In Wolfs Clothing (Part 2)

“Why did you do it?” asked Johnathan, gritting his teeth. Bram looked at Johnathan with humor in his expression. He’d found it all so funny because it was a dumb question to ask a man of his stature. Afterall, he was murderer. A bad man. And a nasty wolf with a blood lust. If thereContinue reading “In Wolfs Clothing (Part 2)”

In Wolfs Clothing

In Seattle Jonathan didn’t know where he was headed as a young man. Everything was changing so fast around him. And what he saw originally as a small city was now becoming undoubtedly bigger than New York it seemed. But seeing this, Jonathan had felt that he would have more of an opportunity to meetContinue reading “In Wolfs Clothing”

The Undertakers Part II

Through the door came a mystery woman that Anasia had never seen before. The woman was strange. She looked human, but for whatever reason Anasia had felt a chill as soon as the woman had stepped into the room. It was almost like she was a goddess but not so much in the peaceful senseContinue reading “The Undertakers Part II”