Underdog Heroes

I for all my life have always felt a little different. A little special. But still, to this day I cannot grasp onto what is inside of me, what I have. Some praise me, while some seek to destroy me or make me feel like my life isn’t worth living.  But I was one of the lucky ones, I guess. I had a strong mom, a strong dad, and a strong brother to always keep my head up, when in reality all I wanted was to keep it down.

   I remember those days when I was kid, as if they were yesterday. My strong memory is sometimes like a curse to me but mom told me to never look at in such a way, for that if I could remember all the lessons I have experienced in this life, then that itself was the greatest gift of them all. In mom’s eyes, if I had forgotten them, then I wouldn’t have ever grown. And now that I think about it today, she couldn’t be any more right.

  Dad used to take me and my older brother Apollo out to the tennis courts almost every weekend, in the hopes that one day that we would be big stars someday. But now as I go back and look at those better days, dad was only character building us for our future to come.

  Me and my brother would sweat under the hot sun, nearly 98 degrees, wanting to stop but dad never let us. It was then I learned that even when you are winded, there was always a second wind or maybe even more. It was then as a child I found that just because one said that they were tired did not truly mean that they were. There was always something left in the tank. Always… But I guess you are all wondering what this is all about.

You see, me and my brother were really into comic heroes. We loved them all but out of them all only one had gravitated to me the most—Batman. And yeah, I know before you start to judge and say oh this guy again, please hear me out.

  My reasons for liking Batman or wanting to be him had nothing to do with his fancy suit or fancy Batmobile. But it had everything to do with what he represented. Although Batman was a man of wealth and inherited millions from his father. He still had to deal with the same kind of lost and suffering as any 9-5 worker had to in Gotham. Batman could’ve easily had taken his chips and ran and said screw everyone, but he didn’t. Instead, he decided to take the money he had and triple it so that he could do some good for the city. And on top of that he’d even learn some hand to hand combat to takedown some of the evils that lurked throughout his community. Some would call it vengeance from the murdering of his parents, but really all he wanted was for no one else to have to suffer from the same pain dealt to him. I don’t blame him. No one would. Maybe I was too young to know about money or crime for my age, but again, I was different than most kids.

  To make along story short over the years I had a lot of broken hearts. I would say more than most. Enough to drive one insane to contemplate the thoughts of suicide. I had thought when I was out of high school that would be when all the judgement would stop. That I would finally be accepted for who I was. But sadly, as an adult, it had only gotten worst. As if the stakes had been risen or something.

  I not only went through many heart breaks but saw my brother experience some just as worst, and watched my parents go through 2 foreclosures and both get laid off from jobs they put their souls into. But the thing I am most fortunate of throughout all of this, was that none of us died and that none of us gave up. We kept going. We kept breathing and letting go, until something magnificent would come knocking on our doorstep again. And it did. It always did.

To connect back to Batman. After those moments I’d made a vow to myself to become the Dark Knight himself. I trained in martial arts, Taekwondo specifically. I excelled in my mindset and mental toughness. I grew my money and invested it, and not focused on getting rich or fame, but wealth, because at the end I believe that it is not rich who save lives or determine the worlds fate, it is those who are of the wealthy. Even though, man was here way before currency, it still unfortunately is what controls, more so, saves all of us. I am not quite on the wealthy side yet, but I can see myself getting closer as the days go on. And when I do, I will end all of this god forsaken suffering man has created for centuries. It doesn’t have to be this way. With all the money funneling through the world we could all live like kings and queens. If I were batman, I wouldn’t just want to save Gotham but the world. Although I’m sure a few people would say that’s when the Justice League stepped in.

I know a lot think I’m just living in a fantasy world, but I just don’t believe we were all brought to this planet to suffer like this. Not at least by our own doing. There’s got to be a way, a better way of living than this.

Just a few days ago, I’d met this strange woman. She was like me in a lot of ways. Different. She was a short woman but was oddly disproportioning from the way her torso sat on top of her long legs. She had crystal gray eyes and grey hair.

“What do you seek young man?” asked the woman.

“Peace. I want to get rid of all the evil in this world or at least put it in its place,” I said. “You know? Like, silence it.”

The woman had chuckled.

“Oh, young man… be careful of what you try to start a fight with. Evil does not sleep,” she said. “The evil outside this window is ruthless and will do anything and I mean anything to keep an uprising over them to happen. Even if that means…”

The woman then took her pointy nail from her thumb and then slid it across her throat.

“Please, there’s gotta be a way,” I pleaded, nervously.

“Yes… There is a way, but that way only comes with selling a bit of yourself to that evil,” said the woman.

“What the hell does that mean? I’d never do something like that,” I said annoyingly.

You could say I was pissed by such a shitty reply, but little did I know that it wasn’t quite shitty at all. It was spot on.

“I see you’re a batman fan?” said the woman, observing the push pen on my backpack.

“Yeah… So what?”

“Well…” said woman, as she sipped on a cold glass of sweet tea. “Do you really think your hero Batman would’ve been able to do what he did without giving into a little bit of the darkness? I mean after all they do call him the Dark Knight.”

“No, he wouldn’t!”

“Naïve… So Naïve you are young man. Who do you think taught him how to fight? It surely wasn’t the angels from above. Don’t you see, evil is already inside of us young man. It’s just some of us choose not to give into it. Think back. There had to be a time you’d given into it,” said the woman.

I thought short and hard about it. And it didn’t take me long to find it. It had always been there, knocking on the doors of my brain but I’d always found a way to keep them all closed. But on that day one of the doors had opened.

“You see it don’t you…” whispered the woman. “If you want to beat evil, you can’t be merciless to it because only the heavens know that it wouldn’t be to you.” ‘


“But what?” asked the woman.

“But what would I become if I gave into that?” I asked.

“Human,” the woman grinned. “Although, just because you have the body of human doesn’t mean you have to become one. We all try to make our species out to be such saints you know. Like we always try and find ways to make ourselves feel as if we are the final level. As if you ever claimed yourself not human, than you are a monster. But I’ll give you a little tip before our time runs out young man…”

“What is it?” I asked, anxiously.

“You don’t have to settle with being human. You can be so much more,” said the woman, disappearing into the night. “You can be so much more… More than evil itself…”

I’d stood dumbfounded under what I’d finally realize was the hottest lamp. Although I was sure that wasn’t the reason for my sweating. Something about the woman just gave me the creeps. The next day I’d decided I needed help. So, I’d turned to the only person I knew that had gone through hell and back, my brother.   

June 15th, 2020, Author: Patrick Starks

Hungry, Hungry, Hippos

Gum-Gum was what most called one of the largest hippos in Africa. Not only did his family worship his magnificence, but all people of Africa respected him. From the time he was a teenager to an adult. Gum-Gum had dreamed of doing so much for his land. He dreamed of joining herds together. He dreamed of everyone showing mercy for the deaths that needed to be taken, which most of that discussion had involved the lions for they at times did not know the meaning of portion control. But eventually, through time and patience the lions had learned to coexist with the rest of the animal kingdom. Gum-Gum had had plans for so much more, but when the weather had shifted did not expect what came next.

Lightning roared the skies. The rivers became oceans. And the trees, had fallen over like clumsy baby elephants, but later became water rafts for the ones that could not get away in time.

As the weather had continued to worsen, Gum-Gum thought about all of what his father would do if he were there in that present moment. Even though he’d passed away long ago, he could still feel that godly aura that his father had always carried inside. It was as if he had never left.

  But after Gum-Gum’s father had died many of the other animals had gone off into their own tribes, whom of which created leaders amongst themselves. You could say that a few of them didn’t quite respect Gum-Gum. No matter how massive and strong that he was, Gum-Gum to most of them was not yet fit to be a leader. In their words, he was still too young. More so, some had felt earning leadership was one thing, but inherited leadership, well… that was arguably the opposite in a lot of ways.

Gum-Gum felt helpless. Many of the ones who believed in him had shouted out his name for aid but seeing how he had a family of his own, what more could he have done. It was every family for themselves. It then dawned on Gum-Gum that maybe having one person lead many in a lot of ways made no sense. Its literally one opinion, one soul, which eventually fades no differently than the ones he or she leads. In short definition, leaders are not immortal.  

  But as time went on Gum-Gum watched as his whole world become more and more tarnished by the forces of mother nature, but as those horrors had come to a calm, something far worst would arise. A ghost from his past.

“What… What is it,” asked a little a hippo.

It had been only a few months since Gum-Gums wife had given birth to his little boy and already, he was just as plump and half the size of him now. His eyes were like his mothers, almost as gold as a lion’s mane. And his teeth were out growing him so much that they poked out from his whiskered lips.  

Gum-Gum took a deep breath and answered.

“I don’t know…” he gasped, squinting his eyes.

From the distance there were 7 shadows as big as teenage elephants. But none of them Gum-Gum assume were elephants because their ears were way too tiny and there walk too wobbly.

 Gum-Gum’s wife stood behind him and wobbled with fear. She was in shock, but mostly from what occurred prior to that moment.

“Who’s there!?” he shouted.

There was silence. And only one shadow remained moving.

“I said who’s there?” shouted Gum-Gum, pumping himself up for what was to come. “Don’t come any closer!”

There was still silence, but as the shadow had become more visual Gum-Gum had found himself at a lost for words.

“Hello brother,” said a voice.

The voice was light but crackly, like nails to a chalk board. It made the hairs on the back of Gum-Gums back stand.

“Fiona…  I thought… I thought you were dead,” said Gum-Gum.

“Yes, I figured they would tell you something like that. As well you be so naïve to believe it,” said Fiona.

Normally, when they were kids, Fiona had an aura that was loving. Nurturing like their mother. But although she had the same golden eyes as Gum-Gum, Fiona’s aura felt as if he were staring death in the face.

  Scars formed all around her face and all around her body. Her feet were almost double the size of Gum-Gums. And her teeth were like his sons, which was strange seeing how big she was. They just wouldn’t have been so exposed as they were.

“Surprised to see me brother?” asked Fiona, sarcastically.

“Well… Can you blame me… I thought you were dead all this time and then you show up on my doorstep during a crisis like now…” said Gum-Gum

“Ah… Yes, mother… She always finds ways of fixing the planet. Even if some of the events in which she chooses is catastrophic. I admire her. She’s a woman that isn’t afraid to take charge,” said Fiona.

“You mean you’ve met her,” said Gum-Gums son.

“Maven stay back!” shouted Gum-Gum.

Fiona’s smile had gone from grim to demonic, which wasn’t really too far from being the same.

“Oh, and who have we here?” smiled Fiona.

Before she could step any closer, Gum-Gums wife had stepped in front of their baby boy with a rage he’d never seen. Had she had it all that time? Or was it just something mothers inherited after birth?

“Cute…” chortled Fiona. “Don’t worry missy, I mean you no harm. But trust me, this little stare down you and I are doing right now would’ve been over way before you stepped in front of the boy. Trust me on that.”

Although, Fiona was quadruple the size of her, Gum-Gum’s wife didn’t back down for one moment. She stood her ground.

“I like her,” said Fiona.

“Who are the six in the back?” asked Gum-Gum.

“Oh, right… Forgot about them. How rude of me not to introduce my heard. Let me call them over.”

Fiona shouted. And as she did, it had felt like and earthquake was happening as the 6 made their way over.

“But before I formally introduce this bunch, would it be out of context to say that we should find a safe place. It doesn’t look like mother is lightning up, if you catch my drift.”

“The tunnels…” said Gum-Gum’s wife.

Gum-Gum then gave his wife a disappointed look.

“What tunnels?” asked Fiona.

Gum-Gums wife kept quiet.

“Ah, I see how it is. My little brother king and all grown up. I get it,” said Fiona.

“No, its not like that…”


“Besides, the tunnels are probably flooded. There’s a cave that’s not far away and would be much quicker to get to,” Gum-Gum swallowed.

Fiona had a peculiar look on her face. As well the six that stood by her side.

“Hmm… Okay then lead the way oh mighty one,” she said sarcastically.

Gum-Gum then led everyone to the cave.

“There’s no lions, here right?” asked one of the six hippos, nervously.

“No,” said Gum-Gum. “They vacated this cave a long time ago, but of course they never told me why.”

“Right…” said the hippo, unsure.

“I guess I should introduce Waddles since he was the first to speak,” said Fiona. “We call him Waddles because as you can see, he waddles a lot.”

“It’s nice to meet you Waddles,” said Gum-Gum and the rest of his family.

Waddles said nothing but went off in a corner and laid down. Moments later everyone would hear his snoring.

“And the other 5?” asked Gum-Gum.

“You are so persistent… Still haven’t changed I see. But I guess I’ll tell you the others. The one furthest to the right is Mud, the one next to him is Horse, the one in the middle is Sky, the one to the left of him is Emerald and the last one has no name,” said Fiona.

“Why does he have no name?” asked Gum-Gums son, innocently.

“Don’t know why but he said that he didn’t want one. Said something about being titled or labeled, whatever that’s all about. But if there’s anything that I can say about him is that he’s as strong as rhino.”

Gum-Gum looked at them all again. All of them in a lot of ways resembled one another. Were they all brothers?

“Fiona…” paused Gum-Gum.

“Oh boy, what is it now?” asked Fiona, slightly bothered by the question.

“Why are you hear? Why out of all these years you show up now?”

Fiona pondered on the question. She even walked from one side of the cave to the other. For once, she didn’t seem at all that intimidating. Her shoulders were slouched forward, and her head was pointed to the ground.

“Fiona, I’m sorry… I didn’t mean…”

“No,” interrupted Fiona. “Its okay. You have every right to ask that of me. You see, there’s a place in the Congo that not many Hippos know about. You could call it a Fruitopia.”

“I think I’ve heard of this place. I believe it’s called Froyo,” said Gum-Gum.

“Yes… We had all the food you could ever dream of. Food that makes you bigger and stronger. A place you could roam free with no worries to the dangers that existed. But…”

“But what asked…” Gum-Gum.

“But then Tar came,” said the hippo with no name from out of the blue.

“What is a Tar?” asked Gum-Gum’s wife.

“Tar is something you never want to be caught alone with sweety…” said Fiona. “He’s ruthless. He’s greedy and never stops until he has everything, he lays his eyes on. He came into our sanctuary and with his goons ate everything in sight. We became depleted of our resources and he left us with nothing. Absolutely nothing. And so, as much as my ego hated to come back to a home that casted me off… I came back hopping that I’d get help from my only existing blood.”

Gum-Gum stood by stricken by all that had been said. He couldn’t do anything for the animal kingdom, but he at least could have done something for his long-lost sister.

“I’ll show you the tunnels tomorrow,” said Gum-Gum.

“Really?” asked Fiona, excitingly.

“Of course, … It’s at least I could do.”

All seven hippos bowed their heads and thanked Gum-Gum for his grace. Later that night they would all rest up for the morning.

Author: Patrick Starks

The Undertakers Part II

Through the door came a mystery woman that Anasia had never seen before. The woman was strange. She looked human, but for whatever reason Anasia had felt a chill as soon as the woman had stepped into the room. It was almost like she was a goddess but not so much in the peaceful sense Anasia had always assumed.

  Robuert, on the other hand, wasn’t afraid of the woman at all. He was, in fact, astounded once she’d walked into the room, for she’d bared a sweet scent that even Anasia’s baby boy was taken by. Although, most kids liked sweet things.

  But still, there was something about the woman that Anasia could not seem to put a finger on. And she didn’t like one bit of the mystery.

“Ahh! There you are,” said Robuert.

“Yes, Mr. Jackson. What may I assist you with?” asked the woman, with a robotic voice.

Robuert smiled.

“Yes, I’m going to need you to help Mrs. Pumber find a safe place to stay. Maybe have her set up in one of our rooms above.”

“Yes, Mr. Jackson. I’m on it. Whatever you say,” said the woman.  

Anasia felt confused. Why stay when her husband was still out there fighting his traumas alone? They’d done everything together, and surely, they weren’t going to stop now. But seeing how she had a newborn literally by her chest, there really wasn’t any other options for her to take. It was too much of a risk. Well, that’s if everything Robuert had told her was true. Which none of it Anasia had at all doubted.

  Just the word ‘Undertaker’ alone put Anasia into a panic. And what kind of person carried the ashes of the one’s they killed? More so, what kind of people were they collecting?

Following the woman up the stairs Anasia looked down as Robuert stood in the middle of the lower level with cynical smile. What the hell was there to be so damn happy about? But then Anasia felt it best not to even bother to answer the question, for there were more important things to take care of. Like a smelly diaper for instance.

“Here is where you will be staying,” said the woman. “There are comfy blankets in the closet and a few night gowns. For the child we have a crib as well. Should be to the right of the bed.”

“Thank you. But if you don’t mind me asking. Why exactly do you guys have a baby crib at the ready?” asked Anasia, curiously.

The woman had done a slight twitch with her right eye as if she was being deprogrammed. Her smile was faint and crackled. But being quick with her words the woman had found the words to speak.

“Mr. Jackson has a sister,” said the woman.

“And?” replied Anasia, still with no satisfaction to the answer given.

“The baby crib is for his sister. She just gave birth a month ago,” the woman continued.

“Hmm… That’s funny I don’t recall Mr. Jackson ever having a sister,” said Anasia.

“Well, that’s funny because he does,” replied the woman, aggravatingly.

And there would then be an awkward silence between the two.  

As the woman left, Anasia had taken little Ramsey to the bathroom to change his diaper. She could already smell that something was cooking underneath it but once she’d pulled them off found that it was much worse than expected. Anasia’s face squinted as if she’d just had a lemon squeezed into her eye. She thought she’d gotten use to it by now, but, felt no one could ever get use to such a smell.

After she’d finished cleaning little Ramsey and setting him in his crib, Anasia went back to the bathroom and found herself staring into the mirror. The hot water had run for nearly 5 minutes before she couldn’t see her face anymore. She’d wiped away all the fog that had built up and whispered:

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” Anasia joked.

She was kidding herself. There wasn’t anything but sadness and worry in her chocolate eyes. And although she didn’t like thinking of it because for the most part, she hated negative thinking, Anasia hated the woman she was now seeing. She even envied the mysterious woman Robuert had had for hire but had reminded herself that being that type of woman came with a price. Whatever that price was.  

Having a change of mind of only rinsing her face, Anasia ran some bath water, hoping that it would maybe clear her mind a bit. The only thing that was missing was a few candles and a bottle of chardonnay. Sadly, none of the sort were around. Which was a shock seeing how fancy the bathroom was.

The floor was completely marble, warm and shiny enough that Anasia could see her own reflection. The bathroom had smelt of incents. It smelt of lavender. And had all sorts of soaps a woman could only dream of that surrounded the bathtub.

  Nevertheless, Anasia had stayed in the bathtub all until her hands became wrinkled. She hadn’t done such since she was a child. For once, there was something nice that had come out of the night.

Before she’d gotten out of the tub, there would be the sound of a window opening. Quickly, Anasia leaned her body over the side of the tub to see who it was. She didn’t like Robuerts assistant but hopefully it was her she felt.  

“Hey! I’m in the bathroom! Robuert I swear if that’s you!” Anasia shouted.

There wasn’t a word given. Little Ramsey was quite as well, thankfully. Anasia knew someone was in the room for her motherly senses had told her so. She didn’t know quite how, but it was almost as if she could hear the persons breath. It sounded anxious and nervous all in one. And there was no doubt about it that the feeling was mutual.

  Anasia then hoped out of the bathtub and wrapped a burgundy towel around herself. It was then she noticed the burgundy on the walls and the burgundy bars of soap, as well the burgundy toothbrush and hairbrush by the sink. It was unusual for a guy like Robuert. If anything, he was more of a blue color guy Anasia felt. Then again, maybe she was wrong.   

 Next to Anasia was a wooden plunger that sat nestled behind the toilet. There wasn’t really any other object that she felt would do the trick, so she’d grabbed it to ensure her safety. Now let’s be honest, a plunger really wouldn’t hurt anyone, but it was a fact that no one would ever want one in their face.

Anasia clanged onto it tightly and shouted.

“Whoever’s out there you’re going to be sorry when I come out!”

Still there was silence. But regardless of that silence Anasia had slowly wedged herself forward with precaution hoping that the silence she heard wasn’t false. As she’d gone through the doorway of the bathroom, Anasia saw a man standing at the corner of the room, right next to the window.

 The man was dressed in all black like a ninja but nothing about his attire was at all ninja-like. The top hat was as well a huge indication of that, humorously.  The man wore black boots that were shiny enough that Anasia could see her own reflection in them. And like the mirror she saw nothing but worry. But for the situation that she was in, Anasia had made an aggressive effort to change that.


  Anasia was speechless. If she said another word, what would the man say? What would he do?

Oddly, little Ramsey was standing up in his crib, reaching up to hug the man as if he’d known the man for a lifetime. Which was strange because only until now did she know little Ramsey could stand. Let alone, he was kind of a shy baby. but for the man he didn’t seem to be that at all.

“How old is he?” asked the man.

Anasia then ran over and picked little Ramsey up, holding him tighter than she’d ever held him.

“Who are you? What do you want?” she asked, nervously.

“I…” the man paused. “Am no one special. Just a man seeking answers.”

The man then spun himself around, with his head remaining pinned to the floor. He was taller than what he looked from behind. His chest was the size of a moving box—square and brawn. And his shoulders, Anasia wondered how he’d gotten through any window or door in the first place.

“Get out!” she shouted.

The man didn’t move.

“I said get out!” shouted Anasia, emphasizing the OUT.

Gradually the man tilted his head up. And instantly Anasia could feel her skin crawl a bit. It couldn’t be him. How? And if so, what happened to his face.

“Ramsey…” Anasia swallowed.

“Hey love…” said the man.

“Oh my… I thought you were…”

Tears rushed down the side of Anasia’s face like rain to window glass. She felt herself gasping for air. Just what happened to her handsome husband?

Ramsey had looked much older. At least 10 years more if Anasia had to put a finger on it. But that wasn’t the part that made her uncomfortable.

  By Ramsey’s hip was what looked to be 8 tiny containers with ashes in them. Just the sight alone formed goosebumps around Anasias arms.

“I know what your thinking,” said Ramsey. “Who and why?”

Anasia kept quiet. She’d even tried her best to stay calm in the moment, but it seemed little Ramsey was more excited to see his dad than she thought he would. Afterall, he’d never seen his dada, he kept saying. How’d even know the word? Anasia wondered. It was without a doubt a strange connection between father and son.

“Soon I’ll tell you love… But right now, it’s very important that we leave this place,” said Ramsey, urgently.

“What? Why?” asked Anasia.

There would then be a knock on the door. It was the woman again.

“Hello Mrs. Plumber! Is everything alright in there?” the woman asked.

Anasia cleared her throat.

“Yes, yes everything is fine. Just wrapping up for the night,” Anasia replied.

The woman said nothing else after that. And as the clicking and clacking of her stilettos had faded, Anasia turned back to the window of where her husband stood. He was gone like the wind. But then a tiny pebble had hit the edge of the window.

“Spph… Anasia. Spphh… Anasia get down here quickly,” whispered Ramsey.

Anasia walked over to the window and looked out it. Ramsey had climbed himself down with the rope he’d tied to the ledge of the bed.

“What are we high school kids…” whispered Anasia. “I can’t just climb down there so easily. If you haven’t noticed I have a newborn in my arms.”

“Well then just toss em down,” said Ramsey.

Anasia had then given Ramsey a look that any mother would.

“Right… Well I’ll just climb back up and carry you both back down. You know, how that knight did Rapunzal.”

After a few more pleas, Anasia would finally agree to letting Ramsey carry her down with their child.

“Okay. Now that we’re out of the…” Ramsey paused.

From out of nowhere I bright light had struck down on them.

“Not so fast you son of a bitch!” shouted a man from the shadows.

“Robuert… Is that you?” asked Ramsey. “I… I thought you were…”

“Dead! Yeah… About that…” said Robuert, pissed.

As he’d stepped out from the dark Robuert would have a look in his eyes that Anasia had never seen from any man. It wasn’t human.

  Not long after the woman would appear as well by his side.

“You know Ramsey… You were one of my best friends. We could’ve have achieved so much together. But then you had to go in fuck it up chasing goddamn ghost!” shouted Ramsey.

“No Robuert! I wasn’t. I found her…” said Ramsey.

“No way… You’ve got to be shitting me,” said Robuert.

“You found who?” asked Anasia clinging by Ramsey’s side.

“My mother…” said Ramsey. “And my father has her.”

Robuert spit a fat loogy on the ground.

“Shit! I never thought it be possible… Maybe that bastard does have a heart after all,” said Robuert.

“Not quite… You see these containers around my waist happen to be the same people he sent to have me killed…” said Ramsey.

Robuert then had an ashamed look on his face.

“Robuert. What did you do?” asked Ramsey.

“Well… I might’ve sent a few men to take you out. But hey… on the bright side at least you have a collection now. Your one of the undertakers now,” said Robuert.

“Yeah and not by choice you sick fuck! I should…:

“Ah, ah, ah… Now I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” smiled Robuert.

Next to him the woman had held a remote with a big red button in the center of it.

“And just what the hell is that?” asked Ramsey.

“This my friend is where your journey ends!” shouted Robuert. “Now!”


Author: Patrick Starks