Black and white patrick

I am an experienced short story writer, who tremendously values your time and money. My aim will be to help you create blogs, outlines, and write-ups of all genres. To simply put it, I will be your creative writer and creative influence. I am not a ghost, just a writer looking to help.

Here’s what I will provide:

1) From short stories, any genre of your choice can be articulated. There are no boundaries, although, fiction is preferred.

2) Need a story for your video game? Need a script? Then you’ve come to the right place.

2) Character development is always key when I write.

3) Again, I am no ghost but I will ghost write for you.

4) There will be a focus on creativity, originality, and quality-, always.

5)  I love writing and don’t want to overwhelm with ridiculous prices, so, negotiations are welcomed. However, hard work is hard work, and I pour all of my heart and knowledge into every piece I write. So, the understanding of whatever price given would be appreciative.

6) Feel free to ask for sample writings.

Contact Information:

email: patrick@pacharc.com