Half and Half


April 12, 2018, by Patrick Starks 


I am you and you are me. Together we breakdown walls, and for that we have vision, we can see. Ignore me if you want, but it will one day bring you regret.

Don’t believe me, shall we make a bet? CALL MY NAME, TRUST ME, WE’VE ALREADY MET.

Who am I? Who are you? If you seek answers than you should pursue. But it would be wise for you to have an opened mind, as everything that seems tangled in your life will unwind. 

Hear me calling out to you, and trust always in my point of views. I am half and you are half, it is not rocket science, this isn’t math. And as the path for you and I is awoken, don’t be afraid just soak in, all that is gracious when we are together. Combined we are stronger than leather.

So walk with me and don’t forget what you are and what we stand for, I promise in time, it is our patience that will bring you more.


I Adore