Patrick had worked other jobs that were similar, but found something missing throughout his journey. He wanted to get more involved with the stories. he wanted to make an impact and leave an audience with something they could remember for a life time. While Patrick sat staring out the window of of his apartment, a thought had come to mind, and it would be just as bright as that summer day. Of course Patrick was aware that such a task would be a tough one. Negativity had come to his mind faster than the caffeine from his coffee could ever do. However, with his chocolate brown eyes Patrick stood tall and promised to the world and to himself that he would to deliver the most unique stories any man or woman has ever heard. Patrick had promised to himself that he would be the writer he was meant to be, and he has been doing such since 2017