Pacharc Mythologies Part 1 :Gods Amongst the World

In a hidden city just on the edge of the pacific was a young man named Dae. He had beautiful wife and a stepdaughter who he loved as if she was his own. Dae had worked as most, hours on end, day by day, nearly sweating through whatever he wore in the hopes for aContinue reading “Pacharc Mythologies Part 1 :Gods Amongst the World”

Pacharc Mythologies Part 1

December 8th, 2019 by Patrick Starks PART I: Mathen (Mother Nature) Mathen was one of the first women to be born on the blue and green planet known as Earth. She had long emerald hair and skin as rough as sand paper, that of which sparkled as if she’d had a dozen tiny stars embeddedContinue reading “Pacharc Mythologies Part 1”